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[openstack-announce] [new][neutron] neutron 9.0.0 release (newton)

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We are high-spirited to announce the release of:

neutron 9.0.0: OpenStack Networking

This release is part of the newton release series.

For more details, please see below.


Add options to designate external dns driver of neutron for SSL based
connections. This makes it possible to use neutron with designate in
scenario where endpoints are SSL based. Users can specify to skip cert
validation or specify path to a valid cert in [designate] section of
neutron.conf file.

  • Call dhcprelease6 command line utility when releasing unused IPv6
    leases for DHCPv6 stateful subnets. dhcp
    release6 first appeared in
    dnsmasq 2.76

Add ip_allocation attribute to port resources

The default value for 'externalnetworkbridge' in the L3 agent is now

Prior to Newton, the neutron-openvswitch-agent used 'ovs-ofctl'
ofinterface driver by default. In Newton, 'ofinterface' defaults to
'native'. This mostly eliminates spawning ovs-ofctl and improves
performance a little.

Properly calculate overlay (tunnel) protocol overhead for environments
using IPv4 or IPv6 endpoints. The ML2 plug-in configuration file
contains a new configuration option, 'overlayipversion', in the
'[ml2]' section that indicates the IP version of all overlay network
endpoints. Use '4' for IPv4 and '6' for IPv6. Defaults to '4'.
Additionally, all layer-2 agents must use the same IP version for

Prior to Newton, the default option for 'ovsdbinterface' was 'vsctl'.
In Newton 'ovsdb
interface' defaults to 'native'. This change switches
the way of communication with OVSDB from the ovs-vsctl tool to Open
vSwitch python api to improve out-of-the-box performance for typical

The internal pluggable IPAM implementation -- added in the Liberty
release -- is now the default for both old and new deployments. Old
deployments are unconditionally switched to pluggable IPAM during
upgrade. Old non-pluggable IPAM is deprecated and removed from code

Remove 'quota_items' configuration option from neutron.conf file. This
option was deprecated since Liberty release and has no effect now.

Remove 'routerid' configuration option from the l3agent.ini file.
'routerid' option has been defined in order to associate an l3-agent
to a specific router when use
namespaces=False. It was deprecated
after use_namespaces was removed in Mitaka release.

  • The createdat and updatedat fields available on Neutron
    resources now include a timezone indicator at the end. Because this
    is a change in format, the old 'timestamp_core' extension has been
    removed and replaced with a 'timestamp' extension.

The "vlan-aware-vms" feature allows Nova users to launch VMs on a
single port (trunk parent port) that connects multiple Neutron logical
networks together.

New Features

  • Two new options are added to [designate] section to support SSL.

  • First option insecure allows to skip SSL validation when
    creating a keystone session to initate a designate client. Default
    value is False, which means to always verify connection.

  • Second option ca_cert allows setting path to a valid cert file.
    Default is None.

  • SR-IOV now supports egress minimum bandwidth configuration.

  • The port resource now has an ipallocation attribute. The value of
    this attribute will be set to 'immediate', 'deferred', or 'none' at
    the time the port is created. It will not be changed when the port
    is updated. 'immediate' means that the port is expected to have an
    IP address and Neutron attempted IP allocation on port creation.
    'deferred' means that the port is expected to have an IP address but
    Neutron deferred IP allocation until a port update provides the host
    to which the port will be bound. 'none' means that the port was
    created explicitly with no addresses by passing [] in fixed
    ips when
    creating it.

  • Subnets now have a new property 'service_types'. This is a list of
    port device owners, such that only ports with a matching device
    owner will be given an IP from this subnet. If no matching service
    subnet exists for the given device owner, or no service subnets have
    been defined on the network, the port will be assigned an IP from a
    subnet with no service-types. This preserves backwards compatibility
    with older deployments.

  • net-mtu extension now recalculates network MTU on each network
    access, not just on creation. It now allows operators to tweak MTU
    related configuration options and see them applied to all network
    resources right after controller restart, both old and new.

  • The new l2adjacency extension adds an l2adjacency field to the
    network, to indicate whether or not there is guaranteed L2 adjacency
    between the ports on that Network. Routed network implementations
    would typically set l2_adjacency to False.

  • The neutron L3 agent now has the ability to load agent extensions,
    which allows other services to integrate without additional agent
    changes. An API for exposing the l3 agent's router info data to the
    extensions is also provided so that extensions can remain consistent
    with router state.

  • Neutron switched to using oslo.cache library to cache port state
    in metadata agent. With it, more caching backends are now available,
    including Memcached and Mongo. More details in oslo.cache

  • The Networking API now supports the 'projectid' field in requests
    and responses, for compatibility with the Identity (Keystone) API
    V3. A new API extension, 'project-id', has been added to allow API
    users to detect if the 'project
    id' field is supported. Note that
    the 'tenant_id' field is still supported, and the two fields are
    functionally equivalent.

  • Users can now apply a QoS rule to a port or network to setup the
    minimum egress bandwidth per queue and port. The minimum egress
    bandwidth rule is applied to each port individually.

  • New API extensions, 'sorting' and 'pagination', have been added to
    allow API users to detect if sorting and pagination features are
    enabled. These features are controlled by "allowsorting" and
    pagination" configuration options.

  • The feature "vlan-aware-vms" is available. To enable it, a service
    plugin named 'trunk' must be added to the option "serviceplugins"
    in your neutron.conf. The plugin exposes two new extensions "trunk"
    and "trunk
    details". The plugin can work with multiple backends and
    in particular Neutron has support for ML2/openvswitch (http://docs.

    tackling-the-network-trunking-use-case) and ML2/linuxbridge. Even

    though Neutron API compatibility should be preserved for ports
    associated to trunks, since this is the first release where the
    feature is available, it is reasonable to expect possible
    functionality gaps for one or both drivers. These will be filled
    over time as being reported. The CLI is available via
    openstackclient, and python-neutronclient 5.1.0 or above. For more
    details, please check the networking guide.

Known Issues

Upgrade Notes

  • A version of dnsmasq that includes dhcp_release6 should be
    installed on systems running the DHCP agent. Failure to do this
    could cause DHCPv6 stateful addressing to not function properly.

  • The rootwrap filters file dhcp.filters must be updated to include
    dhcp_release6, otherwise trying to run the utility will result in a
    NoFilterMatched exception.

  • All existing ports are considered to have 'immediate' IP
    allocation. Any ports that do not have this attribute should also be
    considered to have immediate IP allocation.

  • A new table 'subnetservicetypes' has been added to cater for
    this feature. It uses the ID field from the 'subnets' table as a
    foreign key.

  • The default value for 'externalnetworkbridge' has been changed
    to '' since that is the preferred way to configure the L3 agent and
    will be the only way in future releases. If you have not explicitly
    set this value and you use the L3 agent, you will need to set this
    value to 'br-ex' to match the old default. If you are using 'br-ex',
    you should switch to '', ensure your external network has a flat
    segment and ensure your L2 agent has a bridge_mapping entry between
    the external network's flat segment physnet and 'br-ex' to get the
    same connectivity. If the external network did not already have the
    flat segment, you will need to detach all routers from the external
    networks, delete the incorrect segment type, add the flat segment,
    and re-attach the routers.

  • The configuration option dhcpleasetime was deprecated in the
    Havana cycle. This option is no longer supported. The option was
    replaced by dhcpleaseduration.

  • The configuration option dnsmasqdnsserver was deprecated in the
    kilo cycle. This value is no longer supported.

  • API sorting and pagination features are now enabled by default.

  • Existing networks with MTU values that don't reflect configuration
    will receive new MTU values after controller upgrade. Note that to
    propagate new correct MTU values to your backend, you may need to
    resync all agents that set up ports, as well as re-attach VIFs to
    affected instances.

  • To retain the old default for neutron-openvswitch-agent, use
    'of_interface = ovs-ofctl' in the '[ovs]' section of your
    openvswitch agent configuration file.

  • By default, the native interface will have the Ryu controller
    listen on The listen address can be configured with
    oflistenaddress and oflistenport options. Ensure that the
    controller has permission to listen at the configured address.

  • Define the 'overlayipversion' option and value appropriate for
    the environment. Only required if not using the Default of '4'.

  • To keep the old default value use 'ovsdbinterface = vsctl' in
    '[ovs]' section of openvswitch
    agent.ini (common path
    '/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/openvswitchagent.ini') if there is a
    separate openvswitch agent configuration file; otherwise apply
    changes mentioned above to ml2
    conf.ini (common path

  • The native interface configures ovsdb-server to listen for
    connections on by default. The address can be
    configured with the ovsdb_connection config option. Ensure that
    ovsdb-server has permissions to listen on the configured address.

  • During upgrade 'internal' ipam driver becomes default for
    'ipam_driver' config option and data is migrated to new tables using
    alembic migration.

  • The networkdevicemtu option is removed. Existing users of the
    option are advised to adopt new configuration options to accommodate
    for their underlying physical infrastructure. The relevant options
    are globalphysnetmtu for all plugins, and also pathmtu and
    network_mtus for ML2.

  • Remove 'quota_items' configuration option from neutron.conf file.

  • Remove 'routerid' configuration option from the l3agent.ini

  • The configuration options for "defaultipv4subnetpool" and
    ipv6subnetpool" have been removed. Please use the
    "is_default" option of the create/update subnetpool API instead.

  • tenantid column has been renamed to projectid. This database
    migration is required to be applied as offline migration.

  • The 'timestampcore' extension has been removed and replaced with
    the 'standard-attr-timestamp' extension. Objects will still have
    timestamps in the 'created
    at' and 'updated_at' fields, but they
    will have the timestamp appended to the end of them to be consistent
    with other OpenStack projects.

Deprecation Notes

  • The "allowsorting" and "allowpagination" configuration options
    are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • Neutron controller service currently allows to load
    "service_providers" options from some files that are not passed to
    it via --config-dir or --config-file CLI options. This behaviour is
    now deprecated and will be disabled in Ocata. Current users are
    advised to switch to aforementioned CLI options.

  • The option minl3agentsperrouter is deprecated and will be
    removed for the Ocata release where the scheduling of new HA routers
    will always be allowed.

  • The 'supportedpcivendordevs' option is deprecated in Newton and
    will be removed in Ocata. The validation of supported pci vendors is
    done in nova-scheduler through the pci
    passthrough_whitelist option
    when it selects a suitable hypervisor, hence the option is
    considered redundant.

  • The cache_url configuration option is deprecated as of Newton, and
    will be removed in Ocata. Please configure metadata cache using
    [cache] group, setting enable = True and configuring your backend.

  • The non-pluggable ipam implementatios is deprecated and will be
    removed in Newton release cycle.

Security Issues

  • When working with the ML2/openvswitch driver, the "vlan-aware-vms"
    feature has the following limitations:

    • security groups do not work in conjunction with the iptables-
      based firewall driver.

    • if security groups are desired, the use of the stateful OVS
      firewall is required, however that prevents the use of the DPDK
      datapath for OVS versions 2.5 or lower.

Bug Fixes

  • In order to fix the communication issues between SR-IOV instances
    and regular instances the FDB population extension is added to the
    OVS or linuxbridge agent. the cause was that messages from SR-IOV
    direct port instance to normal port instances located on the same
    hypervisor were sent directly to the wire because the FDB table was
    not yet updated. FDB population extension tracks instances
    boot/delete operations using the handleport deleteport extension
    interface messages and update the hypervisor's FDB table
    accordingly. Please note this L2 agent extension doesn't support
    allowed address pairs extension.

  • Allow SR-IOV agent to run with 0 vfs

  • Bug 1561200 has been fixed by including the timezone with Neutron
    'createdat' and 'updatedat' fields.

Other Notes

  • In order to use QoS egress minimum bandwidth limit feature, 'ip-
    link' must support the extended VF management parameter
    "mintxrate". Minimum version of "ip-link" supporting this
    parameter is "iproute2-ss140804", git tag "v3.16.0".

  • The value of the 'overlayipversion' option adds either 20 bytes
    for IPv4 or 40 bytes for IPv6 to determine the total tunnel overhead

  • At the time of writing, Neutron bandwidth booking is not
    integrated with Compute scheduler, which means that minimal
    bandwidth is not guaranteed but provided as best effort.

