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[openstack-announce] [new][searchlight] searchlight 1.0.0 release (newton)

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We are delighted to announce the release of:

searchlight 1.0.0: OpenStack Search Service

This release is part of the newton release series.

For more details, please see below.


The initial mitaka release (0.2) did not support ElasticSearch 2.x.
ElasticSearch made several changes to internal index data mappings
that were not backwards compatible with ElasticSearch 1.x. This
release has all the changes required for Searchlight to support both
ElasticSearch 1.x and 2.x.

Searchlight now supports oslo pools instead of requiring a different
topic for each listener. This simplifies deployment configuration.
Previously, services would have to be specifically configured to send
notifications to the Searchlight topic. With this change, Searchlight
can share topics with other services such as Ceilometer.

Adds ability to include region_name in mapping for multi-region

Allow aggregations as part of a search request.

Add new functionality to searchlight-manage to force a re-indexing
from Elasticsearch only. This option allows new mappings to be applied
to the Elasticsearch indices without the overhead of retrieving data
from the plugin APIs.

Allow dynamic index settings to allow Searchlight to be tuned
differently from other indices on a shared Elasticsearch cluster.

Searchlight will provide resource type info for any reference IDs in
the facet results.

Support version as a search param to include _version in search

Adds the ability to attain a document count per resource type from the
/facets endpoint. Doc count is always returned for a type; field
listing is optional.

Added multi-thread support for indexing.

Allow wildcard character as an argument to searchlight-manage index
sync --type

Added support for neutron floating IPs.

Added suppport for neutron security groups and security group rules.

Add support for the new Neutron tenant RBAC policy functionality. This
allows networks to be shared across tenants.

Add support to searchlight-manage for displaying with Elasticsearch
indices/aliases are currently being used by Searchlight.

Reduce the number of calls to the nova API on instance boots.

The ability to distribute resource type indexing across resource
groups has now been fully enabled. This allows for improved indexing
speed and clustering customization.

Adds support for service policy files. Simplifies existing API policy

Added project_id to mappings.

Disable returning options for the facet fields.

Add checks for resource group name configuration.

Correct facet options on analyzed string fields.

Fix the information returned by the API plugins endpoint.

No longer index the data of child plugins as part of indexing a parent
plugin, which fixes ConflictErrors occuring specifying parent plugins
as the argument to searchlight-manage index sync --type.

Fix routing on delete operations for neutron resources.

Remove support for Designate v1 api because it has already been
deprecated. Simplify list zones and recordsets code by using v2 api's
built-in pagination.

Add "updated_at" field to all mappings.

Some Neutron ports that do not send notificatons to Searchlight. Do
not initially index them.

Fix mappings for fields erroneously marked as 'nested', and allow
facet options for 'object' fields.

Improved index sync performance.

Change the way of doing facets search, replace use of
search_type=count with size=0

New Features

  • Added microversion support for Nova plugins, the default API
    version for Nova plugins is 2.1. User can change the API
    microversion for Nova using computeapiversion config option added
    in section service_credentials:nova.

  • Adds nova plugin for server groups.

  • Adds configuration option to include region_name in documents to
    assist with multi-region tribe node Elasticsearch setups.

  • Allows aggregations to be requested (as 'aggs' or 'aggregations'
    in a search request body). See

  • Add a new option to the searchlight-manage index command to force
    a re-indexing from Elasticsearch only. The plugin APIs will not be
    used with option.

  • Allows a deployer to override some index-level Elasticsearch
    settings for all Searchlight-created indices. This is useful when
    running Searchlight on a shared Elasticsearch cluster. Settings are
    overriden using the elasticsearch.index_settings config option.

  • Searchlight will provide resource type info for any reference IDs
    in the facet results. Parent reference types will also be part of
    the info This will allow UI's and CLI's to explore the data

  • version is supported as a search parameter to return an always-
    incrementing _version value with each search result.

