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[OpenStack-DefCore] [interop-challenge] Reminder for the meeting on Wednesday 9/28, 1400UTC/10AM EDT/7AM PDT

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Meeting channel is now at #openstack-meeting-cp

Tong Li
IBM Open Technology
Building 501/B205

Defcore-committee mailing list
asked Sep 27, 2016 in defcore-committee by Tong_Li (1,940 points)   2

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Hi Everyone,

I started an Interop Challenge postmortem to capture our Lessons Learned,
Deliverables, Next Steps, etc. Please everyone who participated in the
Interop Challenge contribute to this effort.
Here is the etherpad I created for this effort.

Also, I will not be able to lead next Wednesdays Interop Challenge meeting
due to a holiday. So we can still have the meeting if someone else wants
to lead it or folks can just use the time back to contribute to the
postmortem document.



Brad Topol, Ph.D.
IBM Distinguished Engineer
(919) 543-0646
Assistant: Kendra Witherspoon (919) 254-0680

Defcore-committee mailing list
responded Oct 8, 2016 by Brad_Topol (2,080 points)   2