Changes in neutron

71f2d2b Ignore NULL fixedips for duplicate floatingip check
5514ba5 Process OVS trunk bridges associated to VM deletes
98c4c08 Correct fix for IPv6 auto address interfaces
20bb7be Refetch subnet/network from DB in ML2 update ops
9cac6bd Add missing revision number altercations
27e6ba09 Send a callback before attaching a subnet to a router
571af6b Fixes for missing IPs on subnets in DHCP agent
710c005 Not check subnet with dhcp disabled when getisolatedsubnets
766fb5f Handle add/remove subports events loss due to agent failures
e55b3e3 ovsfw: fix troublesome portrulemasking
6e8d2c2 Add MAC address to subports in trunkdetails
37dc141 Retry port update on IpAddressAllocationNotFound
f74a6c0 Fix dhcp
release6 error when not supported
7fe346e Fix ML2 revisionnumber handling in port updates
ae427ba Fix ML2 test extension driver API test cases
a7be741 Update trunk metadata during wire/unwire operations
5831c46 Ensure trunk status is acknowledged during OVS subport operations
04fade7 Allow more time for DB migration tests
c201439 Try to reuse existing IPs when a port update specifies subnet
e85f0ab Clean-up Tempest test networks with project
cbd7780 Add to rally quotas to handle worst case quota race
ccd5855 Add basic status transition trunk scenario test
f6bc9bf Stop oslomessaging from error logging CallbackNotFound
ba28877 Garbage collect HasStandardAttributes subclasses in StandardAttrTestCase
98a6072 Install dibbler.filters rootwrap file
f2afe0f Add admin api tests for project-id
2043cbd Fix a release note typo for implicit provider loading deprecation
91d233e Do not retry default security group creation
59ac3c6 fullstack: execute qos tests for all ovsdb/of interface permutations
b250e3b OVS agent: configure both OF10 and OF13
61cd17e Always cleanup stale devices on DHCP setup failure
6608cbb Fix linuxbridge trunk subport RPC event handler
c11b08a Make DHCP agent use 'revision
72f964a Don't immediately restart in DHCP agent on port change
8391bf0 Updated from global requirements
ed99606 DHCP: enhance DHCP release log
ea8a145 Forbid importing neutron.tests.* from outside tests subtree
9ed27c5 Don't warn in VLAN Plumber on tagless children
2f44402 Disable DHCP on agent port removal
5c742bf Change the prefix for trunk subports deviceowner
8133f6e Include timezone in timestamp fields
9f0fda5 Add common way to extend standard attribute models
1023274 Fix useless use of _nxm variant in an OVS field name
9ebf145 Update UPPER
CONSTRAINTSFILE for stable/newton
cd6f163 Update .gitreview for stable/newton
a60c2de Add metadata proxy router
update callback handler
9ac3596 Fix events misnomer in callback registry debug trace
35e386f Fix metering-agent iptables restore failure
a75ce68 Retry setting mac address on new OVS port 10 times
7d2721d ovs agent, native ARP response: set Eth src/dst
1279640 Expire DB objects in ML2 infinity loops
ea84699 Stop olsomessaging from error logging CallbackNotFound
7c6071b Add API test to ensure IPs can be added by subnet
748faa0 Revert "Don't allocate IP on port update when existing subnet specified"
25e65df Fix migration of legacy router to DVR
a397792 Catch DBReferenceError in IPAM and convert to SubnetNotFound
d6df96d Skip warnings during DHCP port actions if no error is raised
a2bd0b4 LinuxBridge: Use ifindex for logical 'timestamp'
3a42143 Correct floating IP extra attributes updating issues
3aa89f4 Refactor for floating IP updating checks
9afb9ca Prevent use filter(lambda obj: test(obj), data)
9776d93 Catch RPC errors in trunk skeleton
181bdb3 Make DHCP notifier use core resource events
c66e343 Disable DHCP on test
33afa82 Capture SubnetNotFound from update
port call
0eafa88 Add retry decorator to provisioning blocks module
ed8962b Tag the alembic migration revisions for Newton
39ace4c Utilize retryifsessioninactive in dvrmacdb
9d24490 Handle racey teardowns in DHCP agent
c231bfb Fix TypeError in sanity check logging format
f07c07b Don't allocate IP on port update when existing subnet specified
d1b9026 Prevent duplicate LLA iptables rules
8859297 Remove erroneous newton milestone tag
5b7c71a Preventing iptables rule to be thrashed
12420c1 Mark quota operations as retriable
951cd80 Pass not IPDevice but port
name into OVSBridge's addport()
c8de31c devstack: the last fix of is
kernelsupportedforovs25 condition
6e0b8c1 Ensure there are fdb
entries before iterating
5f9d888 Fix Rollback port's deviceowner
5902d0f Protect security group operations with the retry decorator
d223bef Don't work with native DB port objects in DVR code
4361f75 of
interface: Use vlantci instead of vlanvid
72bc755 Set deviceowner for trunk subports
ab4ee76 Only do deferred ip allocation on deferred ports
dd5976b Accept and return project
id for API calls
68d13b9 trunk: Remove ovs constants from trunk utils module
5df8a3d Skip canbetrunked validation for subports
a701f09 ovsdb-handler: Follow up patch
acbabaa Make l2/l3 operations retriable at plugin level
5743ed4 Reduce log level for ryu in OVS agent log
bdfa3c9 Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser
a006922 Replace assertEqual(None, ) with assertIsNone
a7c8a82 Emit router payload only during failures
2676372 tests: don't override base object test class attributes
10ada71 objects: expose database model for NeutronDbObject instances
b4b12f7 Defer setting 'ha'/'distributed' flags in L3 code
8c3a41a Updated from global requirements
493be3e Fix sudo errors in testsettrunkmetadatawithNoneparams
e1b2ac1 Add release note for blueprint vlan-aware-vms
c8f208c Make optional the validation of filters
b6a90df Mark unaddressed ports with none in ip
allocation field
db1aa5f Fix misnomer in settrunkmetadata
2fe2efc LinuxBridge: Pass host into get
7ff0a50 Downgrade binding skip in mech_agent
dfbc809 Use singleton for Nova notifier
1087be3 trunk: Handle subports notification in ovs agent side
9f0647e objects: don't call DeclarativeObject's __init
twice for rbac objects
a4ccc0c Move retry decorator in auto allocate
7317b8c Add retry decorator to RBAC module
a74cd2f Mark agents db mixin operations retriable
d46756a Add sanity pings to restart tests to ensure connection
2e882a9 Implementation of vlan-aware-vms for Linux Bridge
19e4b10 Add Trunk Plumber module for Linux Bridge
06361f7 Move 'gettapdevicename' to utils module
3a58bb1 devstack: finally fix the is
kernelsupportedforovs25 condition
e4a2ebc tests: remove self.db
obj from objects tests
7f1caa1 Add missing index on insertedprimarykey in migration
26d8702 l2pop fdb flows for HA router ports
52300f2 OVSDBHandler for trunk ports
09c8742 Prepare retry decorator to move to plugin level
286b55f devstack: fix kernel version matching to detect ovs compilation support
26e9105 Neutron versions api now has its own middleware pipeline
841ce48 Use correct exception in L3 driver controller
a77453a pylint: remove 'openstack' from ignore list
7b4350a Don't use nested transaction in provisioning blocks
1700513 Rollback port after failed to add it to router
4984c7c Quotas: add in missing translation
047c0b5 Ensure UnknownProvisioningError can be printed
6b32033 DHCP: remove deprecated config dhcpleasetime
942c5e0 Standardize release note page ordering
0c410a8 DHCP: device manager: two new methods - plug and unplug
b91fbde Detect DBReferenceError when deleting flavor
b9c620b Add API test for L3 Flavors
a5f78b3 Reduce the number of debug traces emitted by registry callbacks
a9c3b7e Add a composite unique key to floatingip table in Neutron database
fef3019 Don't return ext net DB object in auto allocate
908b1bb Be more clear about DOWNSTATUS for trunk resources
72c3398 Include timestamps in trunk API test comparisions
5d59736 Except if tracked resource registered as countable
3756bc5 Convert OVO fields to primitives for to
2b148c3 Fix wrong HA router state
024c0c9 Config: change deprecation for maxfixedipsperport to Ocata
b5fe13a Only schedule routers from drivers that need it
f72863a Remove FWaaS policy.json entries
b0cb041 Update L3 agent extensions devref
7747926 Remove availability range code and model
9cd2303 tests: refactor objects test cases to use db models instead of dicts
fa5e23c gatehook: Compile ovs only with supported kernels
e39a61b objects: use correct object class name in NeutronPrimaryKeyMissing
29cec03 l3 ha: don't send routers without '
58abb3d Check MTU sanity of trunk port subports
c68d4c4 QOS-DB: remove deprecation warning
1a4cce9 Use bridge
lib's FdbInterface calls instead of execute util
41cce70 Expose revisionnumber to trunk API
5c6b836 Change 'revision' to 'revision
6865f4d macvtap: Mech driver detects invalid migration
44de48a Remove workaround for bug/1543094
e2fdeef Deal with unknown exceptions during auto allocation
fb5c043 Revisit support for trunk segmentation types
dc4c8ab Set trunk status to DOWN when parent port is unbound
9127f07 db migration: Alter column before setting a FK on column
5683f22 Switch order for cleanup in NamespaceFixture
b1ec8d5 Add bindingindex to RouterL3AgentBinding
17b88cd Add timestamp fields for neutron ext resources
c736948 Make L3 agent use different request-id for each request
7a8b034 Refactor _ipam
2d67b68 Fix AddrFormatError in DHCPv6 lease release code
5ef869b Add name and desc to networksegments table
f91d84c Fix QoS standardattr migration foreign key step
e5339b4 Ignore extra subnet IPs in DHCP agent
cd80ae6 Truncate microseconds before DB insertion
114dc49 Updated from global requirements
40f5846 Make milestone-review-dash script pull all Stadium projects
2aa23de Adding support of releasing DHCPv6 leases
85bbeed qos: require min
kbps parameter for minimum bandwidth rule
5e42048 Mock call to sysctl for testgetfreenamespaceport
03c412f split out l3-ha specific test from TestMl2PortsV2
23f7da3 Add L3 agent extension API object
61cc14f Switch to neutron-lib for modelbase
e5155fc Do not warn under normal network circumstances
9726a00 Narrow down DBError to DBReferenceError in DHCP action handler
50bcaaa Expose timestamp attributes on trunk API
53503e7 Remove non-pluggable IPAM implementation
b0cc425 Expose description attribute on trunk API
82c134d DVR: SNAT redirect rules should be removed only on Gateway clear
c3f1308 Implement state management for trunks
99cfd67 debtcollector for globals
af8ca1b Retain port info from DSCP rule creation.
7913798 Use method get
ipv6addrbyEUI64 from oslo.utils
ccc20dd Use plugin obj from neutron manager in the TestMl2PortsV2 unit test
a2dc3c3 Add new configuration test in sanity check: vf
0e470a8 IPAM: fix the mode of ipam
6e908dd Pecan: Handle member actions
027b00f Get rid of flush() in create
15ca6b0 Remove FWaaS entries from neutron setup.cfg
2e23ed3 fix port address allocation for auto-addr subnet
34e51ca DVR: Cleanup the stale snat redirect rules in router namespace
c8fea2b objects: remove support for multiple db models in fromdbobject
25f5912 Check for ha port to become ACTIVE
e4d4c72 Fix ipamdriver config help
8fdc430 Auto allocation: ensure that networks and subnets are cleaned up
16f5d50 Add the l3 agent 'host' when logging routers
9a5eb4a Handle fullstack oslo deprecations
16a40e2 fullstack: Use ovs-2.5 for tests
a2e9159 Relocate Flat Allocation DB model
16ba121 Relocate subnet
servicetypes db models
2d94a58 Remove unnecessary setUp and resource
4de4dbf Delete unused pom.xml file from doc
e219613 Remove unused config.CONF
4c3e876 Remove unused logging import
78554d9 Add test cases for Invalid exception type
f2b33b6 Allow SR-IOV agent to start when number of vf is 0
f3f9002 Add standard attributes to qospolicy
f564dca Enable create and delete segments in ML2
3e9c943 Use MultipleExceptions from neutorn-lib
bdd7298 Move standard attr out of modelbase
46de63c SR-IOV: add agent QoS driver to support egress minimum bandwidth
60325f4 Add QoS minimum bandwidth rule for instance egress traffic
ffae42d Remove vpn service plugin stevedore aliases
6f475b4 Remove lbaas v1 service plugin stevedore aliases
0f43042 Generate new context for each DHCP RPC call
6267a6e Fix unbalanced-tuple-unpacking pylint error in conn
85ed701 Don't catch DBError in DHCP action handler
c05751a Catch InvalidInput in DHCP port actions
95ff467 Wait for ovsdbmonitor to be active before use it
9f09f27 Fix deprecation warnings
2f197c2 spelling error
59a385a Updated from global requirements
ab61970 Make addbr safe to bridge add races
e3e360e Add Unit Test for Foreign Keys Not Found Error
fdf6602 Deprecate allow
sorting and allowpagination options
2618726 functional: Make trunk tests more robust
0d96b9b Fix passing error physical network for get
8473489 Fix indent
5880b2b Remove useless line for tenantid
676770b Implement check
vlantransparency to return True in L2population mech driver
178bff2 Security group call back need cascading delete the related rules
938937b Set L3 agent standby if admin
38b1b47 Fix internal server error during updating QoS rule
ab6942e Make OVS and LinuxBridge trunk drivers' is
loaded() property more robust
de3a3cd IP allocation with Service Subnets