  • Includes 'doc_count' in /facets response for each resource type.

  • Adds nova plugin for flavors.

  • Adds nova plugin for hypervisors.

  • When searchlight-manage is indexing, all resource types will be
    indexed in a separate thread. Multiple threads will be run

  • The --type argument to searchlight-manage index sync accepts a
    wildcard as the final character.

  • Adds neutron floating IP support (OS::Neutron::FloatingIP).

  • Added suppport for neutron security groups and security group
    rules (OS::Neutron::SecurityGroup).

  • Add support for the new Neutron tenant RBAC policy functionality.
    This allows networks to be shared across tenants.

  • Add support to searchlight-manage for displaying with
    Elasticsearch indices/aliases are currently being used by
    Searchlight. The indices/aliases are based on the specified
    configuration file.

  • Replace some of the nova get server API calls with partial
    document updates that just update the OS-EXT-STS state fields.

  • Reenabled multiple indices by allowing plugins to be managed under
    different resource groups.

  • API configuration can include service policy files such that
    access to various resources can match whether their service API
    allows access for a user.

  • Openstack is moving away from 'tenant' as the nomenclature for
    keystone projects, preferring 'project' instead. Some services
    already return tenantid and projectid (or just projectid); this
    patch adds project
    id to those that do not.

  • Currently the "facet" endpoint will return all information
    relating to a facet field, including the options. The new parameter
    "exclude_options" to the facet endpoint will prevent the options for
    all facet fields from being returned. This option will avoid an
    aggregation query being performed on Elasticsearch, improving
    performance. The default behavior (not specifying this option) is
    return the options for all facet fields.

Known Issues

  • There are no notifications for server groups from nova yet, so we
    recommend putting it in its own resource group and scheduling a cron
    job to periodically re-sync. This will create a very low overhead
    way to keep the index up to date. The index latency will be
    dependent on how often you re-sync the data.

  • This is a change that is not compatible with the API response in
    Mitaka; changes have been made in Newton to the python client and

  • There are no notifications for flavors from nova yet, so we
    recommend putting it to its own resource group and scheduling a cron
    job to re-sync with little overhead.

  • There are no notifications for hypervisor from nova yet, so we
    recommend putting it to its own resource group and scheduling a cron
    job to re-sync with little overhead.

  • Currently no notifications are sent on status changes for floating
    IPs (see

  • Using multiple resource groups will impact sort behavior when
    sorting on fields across resource types when all the resource types
    don't have the requested 'sort-by field'. Follow the guidelines
    below to avoid errors.

  • Deployment should use Designate v2 api. if v1 api is in use,
    designate plugin won't function correctly.

Upgrade Notes

  • To support ElasticSearch 1.x and 2.x, several internal data
    mappings have been updated. If you previously deployed Searchlight,
    you will need to reindex your resource data using "searchlight-
    manage index sync". You may re-index everything or limit it to
    "OS::Nova::Server", "OS::Glance::Image", "OS::Glance::Metadef",
    "OS::Cinder:Volume", and "OS::Cinder::Snapshot".

  • To start using a pool with a shared topic instead of separate

    • Update the respective service configuration files for
      searchlight enabled plugins to only publish to a single topic
      (e.g. set "notification_topics = notifications"). If you have
      Ceilometer enabled, this must be the same topic which Ceilometer
      uses. You also typically must restart each service for the change
      to take effect. For example, in "nova.conf", "glance-api.conf",
      "cinder.conf", "neutron.conf", and "designate.conf":

      notification_topics = notifications

    • Update "searchlight.conf". In the "[resourceplugin]" section,
      set "notifications
      topic" to match the shared topic that you set
      in the service configurations. In the "[listener]" sections, set
      "notificationspool" to your desired pool name. The default name
      starting in Newton is "searchlight". The "notifications
      pool" does
      not have to match anything from other services configuration
      files. For example:

      topic = notifications

      notifications_pool = searchlight

  • A version of python-searchlightclient greater than 2.1 must be
    used with this change, as well as the Newton UI version.

