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[Openstack-operators] Ops Meetups Team - Update on Schedule planning

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Hi Ops Meetups Team,

Friday, a few of us met to discuss the current version of the agenda [1]. We made a few tweaks and have a few items to discuss at the next meeting. Namely:

  • We removed the scheduled session for lightning talks because room for them is in the Ops war stories track
  • We added a slot to have all the WG leaders introduce their teams, what they are working on and what they hope to accomplish as a team in BCN. A pending action is open to reach out to them
  • We swapped the AUC Update and Swift sessions from the first version to give those interested in various storage topics to attend both
  • We need to confirm that the NFV sessions in this calendar are duplicates now that the WG has had sessions scheduled through the separate WG process. If so, this will free up two slots in the morning
  • There are 3 or so empty slots that we can still look at, but the team wondered if leaving the ones late in the day open might be good for overflow/follow up from earlier sessions

We can discuss all of this in more detail in the meeting tomorrow. [2] I will try to make notes in the agenda.




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