3b38912 Include [agent] extensions option into ovs/linuxbridge agent files
5264ab9 Using revision_number to ensure no overlap in *one
795f5f1 Fix the QoSPluginBase methods signature.
ee1a058 Implement checkvlantransparency to return True in SR-IOV mech driver
f4fefb2 TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused
35ffbed TrunkManager for the OVS agent
4dd57d0 SR-IOV: remove unused supportedpcivendorinfo variable
960eae5 Catch SubnetAllocationError during auto-allocated-topology provisioning
21235f0 Revisit the Stadium section of the developer guide
41afb64 objects: add support for per parent type foreign keys
b223f31 Fix bug in L3 agent extension manager
d390f1c Added the appropriate links in developer guide
4bdab5c L3 DVR: use fanout when sending dvr arp table update
371be08 Fix the attribute name: _flavor
dfa702f Implement the DELETE method for get-me-a-network
d6adffa Update README to reflect ML2 Exception in Dir Tree
51505ad Revert "Fix NoSuchOptError on identity config option lookup"
d0c6b38 Use row.uuid as getattr works for inserted row
8398ec0 Add mechanism driver error details to MechanismDriverError
11849b7 Make auto allocate cleanup retry
33c906b Updated from global requirements
8ec680b Increase default packet count to 3 in assert
2ae3916 L2 Agent Extensions handle unimplemented methods
d7e6ce8 Relocate GRE Db models
8ef52f5 docs: Small Open vSwitch devref tweaks
c3c9cdd Filter out external networks in NetworksSearchCriteriaTest
5aa495c Remove useless deprecation warning for tenantid
43a8d20 Fix init method for HasStandardAttributes
579a4b8 Imported Translations from Zanata
c5629e9 TrunkStub.trunk
deleted is called with NULL trunk object
af9ad0c Fix NoSuchOptError on identity config option lookup
51ea9b1 Fix bridge assertion error when times are equal
625fdb4 Avoid KeyError when accessing "dnsname" as it may not exist
961c5e7 Add tool to list moved globals
f68cda0 Introduce ovo objects for network segments
e354599 Add agent-side driver scaffolding for trunk functionality
5e3c284 Revert "Publish segment id in port responses"
a5d7b1a Increase rally network/port count and add quotas
e614211 Extensions: fix file mode permissions
6e4fe00 Update the homepage with developer documentation page
7e33202 Don't create another plugin instance in ML2 tests
72a722e Relocate AddressScope DB model
347778a Enable ra on gateway when add gateway to HA router
ec99910 Remove override of _compare
serverdefault in _TestModelsMigrations
4d85336 Make callback manager Object Oriented friendly
625de54 Switch to pluggable IPAM implementation
484e44d Update "devref/quality
ofservice" with QoS DSCP rule reference.
6babf31 Adjust spacing in METADATA
17f2df3 Refactoring config options for plugin agent opts
b3c2a4a Reduce DB hit when checking for trunk-able ports
54aa688 Added tests for checking expand/contract branch upgrade
f03a6f9 Don't pass argument sqlitedb in method setdefaults
de31df4 SR-IOV: deprecate supportedpcivendordevs
58316f7 Add error informations for users when value is invalid in database
93a8dc3 Implement L3 Agent Extension Manager
ab302fe Correct floating IP updating with same port
id issue
5925364 Fixed neutron-db-manage without neutron/tests installed
5454bce Clean imports in code
fb375bd Prevent duplicate SG rules in 'concurrent requests' case
0e1e93f Relax bound constraint for trunk parent ports
fadee7a Fix potential problem in testrouteraddinterfaceport
aa52367 Fix testrouteraddinterfacedeleteportafterfailure
d8c8cad Remove stale configuration l3
86d5f8e Add RPC layer for Trunk Plugin and driver plumbing
aa42906 Make auto-allocate plugin handle sneaky DB errors
720a8b3 Broken extensions should not show up in the extension list
cb64ad1 Introduce ovo objects for security groups
19dbbe6 Add debug option to verify iptables rules
6798485 Avoid IPAM driver reusing a session that has been rolled back
460cb65 Fix neutron
lib.constants DeprecationWarning from db.modelsv2
230066a Use dispose
pool() from oslo.db
d8d3c19 Get rid of getengine() in db/
7c0f189 models: move AllowedAddressPair model under neutron/db/models
ac69b22 Refactor setting OSprofiler for db calls
bcbe6d2 Raise 501 instead of 500 when updating meter-lebel and rule
15db447 Updated from global requirements
64a5f1d Constrain remaining tox targets
e992743 Check content type by completely match instead of partial match
42f2ba8 Allow bound ports to be trunked if the driver can support it
b35d7fa Publish segment id in port responses
7cf96ca Fix some spelling errors in net
b82b4c4 Refactoring config options of l3 agent keepalived
7eff6af Fix checkasserttruefalse syntax validator
a926473 Relocate Security Group DB models
ce4d50b Add floating IP test to ensure backwards compat
3ad23f4 Always start transactions in quota cleanup methods
86bf29a Refactoring config options for services opts
dab0e0c Fix a spelling error
319bc52 isolate test
f1edd59 Include dbmodels document to avoid errors
ec929d9 Adds a default reload callback to ProcessManager
e2abdd4 tests: added missing space in a skip test message
9429c2d Set secure fail mode for physical bridges
91a983f Avoid allocating ports from ip
72720f9 lb-agent: handle exception when bridge slave already removed
b25f644 Ensure ML2's create/updateport methods not in transaction
87488f3 Add flush command to iproute in ip
3aed332 Better utilize the L3 Namespace class
3a7c6cb Fix typo in l3-agent namespace code
a0543fd ovs-agent: Seperate VLAN mapping outside of the agent
4417450 Updated from global requirements
534803d Check the router gateway IPs prefixlen existence
a200f4a pep8: fixed F821 violation in a unit test
34ec353 Add devref for Relocating DB models
26bdffb Handle deleted ports when creating a list of fdb entries
f697cdd Set bridgename in OVS trunk port's vifdetails
7e69891 ml2: allow retry on retriabable db error by precommit
bd076a0 Rollback router intf port update if csnat update fails
97575c2 Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments
9d18672 Check targettenant when create rbac policy
f13f56f Delete HA network if last HA router is migrated
ce1c16f Add linux bridge trunk server side driver
eead641 Enable CRUD for Subnet Service Types
9e8bcf4 Make revision bump robust to concurrent removals
247128b Fix duplicate routerport handling
32c470d Cleanup DB retry logic in ML2
38cdd93 Refactoring config options for extension opts
39aedaf Refactoring security group config options
114de17 Don't use versions in _DeprecateSubset
91614d3 Add RouterPort bindings for all HA ports
1df1a5c Log full exception before retry in decorator
31a7fee L3 agent: check router namespace existence before delete
8b69189 Consider baremetal device
owner as compute for nova notify
4acccc7 Delete conntrack entry with remoteip on the other direction
eeed08e Do not remove the HA/legacy router gateway secondary IPs
996b845 DHCP Auto Scheduling for routed provider networks
ca2aa3c Restore old assert
ping behavior
acd04d6 DVR: Clean stale snat-ns by checking its existence when agent restarts
101af7b Remove neutron-lib warnings
e770c86 Ensure most of ML2's core methods not in transaction
46b6e12 Add scaffolding for trunk plugin/server-side driver integration
38f1ec0 Remove neutron lib warnings from ipv6utils
42897d8 Updated from global requirements
dee5544 Introduce state management for trunk resources
b730218 Refactoring config options for wsgi opts
2947791 Add a space after openvswitch error message
bfed167 Remove local subports validator
0fce7de objects: introduce count() API to count matching objects
df9411d Rename DB columns: tenant -> project
c34c15c Fix for creation of network environment twice
3c26a62 Use neutron-lib add
validator for registration
f13ed8c objects: introduce a util function to handle tenantid filter
c3669cc tests: check that trunk sub
ports field is properly populated
bcef617 Fix indexerror in deletecsnatport
6281fdd Add a unique key to portid in routerports table
0810cbd Refactoring cfg opts for ml2 plugin linuxbridge
c17c78d Port device events for common agent
40156cd Fix module import for ovs
vsctltimeout option
3f71a49 Change external
networkbridge default to ''
de0b16f Fix link reference in OVS agent devref
c7c9c39 Support callbacks for L3 plugins without an agent
f7cc6a0 Remove deprecated default subnetpools
22a341a Fixes the midonet test
l3 unit test failures
5b7bed2 fixed a typo in src code
4cb6058 Suppresses a warning when no agents are configured
7f617e6 Introduce bulk push to rpc callback mechanism
9733cc2 Enable sorting and pagination by default
5e0878f Added API extensions to detect sorting/pagination features
4ff7215 stadium: adopt openstack/releases in subproject release process
6cb0c49 L2-Adjacency support
077fce8 corrected the link in README.rst
deb0e49 Neutron-lib: use the L3AGENT* definitions from neutron-lib
50ebf81 Fix a typo in neutron/services/trunk/
d4a9d2c Refactoring config options of agent/common/ovs
0dbe21c Add a callback registry event for the init process - before spawning
7f9610c Refactoring config options for cmd
1144fd5 Don't use file() to write object hashes
c6b30c3 Fix L3 NAT DB signature mismatch
5c23f73 Add in missing translations for exceptions
ffeae31 Fix that apiworkers=0 doesn't spawn any api workers
ceb3c5d Use revision to discard stale DHCP updates
179b830 Filter HA router without HA port bindings after race conditions
de2a701 Fix updating allocation
pools on subnet update
2d2689f trunk: avoid redundant refetch of subports on create
f03693f tests: enable testgetobjectsqueriesconstant for trunk ports
bb989be Don't use exponential back-off for reportstate
c76ee03 bug tag: Add 'api-ref' for API reference
1750d75 Add link in README.rst
244ef91 Set prefix on floating
ipmangle rules
4efc6db Remove 'released-neutronclient' tag from official bug tags
4e8cc68 Increment revision numbers on object changes
21975f5 Print out specific filter that failed in object filtering unit test
3945467 objects: loading synthetic fields from defined ORM relationships.
c79d179 objects: forbid updates for project
id field for subnets
2a23527 tests: stop using ml2 plugin full import paths in tests
d8952e2 Add API tests for router and DHCP port status
2325e2a Skip DHCP provisioning block for network ports
11dc21d Wait for vswitchd to add interfaces in native ovsdb
0e3f4b8 Add flavor/service provider support to routers
ac36a88 Add some negative policy router interface tests
6877b47 Add notifications for trunk CRUD and standardize payload
414ceed Refactoring config options for common config opts
1680a0c Prevent port update from binding a host where IPs won't work
335cdad policies: Add tempest tag for launchpad bugs
09736ed Fix for checkvlantransparency on mech drivers not called
64f5fc8 Refactor DNS integration out of DB core plugin
97bb498 Fix typo in method description
45552b5 Filter out subnets on different segments for dhcp
98838c4 Add information about using file based sqlite for unit tests
49d1def Deprecate implicit loading of serviceproviders from neutron.conf
a9133b7 Remove deprecated networkdevicemtu option
e5a9502 objects: Add updatefields method in base class.
e82f365 Remove unused code in neutron/agent/linux/
47fd1bc Pass timeout in milliseconds to timer
620f8a6 Prohibit deletion of ports currently in use by a trunk
3213dd8 Mark DBConnectionError as retriable
9e87a70 Add subresources support for PECAN
88fd252 Refactoring config options for l3 agent config
5588f45 Improve the segmentation ID validation logic
b8f870d Revisit (add|remove)subports request body
313f48b objects: Adjust Subnet fields, add tenant
id and segmentid
8afc65c Use is
validport from oslo.utils
7236d9c Validate device to mac instead of port id to mac
36d28f9 Updated from global requirements
e7e8a4e Don't interrupt device loop for missing device
29cc91e Enable passive deletes on trunk deletion
0bacf34 Removed smoke tags from *SearchCriteriaTest test cases
a984f95 Calculate MTU on every network fetch instead of on create
97c78ef Fix wait
untiltrue condition in dhcp test
a5cd3b6 Add callbacks for networks and subnets in ML2
9f30df8 Check compatibility when auto schedule ha routers
722884b Remove execute permission which is added by mistake in midonet
5bbb802 Ensure test
cleanupstaledevices fails gracefully
2950004 Add new attributes to trunk model
01a6c9c Generalize agent extension mechanism
aea93a4 fullstack: Add hybrid plug support
c46edbc Use dbapi.retrydberrors in quota engine
ca57c9f Update ovsdb release notes re: new OVS ports
81ff0ac objects: better apply filters for objects/db/api/get
object query.
1727836 Use DEVICEOWNERCOMPUTEPREFIX from neutron-lib
20d1e6b Imported Translations from Zanata
adbcdeb Fix misuse of assertTrue in L3 DVR test case
a2016a6 Pecan: Define plugin crud methods in base class
2e9da88 Fix broken URLs in bugs.rst (core-reviewers.html -> neutron-teams.html)
cf92913 objects: Convert filters to string for list values.
fcb1ccf fullstack: Log testrunner again
6bb2148 QoSTest: skip if qos extension is not available
345a4b2 Add support for Python 3.5