  • The existing searchlight policy.json has been simplified. The only
    supported options for resource policy are to enable or disable it
    for all request types (i.e. the 'allow', 'query' 'facet' suffixes
    are no longer in effect).

  • Mappings have changed for several types; it is strongly
    recommended all data be reindexed and the API service restarted.

Deprecation Notes

  • Two fields returned in the API plugins endpoint 'name' and 'index'
    have been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1570213 Apply query to highlight query

  • Bug 1532010 Ensure consistency in mapping field types

  • Bug 1570674 Fix unicode error when booting instance from volume

  • Bug 1570199 Fix inconsistent mapping in image plugin

  • Bug 1568709 Remove port.create.end handler from nova

  • Bug 1565015 Add volume.retype event

  • Bug 1583215 Correct Cinder exchange value

  • Bug 1583215 Enable notification messaging pools

  • Overwrite child plugin's resourcegroupname during parent
    registration. Child plugins must live on the same resource group as
    their parents. This fixes a issue that a misconfiguration of child
    plugin's resourcegroupname results in inconsistentency with the
    parent plugin.

  • Facet options don't work well with analyzed string fields, because
    the aggregation runs on tokens. These fields have non-analyzed raw
    subfields for sorting. Include raw subfields in facet results so
    that users can use them to do exact matches.

  • The API plugins API endpoint is returning outdated, duplicated and
    incomplete information. The hat-trick of uselessness. This fix will
    correct that. The duplicated field ('name') has been removed. The
    outdated field has been renamed (from 'index' to 'alias-search').
    The missing field has been added ('alias-listener').

  • Bug 1584148 Version conflict during re-indexing

  • Fixes a bug where routing wasn't specified for delete operations
    on neutron child resources.

  • Fixes some compatibility issues around metafield access in es 1.x
    versus es 2.x.

  • All Elasticsearch mappings need to include the field "udated_at".
    This field is used by Searchlight UI to sort the results.

  • Searchlight is indexing unused Neutron ports. Some Neutron ports
    do not result in notifications to Searchlight. We do not want to
    initially index them.

  • Bug 1619047 Unnest nova server flavor and image mapping properties

Other Notes

  • The maximum number of threads that will run concurrently can be
    controlled by setting "maxworkers" in the Searchlight configuration
    file. [manage] max
    workers = 6

  • Searchlight uses configured resource group name to create
    ElasticSearch indices. Some characters are invalid to index names
    and will cause faiure of index creation. Add verification to check
    if resource group name is valid.

  • In mitaka, indexing a parent plugin also reindexed the data for
    any children it had. That is no longer the case.

  • Improved searchlight-manage index sync performance by disabling
    automatic refresh of newly created indices until they are fully
    populated and activated for search queries.

  • Facets search is aggregation-only, no actual documents need to be
    returned. We do it by setting search_type in search request before,
    but it has been deprecated in Elasticsearch 2.x, use recommended
    size=0 instead.

