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[openstack-dev] [trove] Newton RC1 tagged

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As I type this email, the release team is tagging Trove and Trove Dashboard Newton RC1. Once this process is complete, master will be heading for Ocata and if you want something into Newton, you will have to explicitly chkin to the Newton branch.

We will have an RC2 in a week or so to pick up any late bug fixes, and to pick up translations that may come in.

During this week, if you find a bug that you believe should be fixed in Newton RC2, please tag the bug "newton-rc-potential" in Launchpad.

If a fix includes a new message, I will likely reject it as we'll end up with an RC3. Unless it is crucial that the message change, that is.

Great job everyone, Newton features a bunch of exciting and new stuff, including the items below from the release notes that everyone provided.

      - Add support for configuration group management for DB2 Express-C.
      - Add support for full online backup and restore for DB2
        Express-C by enabling archive logging.
      - The reset-status command will set the task and status of
        an instance to ERROR after which it can be deleted.
      - The force-delete command will allow the deletion of an
        instance even if the instance is stuck in BUILD state.
      - The --incremental flag for backup-create will add the
        ability to create incremental backup based on last full or
        incremental backup. If no full or incremental backup
        exists a new full backup will be created.
      - New instance upgrade API supports upgrading an instance of
        a datastore to a new datastore version.  Includes
        implementation for MySQL family of databases.
      - A locality flag was added to the trove ReST API to allow a
        user to specify whether the instances of a cluster should
        be on the same hypervisor (affinity) or on different
        hypervisors (anti-affinity).
      - Support for standard WAL based streaming replication for
        postgresql guests. Sets up read-only hot standby servers.
      - New quota management APIs for reviewing and changing the
        quota for a particular tenant.  Requires admin privileges.
      - Add disk column in flavor-list (Bug 1617987).
      - Add vCPU column in flavor-list (Bug 1261876).
      - Add support for scheduled backups through Mistral.
      - Add log retreival capability for Cassandra datastores.
      - Add New Relic license driver.
      - Add PostgreSQL Incremental Backup and Restore.
      - Applying a module again will now relect the update name,
        type, datastore and datastore_version values. (Bug 1611525)
      - Updating a module with all_datastores and
        all_datastore_versions now works correctly. (Bug 1612430)
      - Close the race condition window in user-list call. (Bug
      - Fix bug regarding specification of volume-type on cluster
        create (Bug 1623005)
      - Insulate TroveContext from oslo.context changes (Bug
      - Improve logging of errors from the Guest (Bug 1618922)
      - Deprecate guest_log_long_query_time (Bug 1542485)
      - Insulate TroveContext from oslo.context changes
      - Separate database and user create in prepare
      - Deprecate 'guest_log_long_query_time'
      - Improve guest error reporting by calling GuestError with
        proper options

On to Ocata!


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