7a6af24 Only ports on routed networks are deferred
3f57056 Fill in trunk
details on port resource
4f875ea Fix a pylint error in an L3 agent unit test
ed34f18 DVR: Fix ItemAllocator class to handle exceptions
0074b94 Add RouterPort binding to ha interface creation
bd6d454 objects: Add RBAC to Subnet OVO
698e601 Improve cleanup logic for trunk tests
7a6fe80 Updated from global requirements
890c30f Add retry decorator to dhcpreadyonports
e92b68d delete event payload
fb49ca5 Add function to return all hosts with mapped segments
056b9ca Handle non existing network in segment creation
29047e4 Hacking: add unit test for LOG.warn validations
581b854 Allow unique keys to be used with get
1bb95a4 Add object versioning to QoS DSCP.
151d945 Replace device owners hard coded strings to neutronlib constants
7a206a9 Add function to remove constraints from database
b6592c7 Add dhcp to Fdb extension's permitted device owners
11257a3 Use context from
environ to load contexts
8ad224d Use fromdict to load context params
5cef3f7 Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging
1d7a033 Add check that factory started in dispose
fbd3578 Delete gw port on exceptions
ca792b0 Avoid duplicate ipset processing for security groups
b8a2cb8 DVR: handle floating IP reassociation on the same host
31ed226 Refactor usage of dict.values()[0]
f01f6d5 qos basic scenario
2bf7211 Check for provisioning blocks before updating port up
89cd4d0 Rename dvr portbinding functions
9d04f18 Emit registry events on subport addition/removal
2974f77 Ensure deferred IP fails when host is provided no IP allocated
80be86d Extension to tell when deferred binding is in effect
04b1979 Fix typo in message string causing server exception
e82494f Deprecate option min
48f6c9c Address outstanding TODO for callback event
b06c7e8 Allow tox to be run with python 3
ee16137 Incorporate tweaks to subport validator
dc19411 Allow auto-addressed ips deletion on port update
f9d0dd3 Delete default route if no gateway in external net
8606241 Add information about contract creation exceptions in devref
2596df7 ML2: don't use IntegrityError for duplicate detection
0a78959 Grammar error fixed
88bd2be Fixed Typo in contribute.rst
607957e Refactoring config options for dhcp agent
e8ac4b4 Revert "Support unique labels for alembic branches"
537e2f5 DVR: Ensure that only one fg device can exist at a time in fip ns
98b6564 New engine facade from oslo
db: Step 2
6e275e3 When deleting floating IP catch PortNotFound
b7c303e Notify nova with network-vif-plugged in case of live migration
5d14d6e Skip TrunksSearchCriteriaTest if the extension is not available
9be996b Don't catch DBDuplicate in default SG creation
235aa35 Catch missing binding record in provision handler
acb6a95 Pull stadium projects from governance.o.o in utility script
c680154 Add an independent function to map segment to hosts
6d5b559 List only adminstateup auto-allocated resources
51a6978 Change tunnel MTU calculation to support IPv6
8d3aa3f Fix broken link
bc53c3b ML2 remove extra checks in ovsdvrneutronagent
eda29be Updated from global requirements
20a00dd Fixed typos
a057fe5 Fixes a link error
b2de391 next() is incompatible in test
c5793ed Run 'ip netns list' according to 'AGENT/usehelperfornsread'
80c3a7a Remove unused LOG
e520e21 Fix order of arguments in assertEqual
d618ff4 Reuse common code in securitygroupsrpc module
b7873b1 Release note: fix a typo in add-time-stamp-fields
b05d2f6 Imported Translations from Zanata
92934dd Update the template for model sync test docs
9989626 Add sorting and pagination tests for trunk resources
9cda319 Enable CRUD for trunk ports
7ae9e4e OVS-agent: Switch the default to "native" of
54b2efe Use tempest.lib tenantsclient
4bdf575 Stable Branch URL Fixed
88359e3 Support unique labels for alembic branches
e25151b create
router: Report the original exception
f3816cb ml2: postpone exception logs to when retry mechanism fails to recover
ce644b8 Fix OVSBridge.setprotocols arg
040d740 Create segment
host mapping after new network
b853e77 Fix spelling mistakes in the docs
f187d78 Adding the appropriate log hints where needed
00f3ab1 Lower ML2 message severity.
8d132df spelling error: modify assocations -> associations in files as follows: neutron/agent/l3/
2a07627 Make createobjectwithdependency cleanup
546ba37 Restore MySQL and Postgresql functional testing
7803175 functional: Use assertItemsEqual for db
find outputs
2c8f61b Adding FDB population agent extension
3ff5b70 pep8: Register checks with their code
b8cadc7 sriov: Fix macvtap vf interface regex pattern
a5d19b4 Mock threading.Thread to prevent daemon creation by unit tests
deee2d3 Fix some typos
931a13d Register the dict extend function when service plugin starts
0328e5a Remove notification for process event
2c8debd Add two more callbacks registry events
3a17c30 Do not depend on Python error strings in parsenetworkvlanrange()
dfbe1fb Fix code that's trying to read from a stale DB object
bcd77d1 Remove 'origin/' in OVS
b20188d Only update SegmentHostMapping for the given host
a4df99f Move Nova notification logic out of API controller
4ed9a3e Create segmenthost mapping after new segment
db817fd Skip INVALID and UNASSIGNED ofport in vlan restore
9fcc8c5 objects: introduce NetworkPortSecurity object
61138bd objects: Introduce the DNSNameServer OVO in the code
8817c7d Implementation details to support trunk ports
a626172 Move wait
untiltrue to neutron.common.utils
116a6cf Imported Translations from Zanata
f8d9e13 Agent extension: fix comment
bdeb7bc enable OVSDB native interface by default
09a6a46 Pecan: Implement pagination
6472698 Not auto schedule router when sync routers from agent
6914c77 Updated from global requirements
ff73054 Remove the deprecated config "quota
d1a0945 Fix simple typos
d91a4e1 Create auto allocated networks in disabled state
877778e Move DHCP notification logic out of API controller
6019b16 Pecan: move fields and filters logic to hooks
eb9958f DHCP Agent scheduling with segments
cb8af9b Fixes port deviceid/deviceowner change in failed operation
448bc8e Remove the deprecated config 'routerid'
143b19c Separate exception class for retriables in callbacks
dcc6108 Revert "OVS: don't throw KeyError when duplicate VLAN tags exist"
2dd7344 Updated from global requirements
5e6af62 Add revision
number to standard attr for OVO
73bd182 Check for RetryRequest in MultipleException types
38a080a Remove IP availability range recalculation logic
77bfd82 Rename ml2dvrportbindings to make it generic
ce31e12 Override 'create' for Trunk and SubPort
1af8627 Retry DBDuplicate errors in retry decorator
65bd0cd Complete removing support for unsplit alembic branches
b0aa3a9 Revert "move import to top and rename to make more readable"
766abb7 Make pep8 job great again
7d111e8 Disable warnerrors=True in setup.cfg
7eeeb99 Move state reporting initialization to after worker forking
1d8eaba Do not rewrite original exception for IPAM part 2
a0feab2 Change addCleanup create
tenant to deletetenant, fix gate
1554cee Obsolete mac
generationretries and deprecate the option
778adb4 Remove unnecessary flush for duplicate address detection
3690559 Fix minor spelling error in debug log
3703b31 tests: clean up designate client session mock on test exit
e58d621 Remove unnecessary import from segment plugin
b22c7ae OVS: UnboundLocalError on switch timeout fixed
b9e737b ovsfw: Fix variable names in UT
8893ebe ovs: set device MTU after it's moved into a namespace
d034532 cache
utils: fixed cache misses for the new (oslo.cache) configuration
524a986 Syntax fix
57848f7 ml2 lb: do not program arp responder when unused
37ba46d Remove deprecated TODO notes in L2 agent extension manager
f6f697a Fix pep8 violations in fullstack qos test
ce0981f Don't return marker item when paginating backwards
3d9d119 Fix release name in deprecating message for agent status checks
d7c515a Typo fix
e1307e1 Fix bug with mac generation
5b0ea03 Mark port as ready after enabling dhcp at agent
228b24a Add exponential gap to retry decorator
9cd9536 Fix designate dns driver for SSL based endpoints
23c2407 Update Neutron documentation with project
87651f7 Provide DB isolation for WalkMigrations tests
63fc967 Refactor NetworkDhcpAgentBinding
9bf5b27 Tempest: fix a typo
0144c67 qos: support native sorting/pagination for policies and rules
6809a1a qos: added api sorting/pagination tests for policies
28bc1d7 Check for alembic Add/DropColumn exceptions in migrations
a68c425 objects: switch base plugin class to using subnetpool object
0cc77d2 l3: support native sorting/pagination for routers
e923457 Added sorting/pagination tests for routers
e3b0803 Added sorting/pagination tests for subnets
eb965f9 DHCP: delete config option dnsmasqdnsserver
76c9e81 Refactor updatesegmenthostmappingforagent for agentless topology
a65c8ea OVS agent: remove unused variables
4874af3 Updated from global requirements
a6c1726 Remove the plugin import from auto
alloc extension
da9fdf3 Use neutron-lib constants
389f7b0 qos: fix shared filter for policies
3ead5f9 objects: Add filter query hook to NeutronDbObject
5089f41 Extend utils create methods to accept checkallowpost
8c7f98b tests: fetch unshared subnetpools only
884b735 Cleanup Liberty to Mitaka upgrade corner cases not necessary anymore
260ce9c Fixes variable name confusion
be32eff Use StringField for tenantid fields
a431833 Remove useless str()
6bce4d5 Add router precommit events
2fbb658 Allow self-unsubscribing callbacks
56fd998 Add data model for standard attr revision numbers
3a5315e DVR: Fix allowed
addresspair port binding with delayed fip
80f9e4f Update networking-ovn project functionality
5f16d07 Revert "Add index on trunk
id in the subports model"
65af800 Update Neutron server to use only keystoneauth
d1f1f9e Make segment aware IPAM compatible with ML2
2dcacaa Fix of ping usage in nethelpers.asyncping()
db9e404 Remove MAC duplicate detection for generated macs
8a6d22c Pecan: handle single fields query parameter
dcb2a93 Compute IPAvailabilityRanges in memory during IP allocation
eb08611 Clean up subports model
a1f06fd After a migration clean up the floating ip on the source host
f21eed3 Check for mysql SAVEPOINT error in retry decorator
948461c Check for StaleData errors in retry decorator
affd027 Use session delete for IPs to trigger events
3c27beb Fix update of shared QoS policy
5d6840d Fixed variable shadowing in
29357bd Add type information to ObjectNotFound message
5a12f42 Add README for api-ref
3f9cb90 Use next available address for dhcp ports
d401270 objects: in getobject(s), filter by fields, not model attributes
1d43dd2 Refactor the rpc callback version discovery mechanism
6d8d00f Add index on trunk
id in the subports model
a4ae297 Support for MultipleExceptions in dbapi decorators
f7a0c0b Convert multiple exception types in the API
40e10a3 Add sanity check for idempotent id's in tempest tests
6e7f8c1 Remove some options from neutron-db-manage
2898c4d tests: added sorting/pagination api tests for subnetpools
19c5ec7 Drop neutron/ in favor of neutron/
73546f8 QoS DSCP fullstack tests
9e4aaaa Hacking: make use of neutron lib
fcd33b3 Return fixedips from port update
66c3574 Deprecate the functions map after segment moving out of ml2
16aa695 Use callback to update SegmentHostMapping
e68121b Match filter criteria when constructing URI for href based iteration
c40403e Make service plugins' get
plugintype classmethods
d250816 OVS: don't throw KeyError when duplicate VLAN tags exist
e4b82f7 Revert "DVR: Clear SNAT namespace when agent restarts after router move"
75ac49a objects: Use common plugin _model
query in getobject
82c65df Tox: Remove neutron/openstack/common from excludes list
a095581 Fix missing availability
zone in dhcp and l3 conf
c3e1d9c qos: Add API test for shared policy
65b96dd Imported Translations from Zanata
b1cfadc l3db: Make gw port in-use check overridable
aad5012 Fix server
default comparison for BigInteger
3a2e41b Update ml2 deletesubnet to deallocate via ipam
b937f2c Make IPAM segment aware on port update
5160d4e Make sure AZAwareWeightScheduler base on weight of agent
75ae153 Provide router-id for ROUTER
87e8884 L3 DB: only read dns 'dns-integration' once
09ff5e5 Force "out-of-band" controller connection mode
49b96b4 Devref: Add inline codeblock to upgrade command
60a8f96 oslo.cache: Remove memory alias for cache
7ddfffb devref: remove references to oslo incubator
483c598 Revert "Revert "Remove threading before process forking""
ae613a0 Use IPv[46]
707363f Adding basic connectivity scenario to Neutron
56efc8a Switch to oslo.cache
9b8bf7d [TrivialFix] Deprecate unused NeutronController class
2ddbbce remove unused rpc method getactivenetworks
b9542f5 Added API tests for pagereverse and href next/previous links
55d32ec Correct hyperlinks to sub
projects documentation
6f30217 DB base plugin: correct typo id to subnetid.
8e5623d Devstack support for macvtap agent
d5b4436 Segments: remove log message indicating segments are not supported
93eeaf6 Updated from global requirements
82b3cca Move dragonflow to affiliated project list