Changes in searchlight

58b7ed1 api-ref: Add Searchlight api-ref
def91d6 Pin tox upper-constraints for stable/newton
79d21a9 Return searchlight-user-role with highlighting
7fb2e41 RBAC for network sharing
42b7d7b Support XISADMINPROJECT header on auth response
31f19de 'deleted
at' Date field needed for getversion
12950c7 Restrict image member list
54e05ec Do not index some Neutron ports.
6550b19 Cinder mapping incorrect.
99c2e77 Log indexing exceptions at 'exception' level
6eda437 Security group rule race condition
00f7edc Update .gitreview for stable/newton
4ca188e Indicate 'nested' on facet types
87fc192 Disable returning options for the facet fields.
0f9e6f1 Add "updated
at" field to all mappings.
177818b Handle nova error states correctly
241ec28 standardize release note page ordering
3625a7c Allow aggregations in search requests
3f406fa Change Elasticsearch installation doc
3d47b25 Change Designate recordset mapping
ed1bfac Replace some 'nested' mapping types with 'object'
dbdbb67 [api-ref] Remove temporary block code in
8ff2c39 to_dict instead of __dict
for cinder resource
0b99d8e Verify resource group name
18b120f Fix exceptions error for image plugin
304362e Fix translation of exceptions
f8f7d24 Use more specific asserts in tests
d8ea63b Revert "Allow aggregations in search requests"
004bfc1 Raise NotImplementedError instead of NotImplemented
58a8870 Add region name to mappings and documents
f8e4e3e Allow aggregations in search requests
fb0676d Config logABug feature for searchlight api-ref
71510e9 Updated from global requirements
afbac8e API plugin endpoint needs aliases
d783c87 TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused
77ac53b Updated from global requirements
0d64da5 Get ready for os-api-ref sphinx theme change
0233200 Updated from global requirements
328f825 Service policy file support
3d7b4a1 Document the Searchlight architecture
535a3da Add nova server groups plugin
26e73de :Move elasticsearch install to plugin, use v2.3.4
63f0f56 Ignore nova deleting state changes
001e471 Force Elasticsearch indexing
1a9e06d Updated from global requirements
f25b28b Fix nova exchange exception
3fd15c8 Add warning for plugins without notifications
f408598 api-ref: add base structure
87fc290 Updated from global requirements
2652ed5 Add totals to facets
194e778 Support 'shelve' and 'reboot' instance notifications
5cda277 Allow wildcard in index --type argument
f7d1a48 Flavor Plugin
ae6a7b7 Log notification events
18c2061 Fixing typo in
a7e1a8a Remove discover from test-requirements
558a6c5 Display ES indices
72c2b86 Updated from global requirements
c575f3e Speed up Searchlight indexing
4fc6786 Small improvement for dynamic index settings doc
fa70962 Fix --type handling for indexing parent plugins
dcec06c Cleanup i18n marker functions to match Oslo docs
5d1030a Updated from global requirements
056be20 Remove designate v1 artifacts
79b0efd A typo commit in the documentation
7d0146a Add Neutron security group plugin
993811f Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv
771c5e6 Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests
89acc42 Fixes: Typo Error in
01eee1d Correct reraising of exception
6ad19a5 Spelling fixes in README
4fc01db Updated from global requirements
6a87126 Config: no need to set default=None
bee851b Allow dynamic index settings
0e4c767 Reduce number of API calls on nova boot
85680b4 Neutron floating IP support.
fbfef7b Expand designate functional tests
8736baa Fix typo errors in the description
0b6a5c0 make string.letters python3 compatible
32fd04b Handle JSON object in hypervisor serialization
d36e9ed Updated from global requirements
f6fe6fd Updated from global requirements
217480f Enabled Neutron notifications in sample local.conf
a15e3e6 Determine routing before delete on neutron events
21042fd Add microversion support for nova plugins
0074de2 Image type should be a facet
028943d Expose 'version' as a search parameter
33066df Correct doc_values info in authoring plugins docs
2e9bac3 Updated from global requirements
