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[openstack-dev] [Fuel] 6.0 is out: where to get the ISO?

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Hi all,
with a little delay (looks like holidays were long for me... sorry), I'd
like to announce that we have pushed official 6.0 tags in our Fuel

Please use the following links to download the ISO & IMG of Fuel 6.0:
You can always build the ISO yourself following instructions [1].

Major features:
- Juno support
- Pluggable architecture MVP, with a few sample plugins (including very
well tested and production ready)
- A number of bug fixes and improvements enabling Fuel to run on scale up
to 100 nodes (more to come in the next release...)
- Multiple Neutron L3 agents support
- Image based provisioning
Please see all the blueprints implemented [2].


Thanks guys for the hard work!
Mike Scherbakov


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