6290af9 Fix getting dhcp agents for multiple networks
899b6cb Pass ha
routerport flag for _snatrouterinterfaces ports
594a228 objects: stop using internal _context attribute
9319b1a Fix get
freenamespaceport to actually avoid used ports
88a1a8c DVRHA interfaces should be created in all cases.
b32426c Make IPAM segment aware on port create
5fc3fbe Updated from global requirements
a8da782 Guard against configdirs not defined on ConfigOpts
96d1d91 Macvtap: Allow noop alias as FW driver
d9d3c1c Generalise the logic of resource auto rescheduling
5decc85 objects: support advanced criteria for get
5532fb7 Fix wrong description in the class DhcpAgentNotifyAPI docstring
4a97769 Follow effective Neutron guidelines
15d1612 DB: remove deprecated warnings
1080620 Dont use query if networkids is empty
99ddc7a Fix two spelling mistakes
993446b ML2: use neutron-lib for PORT
fe5ef36 Use IPv6
LLAPREFIX from neutron-lib
1328000 RPC unit tests: remove UUID future warnings
358f459 Use ICMPV6
constants from neutron-lib
2592b39 Updated from global requirements
45d3632 fullstack: test for IPv6 east-west traffic
c937b57 Allow the service plugin to import the extension
bffc5f0 functional: fix OVSFW failure with native OVSDB api
9cc3d60 ovsdb: Don't skip ovsdb test cases in py34 suite
c13d722 ovsdb: Don't let block() wait indefinitely
0b8eb36 [qos] section is missing from neutron.conf
22da3db oslo: remove usage of oslo.log verbose option
7f31ccb Adopt to configdir option being a list and not a string
1d4e078 OVS: compare names when checking devices both added and deleted
18234b7 Do not inherit test case classes from regular Neutron classes
35aefdb Fix validation of floating-ip association
543e960 tests: guarantee unique networks in get
093bd96 Pecan: bind attribute map to controllers
b3ca00f Refactor QoS plugin to avoid code duplication
a9355c8 Avoid shadowing the method's port argument
deeb4b1 OVO for VLAN aware VMs
99e9d5c tests: cover port with existing sorting/pagination api tests
ab131ee Allow min
l3agentsperrouter to equal one
3088e93 How to support trunk ports with Open vSwitch Agent
fe3f5f5 Introduce official lib tag for neutron-lib issues
80426cf Pecan: tell the plugin about field selection
3d3f059 Add segments to hosts mappings
85863c9 Remove using PROTO
NAMEIPV6ICMPLEGACY from neutron.common.constants
387283d Prevent adding duplicated sg rules with diff description
0b8bbc1 Updated from global requirements
1220092 Remove remaining BGP code from neutron
a388f78 DVR: Pings to floatingip returns with fixed-ip on same network
e7c963f Migration for qospolicyrbacs has hardcoded InnoDB
abdb858 Remove the inaccurate help message for min
cd445fe OSProfiler imports break decomposed plugins
0cf4ddc tests: validate sorting and pagination for networks
067a5c2 Fix unit test for new list of icmpv6 allowed
afaad48 Use unittest2 uniformly across Neutron
bc47fe9 Call extmanager.deleteport on port removal
6083f24 devref: remove l2 agent extensions steps literal
403e5a0 Fixed help messages for pathmtu and globalphysnetmtus options
63d9cdf Trivial fix - NETWORK
TYPE validate
c0db199 Change log level when L3 agent is disabled
c1e6d87 Add quota tests in api tests.
563fea3 Introducing the Subnet OVO
dc7e2b1 unit: fix ValueError on TransactionQueue init with py34
9a43f58 Add OSprofiler support
b73f849 fullstack: test for snat and floatingip
8ecb28d Integrate the port allowed address pairs VersionedObject in Neutron
4955746 Deprecate advertisemtu option
cbae3e0 Pecan: Backwards compatible/cleaner init
c195d1f fix wrong default value of qos.notification
851d39d Rename findrouterportbynetworkanddeviceowner
0841733 DVR: Fix check multiprefix when delete ipv4 router interface
936fe6c fullstack: test for east west traffic
6c183e9 Update unit tests to use correct method being used
1f4c82c Deprecate neutron-debug
de390cd functional: Fix ovsdb-monitor waiting for first events
a474eb0 Fix broken URL in Mitaka Neutron release note
ad2d7d3 Remove nested transaction from ipam driver
9b13eed Allow for excepted operations in migrations
bb87e58 functional: Run OVSFW tests with ovsdb native interface
99f2224 Mock out poller in ovsdb unittests
c198710 DVR: Moving router from dvrsnat node removes the qrouters
d2630f2 Pecan: remove deprecation warning
cece185 Update for removing ofagent
cbc15d2 Ensure unit tests don't assume an IP address allocation strategy
d52dfce Updated from global requirements
f0d99d5 Segment: remove deprecation warning for converters
18d16cf Add negative API tests that try to remove the resources in use.
4ec6932 Respond negatively to tenant detachment of enforced QoS policies
0f29fb4 Removed invalid test due to invalid mocking
310074b Check if pool update is needed in reference driver
8ada9cd Remove cliff requirement in test-requirements.txt
67bb052 sriov
nic config options were declared under wrong group
5109d16 Make deepcopy of update body in API layer
79fd5b4 Refactoring config options for service
ac5ee0e Pecan: Handle hyphenated collection with shims
1828021 Enforce UUID of port/subnet ID for router interfaces
a1c194c Make exception translation common and add to pecan
0d837a4 Remove unhelpful test of oslo.service ServiceLauncher
a33b9d0 Remove a SGs API test following sync to Tempest
9e66347 Avoid testing oslo.service library internals
e45add7 Restart dsnmasq on any network subnet change
911c5b2 Add service-type extension to flavors plugin
9a177e1 Add method to get service provider names by resources
43246b3 Enable flavor plugin as a default service plugin
f766fc7 Add setting default maxburst value if not given by user
0856095 Remove the file and other related cleanups
d526e72 Fix for 'ofport' query retries during neutron agent start
cc61633 Segment extension: remove deprecated warnings
b672c26 Add provisioning blocks to status ACTIVE transition
5873e97 devref: Cleanup OVS vHost User Guide
97372a1 Refactoring config options for quota
680f2fd Trivial Fixes for 'sub
project.rst' devref document
1f017d3 Add retry support to pecan
362bfd7 Remove openstack-common.conf
303e1c1 Enable IPAM drivers to allocate from more than one subnet
f494de4 Associate subnets to segments through subnet API
fdecc62 Insert validation with request params for HTTP DELETE
2f17a30 OVS Mech: Set hybrid plug based on agent config
6c8c6fb Remove deprecated references to attributes
687fd6b SR-IOV driver and SimpleAgentMechanismDriverBase
6072ad3 Delete a magic number of securitygrouprule quotas test
19348ec Pecan: skip all notifications on failures
b53a63c Remove tools/
a47d229 DVR: Ensure fpr and rfp devices are configured correctly
03fd895 Changing VPNaaS bug contact name
556f1c2 Check for existence of snat port before deleting it
24f95f4 Move address scope specific code out of iptables
4d6fe0c Use correct session in updateallocationpools
b1cdba1 Revert "Remove threading before process forking"
a34c354 Basic Extension and CRUD for Segments
972cdef Classes lack metaclass decoration
17cfffb DVR: Use existing IPDevice to add address on FIP VETH
ea5fce2 Fix SR-IOV binding when two NICs mapped to one physnet
3e668b6 Add exponential back-off RPC client
c2f7806 Fix prefix delegation deleting addresses for ports
62a5297 Fix the sriov agent config group name
9dc70ed DVR: Clear SNAT namespace when agent restarts after router move
8adc737 Delete posttesthook.generatetestlogs
474b1e7 Add logging for some functional tests
863b170 Fix functional tests logging
f87d434 Word about notificationdriver
aa630f2 New engine facade from oslo
db: Step 1
773394a OVS: Add support for IPv6 addresses as tunnel endpoints
3d127dd DVR: Fix TypeError in arp update with allowedaddresspairs
1cafff0 Remove threading before process forking
f5a2ee3 Add API to retrieve default quotas
7745673 fullstack: Use noop firewall
5696292 Don't load DNS integration in l3routerplugin
f9019ea Annotate alembic migration for VLAN trunking
8929791 Fix update target tenant RBAC external path
7c7da2e Preserve backward compatibility with OVS hybrid plugging
16ca061 Avoid eventlet monkey patching for the tempest plugin
276a551 Policies: additional go-to contacts for IPv6 bugs
65cd85a Added PecanResourceExtension
7fc0fd5 Resigning as "go to contact" for DVR bugs
2e19107 Pecan: Fix Shim status codes
1f50085 Do not rewrite original exception for IPAM
66ddefb update networking-odl lieutenant
ee9f86c Mock mechanism manager instead of the test driver
03c03db add PROTONUMIPV6ICMP for _validateportrange
1019d2b Resignation from FwaaS duties
3186184 Remove old fwaas remnants from neutron
495f417 agentnotifiers: retried notifications refactor
adfdd65 Avoid L3 agent termination without server
2f76783 Use paginate
query from oslodb
a323769 Revert "Improve performance of ensure
a8a9d22 IPtables firewall prevent ICMPv6 spoofing
f97e628 Replaced this with "get-me-a-network"
e8d3626 Remove BGP code from neutron
3fb07b6 Add deviceid index to Port
339a1cc Revert "Improve performance of ensure
b1c92f9 Updated devref documents for neutron-dynamic-routing
67b621d Data models for vlan-aware-vms
b047e3c Pass through setattr to deprecated things
78fff41 Use converters and validators from neutron-lib
74e7df4 Revert "Switch to inheriting hacking checks from neutron-lib"
b9bec4b DVR: Use IPDevice class consistently
4148a34 Use constants from neutron-lib
fe34afc Decorate AvailabilityZonePluginBase properly
24e04dd Remove functional migration script about external tables
94620e4 add networking-fortinet in affiliated projects
667ea2a Allow OVSDB Connection to register certain tables
7e1601f Switch to inheriting hacking checks from neutron-lib
d2eb6f7 Add test that ensures subnet is usable after update
ae5bad4 Use exceptions from neutron-lib
38531ca Revert "ML2: Configure pathmtu to default to 1500 bytes"
7fcf025 Imported Translations from Zanata
690304c Object tests: couple of pep8 and list comparison improvements.
9a32f4e Add a missing address-scope extension check
7ea07b6 policies: changed owner for release-subproject tag to @ihrachyshka
351ee35 Address Scope added to OVO
6ffa411 Tests: correcting typo in get
934c25f Updated from global requirements
b634a45 Mark remaining negative subnetpool tests with 'negative' tag
1d66738 Removed smoke tags from all -api job tests
d76a174 Remove two exceptions already in neutron-lib
fe1b526 Correct the interval between two reports
b64b0c7 Don't log warning for missing resource
643b443 Imported Translations from Zanata
aacc56a tempest: enable hacking rule checks
9153527 Return a 404 on quota delete if entry not found
d87b378 Move class properties to instances for dhcp/
1ffea42 Updated from global requirements
6dcdb15 LinuxBridge agent's QoS driver bw limit for egress traffic
f73dae0 Add check that external gw port exist when metering-agent adds a rule
45b9960 Port allowed address pairs to OVO
316fe83 Neutron objects test: correct the db
obj to objfields where needed.
9355885 Fetch router port subnets in bulk
215cf3c QUOTAS: add in missing space to help text
dab6070 Revert "Deprecate 'ovs
useveth' and 'vethmtu' options"
cefb107 DHCP: remove updateleaseexpiration
88ee096 Imported Translations from Zanata
2131340 release note to deprecate preventarpspoofing option
20fbd1d Modify an option for delete-port as recovery
a2ceec2 Don't update DHCP ports in a transaction
2d2bb27 Use switch-case instead of if-then-elif
8a5514c Match job name for scenario tests
b970ed5 Clear DVR MAC on last agent deletion from host
7e79137 Move class properties to instances for dhcp tests
8693d21 Optimize getports query by filtering on subnet
e174e61 Avoid calling _get
subnet(s) multiple times in ipam driver
4e3a9c2 Be explicit about the APIs tested in the gate
965e1d1 Move away from invoking api tests explicitly
22ff1cf Updated from global requirements
eee9e58 Add an option for WSGI pool size
55459e6 Make gate-hook structure more readable and extensible
bf66cc6 Don't disconnect br-int from phys br if connected
71ccd79 Refactor testipam functional testing module
f9c2b56 Avoid referencing code from master branch
8a86ba1 Support interface drivers that don't support mtu parameter for plug
c569180 Use tempest plugin interface
dfacba0 Add when enable forcemetadata
93795a4 Fix deprecation warning for external
36305c0 Add ALLOCATING state to routers
2b2e5b6 Change wrong word "propogated" to "propagated"
2de33a9 Delete conntrack entry on the other direction
7d5b1f8 Skip l2
ovsagent functional tests
f2f7a09 Added initial release check list
c3f6bf5 Skip firewall blink test for ovs-fw
1a61e53 Fix doc build if git is absent
0740135 Cleanup stale OVS flows for physical bridges
8e983aa Updated from global requirements
61e76a3 Revert "Add when enable force
2397fd0 Fix broken Tempest conf options in API tests
0bf1f96 Add functional test for deviceexists() with invalid namespace
9d57338 Add an option for WSGI pool size
2390064 Add support for building ovs from git sources on stacking
d064aed Make tunnel
sync logging less verbose
05a4a34 Notify resourceversions from agents only when needed
07fa372 ADDRESS