3beda06 Change Nova API version to V2.1
04ec2a1 Add project_id to all serialized documents
3e64068 Fix reindexing conflict handling in es2
e58d3f3 Correct es 2.x functional test config
bf693c5 Imported Translations from Zanata
fdd0c01 Updated from global requirements
94a2660 Return raw subfields on facets of analyzed string fields
1d440ff Updated from global requirements
09b81c4 Don't accept domain-scoped tokens for auth
87ad59b Fix python3 compatible issue in listener
4074746 python 3.4 support for urlparse
a924228 Remove mention of oslo.log 'verbose' option
16446d9 Correct wrong link in doc
787752a Use Notification Pools by Default
ea75c13 Added os_endpoint_type to various OpenStack clients
6798c5d Add Release notes for fixes backported to 0.2.1
942de0a Enable notification messaging pools
83f389a Updated from global requirements
e4878e0 Adds Nova Functional Tests
f2ed51b Correct cinder 'exchange' value
7f56603 Resource types for reference and parent id
75f46cb Replace use of search_type=count with size=0
54a0687 Updated from global requirements
204d7b4 Apply query to highlight query
21b2960 Include zone_id in Designate Recordset mapping
a2dbacc remove verbose option in devstack plugin
31f58bf Simple Script for Generating Resources
ebcb52b Overwrite child plugin resource_group_name durning parent registration
d2b536f Updated from global requirements
4592cdf Improve plugin authoring information
4f56a1e Reenable multiple elasticsearch indices
e55c7ff Updated from global requirements
67354da Ensure consistency in mapping field types
0d927ef Add freeform search syntax to docs
f7f5573 Imported Translations from Zanata
1142b72 Error deleting index in initial syncing
2d1e87a Updated from global requirements
5d9bcba use thread safe fnmatch
83d6e6b Document that initial sync is mandatory
730f9f1 Hypervisor plugin
3bb82e0 Allow limit=0 In Searches
789f39a [Trivial] Remove unnecessary executable privilege
aeb4fc2 Make func test indexing more consistent
101c734 Add cleanup in functional tests
e6f649c Making searchlight-manage python-3 compatible
c7e4fcd Fix unicode error when booting instance from volume
4d06c6a Imported Translations from Zanata
2a16363 Updated from global requirements
ccbb9b2 Add release note for index refresh disabling
81f7956 Zero Downtime Re-indexing Functional Tests.
1e4f0f6 Updated from global requirements
195a1f7 Add volume.retype event
93c6cfa Remove port.create.end handler from nova
725862a Breaking up
477d508 Disable index refresh during data re-sync
5db5612 Fix inconsistent mapping in image plugin
8eb705d Use delete_index instead of alias_listener_update
8bcca43 Updated from global requirements
52146ec Add region_name to service_credentials for devstack
7ad2648 Updated from global requirements
d9b1230 Listen to instance volume attach/detach events
acd51ea Add searchlight-ui to example local.conf
99b0e51 Add Link to client and ui
ca1aeed Zero Downtime Re-indexing Unit Tests.
800b46c Proposed clarification on zero-downtime reindexing doc
2a44b63 Backward compatibility with designate v1 api
4abf961 Disable oslo_config file discovery in tests
3b7dc51 Backward compatibility with designate v1 api
bcc8243 Increase heap for elasticsearch in func tests
1e80553 Fix _is_multiple_alias_exception signature
574a095 Add missing zero-downtime indexing documentation
8a287fc Increase heap for elasticsearch in func tests
3b132f8 Eliminate stray asterisk
600b691 Fix _is_multiple_alias_exception signature
a73cd1d Add missing zero-downtime indexing documentation
9fecc29 Disable oslo_config file discovery in tests
bb5ff07 Re-indexing optimization for doc_type
cb2137b Re-indexing optimization for doc_type
25ca131 Add missing mitaka release notes
531447d Zero Downtime Re-indexing Error Handling.
bc9eeaa Zero Downtime Re-indexing Error Handling.
b1d339b Don't index DHCP ports
ba67c2c Add missing mitaka release notes
3826498 Update reno for stable/mitaka
a5ccab8 Update .gitreview for stable/mitaka
22e05a8 Don't index DHCP ports
d5c3b46 Replace deprecated LOG.warn with LOG.warning

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.gitreview | 1 +
README.rst | 2 +-
api-ref/source/ | 240 ++++++
api-ref/source/http-codes.yaml | 55 ++
api-ref/source/index.rst | 25 +
.../samples/create-search-admin-request.json | 6 +
.../samples/create-search-aggregation-request.json | 11 +
.../create-search-aggregation-response.json | 64 ++
.../source/samples/create-search-all-request.json | 5 +
.../source/samples/create-search-all-response.json | 61 ++
.../create-search-complex-boolean-request.json | 25 +
.../create-search-complex-boolean-response.json | 93 +++
.../samples/create-search-free-text-request.json | 9 +
.../samples/create-search-free-text-response.json | 45 ++
.../create-search-multiple-type-request.json | 6 +
.../create-search-phrase-field-request.json | 8 +
.../create-search-phrase-field-response.json | 45 ++
.../samples/create-search-single-type-request.json | 6 +
.../create-search-single-type-response.json | 44 ++
.../list-facets-all-response-exclude-options.json | 78 ++
.../source/samples/list-facets-all-response.json | 90 +++
.../list-facets-include-fields-response.json | 11 +
.../source/samples/list-facets-type-response.json | 27 +
api-ref/source/samples/list-plugins-response.json | 14 +
api-ref/source/search-parameters.yaml | 170 ++++
api-ref/source/ | 695 ++++++++++++++++
devstack/README.rst | 6 +-
devstack/local.conf | 65 +-
devstack/ | 127 ++-
etc/policy.json | 36 +-
images/Figure1.png | Bin 0 -> 38618 bytes
images/Figure2.png | Bin 0 -> 183985 bytes
images/Figure3.png | Bin 0 -> 158874 bytes
images/Figure4.png | Bin 0 -> 239153 bytes
.../notes/add-021-notes-e1f8910ad27d88bb.yaml | 62 ++
...nova-microversion-support-8b40da4458678f20.yaml | 6 +
.../add-server-groups-plugin-3dff1b85a3f716f5.yaml | 10 +
.../notes/bp-add-region-name-69fbe5b84b2883c6.yaml | 8 +
...allow-aggregation-queries-fd7d39cb33068be1.yaml | 8 +
...indexing-into-new-mapping-bd78e94842fd2705.yaml | 11 +
...nfigurable-index-settings-59e00230f669c1a8.yaml | 11 +
...source-type-relationships-d697d0aa6648a560.yaml | 9 +
.../notes/bp-expose-version-be6403da43341c98.yaml | 8 +
.../notes/bp-facet-totals-369e7cd81b15f658.yaml | 16 +
releasenotes/notes/bp-flavor-plugin.yaml | 7 +
.../bp-hypervisor-plugin-5d17ed1005004b43.yaml | 7 +
...x-performance-enhancement-c8dc21da98f45628.yaml | 12 +
.../bp-index-role-separation-535e01ba3bb2252e.yaml | 11 +
...bp-indexing-type-wildcard-94c38a719a9210af.yaml | 7 +
.../bp-neutron-floatingip-1291f3a76f0e4aed.yaml | 8 +
.../bp-neutron-securitygroup-6c1531e9f80030bd.yaml | 7 +
.../bp-neutron-tenant-rbac-0922f23111965f7c.yaml | 9 +
.../bp-orphaned-es-aliases-24c5b5dcd2eb3a41.yaml | 10 +
.../bp-reduce-nova-api-calls-64eef45bd19fa89c.yaml | 8 +
...reenable-multiple-indices-3c05b9dde9d45d62.yaml | 13 +
...port-service-policy-files-c7e5eeb83c6f4126.yaml | 13 +
...-zero-downtime-reindexing-a607d52b8711d845.yaml | 24 +
.../bug-1545069-project-id-f8fe895ecce095ff.yaml | 10 +
.../notes/bug-1547118-3cfde976f32c3b5c.yaml | 9 +
...bug-1557778-facet-options-798bba4cb4e3067a.yaml | 13 +
.../notes/bug-1558630-fb26ae51f17fa9e2.yaml | 8 +
.../notes/bug-1558884-231498c4a6f56a31.yaml | 9 +
.../bug-1583681-plugin-info-d7307783f36cad25.yaml | 13 +
...bug-1584148-indexing-type-07ea84db2e6c1da4.yaml | 11 +
...g-1588540-neutron-routing-e7187a02535d8b01.yaml | 8 +
.../notes/bug-1592984-34d9417422c37e37.yaml | 9 +
.../bug-16175150-fix-mapping-a51e535a13deed96.yaml | 7 +
...bug-1621914-neutron-ports-58cf966264c09ce4.yaml | 8 +
...s-1619047-nested-mappings-4ddb2d0b067b3093.yaml | 10 +
...refresh-during-reindexing-e0152b6524385745.yaml | 7 +
...use-size-in-facets-search-438d4c4317879dfc.yaml | 9 +
releasenotes/source/index.rst | 3 +-
releasenotes/source/mitaka.rst | 6 +
requirements.txt | 34 +-
searchlight/api/ | 0
searchlight/api/ | 5 -
searchlight/api/middleware/ | 22 +-