SCOPEMARKIDS should not be global for L3 agent
9c58ae6 Wrap all update/delete l3rpc handlers with retries
ab67d95 Cleanup override of compare
type from oslodb
e532ee3 Notify resource
versions from agents only when needed
fff909e Values for [ml2]/physicalnetworkmtus should not be unique
ece192b Use new DB context when checking if agent is online during rescheduling
2d09f50 Remove Openflow Agent(OFAgent) mechanism driver
0de0034 Add RECLONE support for ovs
2e2d75c ovsfw: Load vlan tag from otherconfig
dabd969 ovsfw: Load vlan tag from other
6355173 Reuse toutf8() and jsonutils.dumpasbytes()
8d6f3bd Postgresql: add do
drop arg in alterenum function
6814411 Imported Translations from Zanata
a2d1c46 firewall: don't warn about a driver that does not accept bridge
fa5eb53 Add uselist=True to subnet rbac
entries relationship
45bec12 Add when enable forcemetadata
60af733 RPC: remove unused parameter
0c2caa9 Fullstack connectivity: test interface scenario added.
6797638 Only load timestamp service plugin in timestamp tests
850b4c0 Deprecate 'ovs
useveth' and 'vethmtu' options
ac8cac2 Get rid of unnecessary harouterspresent check
92527c2 Clear DVR MAC on last agent deletion from host
5853af9 Iptables firewall prevent IP spoofed DHCP requests
633d8ac ovo: Introduce standard attributes to objects
a651317 Tempest 11.0.0 is released
c178bd9 Fix race conditions in IP availability API tests
ee32ea5 Switched from fixtures to mock to mock out starting RPC consumers
77696d8 Imported Translations from Zanata
945d7df Imported Translations from Zanata
7006899 Use new DB context when checking if agent is online during rescheduling
e6345a4 Add quota tests in unit tests.
c5bc5bd Refactor IPAM ip allocation method
3190494 Fix zuul
cloner errors during tox job setup
3c1a068 When checking if there is a duplicate rule ignore the id field
ecaa85d Revert "Add instrumentation devref, Part I"
9679285 Return osloconfig Opts to config generator
04fb147 Refactor and fix dummy process fixture
844cae4 Switches metering agent to stateless iptables
19ea6ba Remove obsolete keepalived PID files before start
aafa702 Add IPAllocation object to session info to stop GC
005d49d Ensure metadata agent doesn't use SSL for UNIX socket
a5b1a6e Fix Windows IPDevice.device
hasip racefulness
2af86b8 Switched from fixtures to mock to mock out starting RPC consumers
5cdd7ae Values for [ml2]/physical
networkmtus should not be unique
d5ae864 Fix regexp for ss output
7ed3cb2 Integrate the Extra Dhcp Opt VersionedObject in Neutron
1cb4373 ADDRESS
SCOPEMARKIDS should not be global for L3 agent
cdb4f92 Move all link-local cidr constants to a central location
905fd05 DVR: Increase the link-local address pair range
4e8ff72 Instantiate Enum() rather than subclassing
1e334e8 Fix keepalived functional tests
6ed8f45 Always call ipam driver on subnet update
c2eb728 objects: avoid validation in stringify for custom field types
9a4b7b8 Remove unused PolicyFileNotFound exception
b8cd052 Add custom OVO field type for MAC address
a8b7b27 ovo: Update object with data from db on update()
9c3c19f Add ALLOCATING state to routers
27634bb Fix race conditions in IP availability API tests
7b1b8c2 DVR: Increase the link-local address pair range
a56bbac Make auto allocate plugin safe for unit/func tests
2cb2f1e Define context.roles with base class
6bdbff2 Ignore timestamp fields in model update
34a328f standard attributes: expose createdat/updatedat on models
b51a669 Updated from global requirements
93d719a SG protocol validation to allow numbers or names
92af311 Define localstatedir for ovs compilation
33d3b8c L3 agent: match format used by iptables
2412ca0 Partial revert "DVR: Fix issue of SNAT rule for DVR with floating ip"
db817a9 Add semaphore to ML2 createport db operation
997d7b0 OVS: Add mac spoofing filtering to flows
7b2fcaa Use right class method in IP availability tests
5a41caa Don't drop 'protocol' from client supplied security
grouprule dict
b8d520f L3 agent: match format used by iptables
93cdf8e Make L3 HA interface creation concurrency safe
a90b44c Updated from global requirements
f28679c ovo: Make return values from objects db api consistent
d934669 ovsfw: Remove vlan tag before injecting packets to port
a5822ca Fix invalid mock name in test
7ececa3 lb: interface name hashing for too long vlan interface names
33c01f4 Imported Translations from Zanata
6b6c042 QoS DSCP use modflow instead of modflows
fd93e19 Change getroothelperchildpid to stop when it finds cmd
ee8d0ef API tests: Check extensions with proper functions
0007af7 Simplify chained comparison
213d48d Improve handle portupdate and portdelete events in ovs qos agent
c25ece6 Cleaned up
f82f31f devref: Update ovs-firewall
0f9ec7b ovsfw: Remove vlan tag before injecting packets to port
a52b155 Updated from global requirements
2b0ce0b Use right class method in IP availability tests
8a6913c Fix zuul
cloner errors during tox job setup
52fcdb4 Increase ports per network and add SLA for rally
05ac012 testnetworkipavailability: Skip IPv6 tests when configured so
6a93ee8 Iptables firewall prevent IP spoofed DHCP requests
4081733 objects: SubnetPool, SubnetPoolPrefix
a549f30 Don't disconnect br-int from phys br if connected
142b68f De-dup user-defined SG rules before iptables call
8ad9c90 Ensure bridge names are shorter than max device name len
38894cc Retry updating agents table in case of deadlock
93b7a20 Improve error when exclusive resource allocation fails
cacde30 Cleanup stale OVS flows for physical bridges
87d3370 Avoids logging error on ML2 OVS agent start
aac460b Allow to use several nics for physnet with SR-IOV
36edd14 Log fullstack allocation and release of exclusive resources
44be13a Hacking rule to check i18n usage
3213eb1 Support Routes==2.3
1adeb36 Rename first argument to extend
dict hook correctly
90b9cd3 port security: gracefully handle resources with no bindings
5d2d112 Switches metering agent to stateless iptables
d8f0ee5 Wrap all update/delete l3rpc handlers with retries
46ddaf4 Allow to use several nics for physnet with SR-IOV
6113e3d Fix error format message
7174bc4 Ignore exception when deleting linux bridge if doesn't exist
2690eed Refactor and fix dummy process fixture
93d29d1 Don't delete br-int to br-tun patch on startup
4283a7e Constraint requirements using mitaka upper-constraints.txt file
211e0a6 functional: Update ref used from ovs branch-2.5.
fc69097 Imported Translations from Zanata
8dce6a5 Don't delete br-int to br-tun patch on startup
1e9b390 Delete Devref Enable Service for Network IP Availability
e2676ae DVR: rebind port if ofport changes
c6efa62 Support Routes==2.3
c6ef57a ovs-fw: Mark conntrack entries invalid if no rule is matched
ef6ea62 l3: Send notify on router
create when ext gw is specified
da00d1a l3: Send notify on routercreate when ext gw is specified
e98fabb Remove obsolete keepalived PID files before start
41be555 Imported Translations from Zanata
913a64c SG protocol validation to allow numbers or names
be298f8 Linux Bridge: Add mac spoofing filtering to ebtables
1f1b6fc Remove redundant FLOATINGIPS declaration
d5e4013 Retry updating agents table in case of deadlock
0399996 Add fullstack cross-process port/ip address fixtures
7512d8a Make L3 HA interface creation concurrency safe
b435ec5 Imported Translations from Zanata
6195a1a Effective Neutron: some notes about deprecation
61a5bcb test
networkipavailability: Skip IPv6 tests when configured so
bec65f6 api tests: Check correct extensions
4731dbb DVR: rebind port if ofport changes
7d806fb Remove deprecated methods from migration CLI file
0f15c46 Fix typos in Neutron documentation
c8fca1c Make network segment table available for standalone plugin
9d3bab6 api tests: Check correct extensions
1eb18c7 devref: Remove stale description about networkipavailability
f0c3b19 Imported Translations from Zanata
6029f99 Add db migrations test framework with data
edc342b Remove unnecessary executable permissions
2870e0a Removes redundant "and", "this" and "the"
bfa92ea Tweak process to improve handling of RFEs
b0519cf port security: gracefully handle resources with no bindings
99915fa Fix setting peer to bridge interfaces
6e5b877 Add fullstack connectivity test with ovsdb native interface
193aa35 firewall: don't warn about a driver that does not accept bridge
9466e77 Fix fullstack LB agent not connecting to rabbit
16b2ffd Ignore exception when deleting linux bridge if doesn't exist
d130245 Fix setting peer to bridge interfaces
c064258 Note fullstack depends on released neutronclient
511875d Updated from global requirements
4b86f17 Skip fullstack L3 HA test
419d44c Imported Translations from Zanata
441a107 Clean imports in code
b9a619b Add OVS flow tests
4980f03 Adopt oslo.log defaultloglevels
9a70c57 Common utils: remove deprecated methods
a94e1b4 Fix test failure against latest oslo.* from master
9107447 Fix reference to uninitialized iptables manager
db4a981 AGENTS: remove deprecated methods
a8b6067 Fix reference to uninitialized iptables manager
1cea77b DVR: Fix issue of SNAT rule for DVR with floating ip
25fdc2a Remove deprecated method from agent utils file
4f6aa3f ovs-fw: Mark conntrack entries invalid if no rule is matched
8603ea6 Add fullstack logging
1399376 Fix alembic 'No handlers could be found for logger...'
eb8ddb9 Move db query to fetch down bindings under try/except
da1eee3 Close XenAPI sessions in neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0
1d51172 Watch for 'new' events in ovsdb monitor for ofport
4504a74 conntesters: Bump timeout for ICMPv6 echo tests
99df8d5 Port Security added to OVO
1f33d6b Adds Enum fields for different types
bd3e9c3 Removes host file contents from DHCP agent logs
7215168 Removing 'force
gatewayonsubnet' option
6d9774b Imported Translations from Zanata
eccbbd1 Fix a couple of problems with random hex string generation
ccbeda7 Fix latest doc error
79ab61d milestone-review-dash detect current milestone
8c2fae4 Remove deprecated methods from common file
8e15824 DB: remove method gettenantidforcreate
ceebc9f use separate device owner for HA router interface
866e345 QOS: Provide get methods for policy & network/port binding
5bfc404 Fix spelling mistake
783f073 Fixes typo.
a32f43d Imported Translations from Zanata
59b36ec functional: Update ref used from ovs branch-2.5.
8d07ba0 neutron-db-manage: revision: fail for --autogenerate and branch
ea408db Enforce alembic branch when creating scripts manually
2b823de Ovs agent can't start on Windows because of validate
9db8135 Fix wrong use of list of dict in _check
ce79212 Fixed typos in
84a1e93 Imported Translations from Zanata
ecde8a9 objects: introduce object for extra dhcp options
3d0703c Imported Translations from Zanata
371e8aa Ovs agent can't start on Windows because of validatelocalip
4c51282 Update reno for stable/mitaka
d6fb0c4 Skip fullstack L3 HA test
f86e46e objects: minor cleanup in base class
9d21b5a Close XenAPI sessions in neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0
d090087 Remove local variable named 'meh'
ddc5f90 Move qosdscp migration to the Newton alembic branch.
fbd0a2b Add Newton branch to neutron-db-manage.
85d638a Accept icmpv6 as protocol of SG rule for backward compatibility
420d5c7 conn
testers: Bump timeout for ICMPv6 echo tests
a9a1943 DSCP QoS rule implementation
d503c83 objects: fixed base todict implementation
1858fca Updated from global requirements
62e8862 Watch for 'new' events in ovsdb monitor for ofport
44ef44c Update devstack plugin for dependent packages
b6ec40c Move db query to fetch down bindings under try/except
165aa82 Accept icmpv6 as protocol of SG rule for backward compatibility
f76056a Outerjoin to networks for port ownership filter
17a0d17 Imported Translations from Zanata
af542a3 Update devstack plugin for dependent packages
e9088d0 Remove test
ff4067a Outerjoin to networks for port ownership filter
b682ec2 Update .gitreview for stable/mitaka
8bccf9c Handle synthetic fields in NeutronDbObject
691f8f5 Add uselist=True to subnet rbacentries relationship
ed7411f Removes host file contents from DHCP agent logs
6185a09 DVR: Handle unbound allowed
addresspair port with FIP
8f86614 Use context manager in bind NetworkDhcpAgent
5ca8d01 Fixes force to set ondelete=CASCADE in create
c3db070 Return oslo
config Opts to config generator
b9507b5 Update testing coverage document
1257af4 devref doc config option separation
b47bd6b Added test cases for DVR L3 schedulers.
9e7b274 Update Neutron with temporary registry pattern from VersionedObjectRegistry
a374e52 Add API test ensure tenant can't delete other ports
7d91699 Add IPAllocation object to session info to stop GC
ce7e26d fullstack: use SIGTERM when stopping ovs agents
b66e771 Fix dict.keys() incompatibility in py34 in dhcp test
cc863e0 Remove testexternalnetworkvisibility
03c9838 linuxbridge: added missing space in option help text
0267c6a Make DHCP agent scheduler physical
network aware
5289d94 Remove stale ofport drop-rule upon port-delete
7a306e2 Ensure metadata agent doesn't use SSL for UNIX socket