searchlight/api/middleware/ | 3 +-
searchlight/api/middleware/ | 6 +-
searchlight/api/ | 80 +-
searchlight/api/v1/ | 0
searchlight/api/v1/ | 0
searchlight/api/v1/ | 115 ++-
searchlight/api/ | 6 +-
searchlight/cmd/ | 13 +-
searchlight/cmd/ | 4 +
searchlight/cmd/ | 4 +-
searchlight/cmd/ | 410 ++++++++--
searchlight/common/ | 4 +-
searchlight/common/ | 10 +-
searchlight/common/property | 12 +-
searchlight/common/ | 45 ++
searchlight/common/ | 46 +-
searchlight/common/ | 12 +-
searchlight/ | 15 +
searchlight/elasticsearch/ | 36 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/ | 425 ++++++----
.../elasticsearch/plugins/cinder/ | 7 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/cinder/ | 27 +-
.../cinder/snapshots | 18 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/cinder/ | 36 +-
.../plugins/cinder/volumes | 12 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/designate/ | 29 +-
.../plugins/designate/notification | 54 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/designate/ | 39 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/designate/ | 34 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/glance/ | 21 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/glance/ | 70 +-
.../plugins/glance/ | 13 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/glance/ | 48 +-
.../glance/ | 6 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/ | 619 +++++++++++++++
.../elasticsearch/plugins/neutron/ | 35 +
.../elasticsearch/plugins/neutron/ | 108 +++
.../elasticsearch/plugins/neutron/ | 65 +-
.../plugins/neutron/ | 357 ++++++++-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/neutron/ | 41 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/neutron/ | 29 +-
.../plugins/neutron/security | 100 +++
.../elasticsearch/plugins/neutron/ | 25 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/nova/ | 70 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/nova/ | 110 +++
.../elasticsearch/plugins/nova/ | 106 +++
.../plugins/nova/ | 351 +++++++++
.../elasticsearch/plugins/nova/ | 84 ++
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/nova/ | 98 ++-
.../plugins/nova/servers | 101 ---
.../elasticsearch/plugins/openstack | 72 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/swift/ | 4 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/swift/ | 11 +-
.../elasticsearch/plugins/swift/ | 13 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/swift/ | 18 +-
.../plugins/swift/ | 29 +-
searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/ | 755 ++++++------------
searchlight/ | 46 +-
.../locale/de/LCMESSAGES/searchlight-log-info.po | 47 ++
MESSAGES/searchlight.po | 445 +++++++++++
.../locale/es/LCMESSAGES/searchlight-log-info.po | 47 ++
MESSAGES/searchlight.po | 413 ++++++++++
searchlight/locale/fr/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 424 ++++++++++
MESSAGES/searchlight.po | 415 ++++++++++
searchlight/locale/ja/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 390 +++++++++
KR/LCMESSAGES/searchlight-log-info.po | 47 ++
KR/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 385 +++++++++
BR/LCMESSAGES/searchlight-log-info.po | 47 ++
BR/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 413 ++++++++++
MESSAGES/searchlight.po | 405 ++++++++++
.../locale/trTR/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 390 +++++++++
.../locale/zhCN/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 375 +++++++++
.../locale/zhTW/LCMESSAGES/searchlight.po | 374 +++++++++
searchlight/ | 7 -
searchlight/ | 2 +-
searchlight/ | 103 +++
.../unit/test | 213 +++++
setup.cfg | 6 +
test-requirements.txt | 14 +-
test-scripts/README.rst | 22 +
test-scripts/ | 9 +-
test-scripts/ | 72 ++
test-scripts/ | 214 +++++
tools/ | 3 +-
tox.ini | 19 +-
231 files changed, 20319 insertions(+), 2387 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index f8bcd25..b90f6f9 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -14,2 +14,2 @@ PasteDeploy>=1.5.0 # MIT
-Routes!=2.0,!=2.1,>=1.12.3;pythonversion=='2.7' # MIT
version!='2.7' # MIT
+Routes!=2.0,!=2.1,!=2.3.0,>=1.12.3;pythonversion=='2.7' # MIT
version!='2.7' # MIT
@@ -17,3 +17,3 @@ WebOb>=1.2.3 # MIT
-oslo.config>=3.7.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.concurrency>=3.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.context>=0.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.config>=3.14.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.concurrency>=3.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.context>=2.9.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -21,4 +21,4 @@ oslo.middleware>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.service>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.utils>=3.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-stevedore>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-keystonemiddleware!=4.1.0,>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.service>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.utils>=3.16.0 # Apache-2.0
+stevedore>=1.16.0 # Apache-2.0
+keystonemiddleware!=4.1.0,!=4.5.0,>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -30 +30 @@ Paste # MIT
-python-keystoneclient!=1.8.0,!=2.1.0,>=1.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-keystoneclient!=2.1.0,>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -37,2 +37,2 @@ oslo.log>=1.14.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.messaging>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.policy>=0.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.messaging>=5.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.policy>=1.9.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -41 +41 @@ oslo.serialization>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
-osprofiler>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+osprofiler>=1.4.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -43 +43 @@ osprofiler>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
-elasticsearch<2.0,>=1.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+elasticsearch<=3.0.0,>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -47 +47 @@ python-designateclient>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-python-glanceclient>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-glanceclient!=2.4.0,>=2.3.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -49,2 +49,2 @@ python-novaclient!=2.33.0,>=2.29.0 # Apache-2.0
-python-neutronclient!=4.1.0,>=2.6.0 # Apache-2.0
-python-cinderclient>=1.3.1 # Apache-2.0
+python-neutronclient>=5.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-cinderclient!=1.7.0,!=1.7.1,>=1.6.0 # Apache-2.0
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
index 3cc4eee..2459aff 100644
--- a/test-requirements.txt
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -9 +9 @@ hacking<0.11,>=0.10.0
-Babel>=1.3 # BSD
+Babel>=2.3.4 # BSD
@@ -13,2 +13 @@ coverage>=3.6 # Apache-2.0
-discover # BSD
-fixtures>=1.3.1 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+fixtures>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0/BSD
@@ -16,3 +15,3 @@ mox3>=0.7.0 # Apache-2.0
-mock>=1.2 # BSD
-sphinx!=1.2.0,!=1.3b1,<1.3,>=1.1.2 # BSD
-requests!=2.9.0,>=2.8.1 # Apache-2.0
+mock>=2.0 # BSD
+sphinx!=1.3b1,<1.3,>=1.2.1 # BSD
+requests>=2.10.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -23 +22 @@ oslotest>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
-reno>=0.1.1 # Apache2
+reno>=1.8.0 # Apache2
@@ -27,0 +27 @@ httplib2>=0.7.5 # MIT
+os-api-ref>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0

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