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.gitreview | 1 +
.pylintrc | 6 +-
.testr.conf | 6 +-
HACKING.rst | 11 +-
README.rst | 7 +-
TESTING.rst | 96 +-
api-ref/README.rst | 2 +
bin/neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0 | 13 +-
devstack/lib/bgp | 29 -
devstack/lib/dns | 6 +
devstack/lib/macvtapagent | 50 +
devstack/lib/ovs | 65 +-
devstack/lib/trunk | 7 +
devstack/ | 35 +-
devstack/settings | 7 -
etc/api-paste.ini | 10 +-
etc/neutron/rootwrap.d/dhcp.filters | 1 +
etc/neutron/rootwrap.d/linuxbridge-plugin.filters | 7 +-
dragent.ini | 7 -
etc/oslo-config-generator/metadataagent.ini | 1 +
etc/policy.json | 66 +-
neutron/ | 1 +
neutron/agent/agent | 48 +
neutron/agent/ | 64 +
neutron/agent/common/ | 20 +-
neutron/agent/common/ | 27 +
neutron/agent/common/ovs | 28 +-
neutron/agent/dhcp/ | 146 +-
neutron/agent/dhcp/ | 102 -
neutron/agent/ | 6 +-
neutron/agent/ | 15 +-
neutron/agent/l2/agent | 51 +-
neutron/agent/l2/extensions/ | 181 +
neutron/agent/l2/extensions/ | 89 -
neutron/agent/l2/extensions/ | 51 +-
neutron/agent/l2/l2 | 48 +
neutron/agent/l2/l2 | 60 +
neutron/agent/l3/ | 107 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 93 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 29 +-
neutron/agent/l3/dvr | 56 +-
neutron/agent/l3/dvr | 105 +-
neutron/agent/l3/dvr | 196 +-
neutron/agent/l3/dvr | 1 +
neutron/agent/l3/dvr | 3 +-
neutron/agent/l3/fip | 2 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 16 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 20 +-
neutron/agent/l3/item | 24 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 31 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 55 +
neutron/agent/l3/ | 67 +
neutron/agent/l3/l3 | 72 +
neutron/agent/l3/ | 7 +-
neutron/agent/l3/link | 2 +-
neutron/agent/l3/namespace | 4 +
neutron/agent/l3/ | 28 +-
neutron/agent/l3/ | 199 +-
neutron/agent/l3 | 4 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 5 +-
neutron/agent/linux/bridge | 52 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 243 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 9 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 80 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ip | 24 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 86 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ip | 3 +-
neutron/agent/linux/iptables | 81 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 67 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 33 +-
firewall/ | 25 +-
.../agent/linux/openvswitchfirewall/ | 250 +-
firewall/ | 8 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 8 +
neutron/agent/linux/ | 22 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 2 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 6 +-
neutron/agent/linux/tc | 144 +-
neutron/agent/linux/ | 76 +-
neutron/agent/metadata/ | 26 +-
neutron/agent/metadata/ | 60 +-
neutron/agent/metadata/ | 15 +-
neutron/agent/ | 2 +-
neutron/agent/ovsdb/ | 8 +-
neutron/agent/ovsdb/impl | 112 +-
neutron/agent/ovsdb/native/ | 3 +
neutron/agent/ovsdb/native/ | 24 +-
neutron/agent/ovsdb/native/ | 51 +-
neutron/agent/ | 8 +-
neutron/agent/ | 64 +-
neutron/agent/windows/ip | 63 +
neutron/agent/windows/ | 9 +-
neutron/api/ | 158 +-
neutron/api/ | 100 +-
.../api/rpc/agentnotifiers/bgp | 105 -
.../api/rpc/agentnotifiers/dhcp | 77 +-
neutron/api/rpc/agentnotifiers/ | 31 +-
.../rpc/agentnotifiers/metering | 2 +-
neutron/api/rpc/agentnotifiers/ | 62 +
neutron/api/rpc/callbacks/consumer/ | 6 +-
neutron/api/rpc/callbacks/ | 9 +-
neutron/api/rpc/callbacks/ | 9 +
neutron/api/rpc/callbacks/ | 78 +-
neutron/api/rpc/handlers/bgp | 65 -
neutron/api/rpc/handlers/dhcp | 155 +-
neutron/api/rpc/handlers/ | 30 +-
neutron/api/rpc/handlers/resources | 99 +-
neutron/api/v2/ | 826 +---
neutron/api/v2/ | 142 +-
neutron/api/v2/ | 116 +-
neutron/api/v2/ | 4 +-
neutron/api/v2/ | 3 +-
neutron/callbacks/ | 12 +-
neutron/callbacks/ | 17 +-
neutron/callbacks/ | 31 +-
neutron/callbacks/ | 7 +
neutron/cmd/eventlet/agents/bgp | 20 -
neutron/cmd/ | 20 +-
neutron/cmd/netns | 24 +-
neutron/cmd/ | 17 +-
neutron/cmd/sanity/ | 80 +-
neutron/cmd/sanity | 38 +-
neutron/common/ | 158 +-
neutron/common/cache | 157 +
neutron/common/ | 197 +-
neutron/common/ | 163 +-
neutron/common/ | 62 +-
neutron/common/ | 11 +-
neutron/common/ | 48 +
neutron/common/ | 116 +-
neutron/common/ | 758 ++--
neutron/conf/ | 0
neutron/conf/agent/ | 0
neutron/conf/agent/ | 52 +
neutron/conf/agent/ | 110 +
neutron/conf/agent/l3/ | 0
neutron/conf/agent/l3/ | 105 +
neutron/conf/agent/l3/ | 47 +
neutron/conf/agent/ovs | 33 +
neutron/conf/agent/ | 44 +
neutron/conf/ | 186 +
neutron/conf/extensions/ | 0
neutron/conf/extensions/ | 28 +
neutron/conf/plugins/ | 0
neutron/conf/plugins/ml2/ | 0
neutron/conf/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 0
neutron/conf/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 52 +
neutron/conf/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 95 +
neutron/conf/ | 90 +
neutron/conf/ | 46 +
neutron/conf/services/ | 0
neutron/conf/services/extdns | 64 +
neutron/conf/services/metering | 32 +
neutron/conf/services/ | 29 +
neutron/conf/services/qos | 24 +
neutron/conf/ | 37 +
neutron/ | 43 +-
extensions/ | 18 +-
neutron/db/ | 33 +-
neutron/db/ | 134 +-
neutron/db/agentschedulers | 231 +-
neutron/db/allowedaddresspairs/ | 0
neutron/db/allowedaddresspairs/ | 20 +
neutron/db/ | 60 +-
neutron/db/ | 255 +-
neutron/db/bgp | 1009 -----
neutron/db/ | 215 -
neutron/db/ | 42 +-
neutron/db/ | 82 +-
neutron/db/db | 592 ++-
neutron/db/ | 63 +-
neutron/db/dvr | 83 +-
neutron/db/external | 21 +-
dhcpopt/ | 0
dhcpopt/ | 46 +
neutron/db/extradhcpopt | 65 +-
neutron/db/ | 3 +-
neutron/db/flavors | 22 +-
neutron/db/ | 472 +-
neutron/db/ | 477 --
neutron/db/ipam | 255 +-
neutron/db/l3 | 197 +-
neutron/db/l3 | 2 +-
neutron/db/l3 | 612 ++-
neutron/db/ | 374 +-
neutron/db/ | 4 -
neutron/db/ | 86 +-
neutron/db/ | 303 +-
neutron/db/ | 29 +
neutron/db/metering/ | 6 +-
neutron/db/metering/metering | 2 +-
neutron/db/migration/ | 64 +-
neutron/db/migration/alembicmigrations/ | 8 +-
migrations/ | 10 +
.../alembicmigrations/versions/CONTRACTHEAD | 2 +-
.../alembicmigrations/versions/EXPANDHEAD | 2 +-
.../ | 8 +
.../2e5352a0ad4d | 3 +
.../liberty/expand/48153cb5f051 | 0
.../mitaka/expand/ | 3 +-
...6f5 | 2 +- | 76 +
.../3b935b28e7a0 | 131 +
.../4bcd4df1f426 | 36 +
.../ | 30 +
.../7bbb25278f53 | 70 +
.../ | 161 +
.../ | 57 +
.../ | 58 +
.../newton/contract/ | 99 +
.../a84ccf28f06a | 69 +
.../ | 68 +
...12a3ef66e62 | 86 + | 30 +
.../c879c5e1ee90 | 42 +
.../ | 68 +
...0f5bef0f87d4 | 49 +
.../expand/ | 39 +
.../ | 38 +
.../expand/45f8dd33480b | 40 +
.../5abc0278ca73 | 56 +
.../ | 34 +
...daae611b6e | 35 +
...61a21bcfc | 72 +
.../a5648cfeeadf | 39 +
.../a963b38d82f4 | 28 +
.../expand/ | 35 +
.../d3435b514502 | 32 +
neutron/db/migration/ | 7 +-
neutron/db/migration/ | 139 +-
neutron/db/migration/models/ | 31 +-
neutron/db/model | 134 +-
neutron/db/models/README | 6 +
neutron/db/models/ | 0
neutron/db/models/ | 26 +
neutron/db/models/allowed | 31 +
neutron/db/models/plugins/ | 0
neutron/db/models/plugins/ml2/ | 0
neutron/db/models/plugins/ml2/ | 27 +
.../models/plugins/ml2/gre | 44 +
neutron/db/models/ | 95 +
neutron/db/models/subnet | 43 +
neutron/db/models | 108 +-
neutron/db/ | 15 +-
dhcpagentbinding/ | 0
neutron/db/networkdhcpagentbinding/ | 30 +
security/ | 0
neutron/db/portsecurity/ | 48 +
neutron/db/portbindings | 9 +-
neutron/db/ | 10 +-
neutron/db/portsecurity | 163 +-
neutron/db/provisioning | 189 +
neutron/db/qos/ | 12 +
neutron/db/qos/ | 47 +-
neutron/db/quota/ | 17 +
neutron/db/quota/ | 47 +-
neutron/db/quota/ | 14 +-
neutron/db/ | 8 +-
neutron/db/ | 6 +-
neutron/db/ | 245 +-
neutron/db/securitygroups | 56 +-
neutron/db/segments | 161 +
neutron/db/ | 8 +-
neutron/db/ | 18 +
neutron/db/ | 94 +-
neutron/db/standard | 169 +
neutron/db/ | 17 +-
neutron/db/subnet | 40 +
neutron/db/tag | 5 +-
neutron/debug/ | 4 +-
neutron/debug/ | 4 +
neutron/extensions/address | 10 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 10 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 30 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 10 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 12 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 207 -
neutron/extensions/bgp | 183 -
neutron/extensions/ | 6 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 7 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 13 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 10 +-
neutron/extensions/external | 7 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 18 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 10 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 13 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 56 +
neutron/extensions/l2 | 58 +
neutron/extensions/ | 37 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 8 +-
neutron/extensions/l3 | 17 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 55 +
neutron/extensions/ | 14 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 18 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 24 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 50 +
neutron/extensions/ | 12 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 20 +-
neutron/extensions/project | 52 +
neutron/extensions/ | 17 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 167 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 30 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 25 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 49 +
neutron/extensions/ | 40 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 231 +
neutron/extensions/ | 50 +
neutron/extensions/ | 22 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 87 +
neutron/extensions/ | 3 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 15 +-
neutron/extensions/ | 60 +
neutron/extensions/ | 65 -
neutron/extensions/ | 101 +
neutron/extensions/trunk | 56 +
neutron/extensions/ | 14 +-
neutron/hacking/ | 248 +-
neutron/ | 29 -
neutron/ipam/ | 43 +
neutron/ipam/drivers/neutrondbipam/ | 108 +-
neutron/ipam/drivers/neutrondbipam/ | 41 +-
neutron/ipam/drivers/neutrondbipam/ | 279 +-
neutron/ipam/ | 19 +-
neutron/ipam/ | 29 +-
neutron/ipam/subnet | 47 +-
neutron/ipam/ | 10 +-
neutron/locale/de/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 961 ++--
MESSAGES/neutron.po | 1587 +++++--
neutron/locale/fr/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 1503 +++++--
MESSAGES/neutron.po | 1565 +++++--
neutron/locale/ja/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 1081 ++---
KR/LCMESSAGES/neutron-log-error.po | 1150 +++++
KR/LCMESSAGES/neutron-log-info.po | 753 ++++
KR/LCMESSAGES/neutron-log-warning.po | 534 +++
KR/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 1504 +++++--
neutron/locale/neutron-log-error.pot | 1400 ------
neutron/locale/neutron-log-info.pot | 1014 -----
neutron/locale/neutron-log-warning.pot | 652 ---
neutron/locale/neutron.pot | 4605 --------------------
BR/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 1493 +++++--
MESSAGES/neutron.po | 619 +--
.../locale/trTR/LCMESSAGES/neutron-log-error.po | 55 +-
.../locale/trTR/LCMESSAGES/neutron-log-info.po | 41 +-
.../trTR/LCMESSAGES/neutron-log-warning.po | 48 +-
neutron/locale/trTR/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 285 +-
neutron/locale/zhCN/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 579 +--
neutron/locale/zhTW/LCMESSAGES/neutron.po | 604 +--
neutron/ | 24 +
neutron/ | 13 +-
neutron/notifiers/ | 96 +-
neutron/objects/address | 36 +
neutron/objects/ | 463 +-
neutron/objects/ | 170 +-
neutron/objects/db/ | 49 +-
neutron/objects/extensions/ | 0
neutron/objects/extensions/port | 24 +
neutron/objects/extensions/ | 27 +
neutron/objects/network/ | 0
neutron/objects/network/extensions/ | 0
.../objects/network/extensions/ | 26 +
neutron/objects/network/network | 38 +
neutron/objects/port/ | 0
neutron/objects/port/extensions/ | 0
.../objects/port/extensions/ | 61 +
neutron/objects/port/extensions/ | 33 +
neutron/objects/port/extensions/ | 26 +
neutron/objects/qos/ | 74 +-
neutron/objects/qos/ | 56 +-
neutron/objects/qos/rule | 10 +-
neutron/objects/ | 78 +-
neutron/objects/ | 127 +
neutron/objects/ | 236 +
neutron/objects/ | 163 +
neutron/objects/ | 123 +
neutron/objects/ | 25 +
neutron/openstack/ | 0
neutron/openstack/common/ | 0
neutron/openstack/common/cache/ | 0
backends/ | 0
neutron/openstack/common/cache/backends/ | 166 -
neutron/openstack/common/cache/ | 250 --
neutron/openstack/common/cache/ | 92 -
neutron/ | 107 +-
wsgi/ | 13 +-
neutron/pecanwsgi/controllers/ | 2 -
wsgi/controllers/ | 1 +
neutron/pecanwsgi/controllers/ | 9 +-
wsgi/controllers/ | 151 +-
neutron/pecanwsgi/controllers/ | 2 +-
wsgi/controllers/ | 111 -
neutron/pecanwsgi/controllers/ | 173 +-
wsgi/hooks/ | 2 +
neutron/pecanwsgi/hooks/ | 6 +-
neutron/pecanwsgi/hooks/ | 15 +-
wsgi/hooks/ | 27 +-
neutron/pecanwsgi/hooks/ | 57 +-
neutron/pecanwsgi/hooks/ | 135 +
neutron/pecanwsgi/hooks/ | 28 +-
wsgi/hooks/ | 30 +
neutron/pecanwsgi/ | 191 +-
neutron/plugins/common/ | 20 +-
neutron/plugins/common/ | 106 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/common/ | 13 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 25 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 201 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/driver | 21 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 14 +-
.../ml2/drivers/agent/ | 3 -
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/agent/ | 51 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/agent/ | 29 +
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/agent/ | 32 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 6 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/l2pop/ | 94 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/l2pop/ | 90 +-
manager/ | 50 +-
.../ml2/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/arp | 59 +
.../ml2/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/common/ | 73 +-
.../ml2/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/common/ | 32 +
.../agent/extensiondrivers/ | 10 +-
.../linuxbridge/agent/ | 25 +
.../linuxbridge/agent/linuxbridge | 151 +-
driver/ | 3 +-
.../plugins/ml2/drivers/macvtap/agent/ | 2 +
.../drivers/macvtap/agent/macvtap | 13 +-
.../plugins/ml2/drivers/macvtap/macvtap | 3 +-
.../drivers/macvtap/mechdriver/ | 48 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 51 +-
sriov/agent/common/ | 5 +-
.../drivers/mechsriov/agent/ | 111 +-
.../mechsriov/agent/extensiondrivers/ | 0
.../agent/extensiondrivers/ | 29 +
.../ml2/drivers/mechsriov/agent/ | 11 +-
.../drivers/mechsriov/agent/ | 19 +-
sriov/mechdriver/ | 3 +-
sriov/mechdriver/ | 90 +-
.../ml2/drivers/openvswitch/agent/common/ | 19 +-
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/common/ | 12 +
.../agent/extensiondrivers/ | 96 +-
.../plugins/ml2/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 2 +
.../openvswitch/agent/openflow/native/ | 41 +-
.../openvswitch/agent/openflow/native/br | 1 -
.../openvswitch/agent/openflow/native/ | 12 +-
.../openvswitch/agent/openflow/native/ | 8 +-
.../agent/openflow/native/ovs | 36 +-
.../agent/openflow/native/ | 7 +
ofctl/ | 2 +-
.../openvswitch/agent/openflow/ovsofctl/ | 44 +-
.../agent/openflow/ovsofctl/ | 1 -
.../agent/openflow/ovsofctl/ | 2 +-
.../openvswitch/agent/ | 2 +-
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/ovs | 23 +
.../openvswitch/agent/ | 24 +-
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/ovs | 326 +-
.../ml2/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 118 +
driver/ | 44 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/type | 29 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 4 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/type | 38 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 2 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/type | 21 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 4 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/type | 4 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/extensions/ | 194 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/extensions/port | 16 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 243 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 38 +-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 570 ++-
neutron/plugins/ml2/ | 112 +-
neutron/ | 16 +-
neutron/quota/ | 64 +-
neutron/quota/ | 11 +-
neutron/quota/ | 12 +-
neutron/scheduler/base | 3 +
neutron/scheduler/base | 3 +
neutron/scheduler/ | 106 +-
neutron/scheduler/ | 149 +-
neutron/server/ | 8 +-
neutron/server/wsgi | 28 +-
neutron/ | 210 +-
neutron/services/autoallocate/ | 182 +-
allocate/ | 16 +-
neutron/services/autoallocate/ | 8 +-
allocate/ | 3 +-
neutron/services/bgp/ | 0
neutron/services/bgp/agent/ | 0
neutron/services/bgp/agent/ | 707 ---
neutron/services/bgp/agent/ | 29 -
neutron/services/bgp/agent/ | 47 -
neutron/services/bgp/bgp | 289 --
neutron/services/bgp/common/ | 0
neutron/services/bgp/common/ | 27 -
neutron/services/bgp/common/ | 28 -
neutron/services/bgp/driver/ | 0
neutron/services/bgp/driver/ | 142 -
neutron/services/bgp/driver/ | 61 -
neutron/services/bgp/driver/ryu/ | 0
neutron/services/bgp/driver/ryu/ | 202 -
neutron/services/bgp/driver/ | 75 -
neutron/services/bgp/scheduler/ | 0
.../bgp/scheduler/ | 191 -
.../externaldns/drivers/designate/ | 64 +-
neutron/services/firewall/ | 0
neutron/services/firewall/agents/ | 0
.../services/firewall/agents/ | 74 -
.../firewall/agents/l3reference/ | 0
.../agents/l3reference/ | 299 --
neutron/services/flavors/ | 5 +-
router/ | 40 +-
.../l3router/serviceproviders/ | 0
.../services/l3router/serviceproviders/ | 60 +
.../serviceproviders/ | 255 ++
.../services/l3router/serviceproviders/ | 20 +
.../services/l3router/serviceproviders/ | 22 +
neutron/services/l3router/serviceproviders/ | 20 +
.../l3router/serviceproviders/ | 20 +
neutron/services/metering/agents/metering | 30 +-
.../metering/drivers/iptables/ | 11 +-
neutron/services/metering/metering | 5 +-
neutron/services/networkipavailability/ | 3 +-
neutron/services/ | 61 +-
drivers/ | 9 +-
.../qos/notificationdrivers/ | 4 +-
neutron/services/qos/ | 13 +-
neutron/services/qos/qos | 250 +-
neutron/services/revisions/ | 0
neutron/services/revisions/ | 111 +
neutron/services/segments/ | 0
neutron/services/segments/ | 343 ++
neutron/services/segments/ | 60 +
neutron/services/segments/ | 91 +
neutron/services/service | 12 +-
neutron/services/tag/ | 4 -
neutron/services/timestamp/timestamp | 49 +-
neutron/services/timestamp/ | 29 +-
neutron/services/trunk/ | 0
neutron/services/trunk/ | 33 +
neutron/services/trunk/ | 81 +
neutron/services/trunk/drivers/ | 29 +
neutron/services/trunk/drivers/ | 87 +
.../services/trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/ | 213 +
.../drivers/linuxbridge/agent/trunk | 176 +
.../services/trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/ | 53 +
.../services/trunk/drivers/openvswitch/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 83 +
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 19 +
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 467 ++
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/trunk | 320 ++
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/ | 15 +
.../services/trunk/drivers/openvswitch/ | 75 +
.../services/trunk/drivers/openvswitch/ | 21 +
neutron/services/trunk/ | 96 +
neutron/services/trunk/ | 84 +
neutron/services/trunk/ | 410 ++
neutron/services/trunk/rpc/ | 0
neutron/services/trunk/rpc/ | 101 +
neutron/services/trunk/rpc/ | 64 +
neutron/services/trunk/rpc/ | 15 +
neutron/services/trunk/rpc/ | 187 +
neutron/services/trunk/ | 244 ++
neutron/services/trunk/segtypes/ | 0
types/ | 41 +
neutron/services/trunk/ | 52 +
.../ | 34 -
.../api/admin/test | 185 -
.../api/admin/ | 89 -
.../api/admin/ | 419 --
.../api/test | 120 -
.../api/test | 154 -
resources/ | 114 +
.../l2/extensions/test | 81 +-
.../agent/l3/test | 10 +-
.../functional/agent/l3/ | 89 +-
.../functional/agent/linux/ | 3 +-
.../functional/agent/linux/ | 16 +-
.../functional/agent/linux/ | 60 +-
.../agent/linux/test | 39 +-
.../functional/agent/linux/ | 27 +-
.../functional/agent/linux/ | 2 +-
.../functional/cmd/ | 2 +- | 87 +
.../test | 139 +
.../migrations/ | 70 + | 102 + | 60 +
wsgi/ | 377 +-
.../macvtap/agent/test | 3 +-
.../scheduler/ | 60 +-
.../scheduler/test | 324 +-
.../functional/services/bgp/scheduler/ | 0
.../bgp/scheduler/ | 208 -
router/ | 120 +-
router/ | 618 ++-
.../functional/services/trunk/drivers/ | 0
.../services/trunk/drivers/openvswitch/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 0
.../openvswitch/agent/ | 194 +
.../openvswitch/agent/ | 250 ++
.../functional/services/trunk/rpc/ | 0
.../functional/services/trunk/rpc/ | 38 +
resources/ | 29 +
.../common/exclusiveresources/ | 32 +
resources/ | 61 +
.../tempest/api/admin/ | 84 +
.../tempest/api/admin/ | 107 +
.../test | 34 +
.../api/admin/ | 196 +
.../api/admin/test | 88 +
.../tempest/api/admin/test | 103 +
.../tempest/api/admin/ | 174 +
.../tempest/api/admin/ | 97 +
.../api/admin/ | 422 ++
.../tempest/api/test | 92 +
.../tempest/api/ | 117 +
.../api/test | 149 +
.../tempest/api/test | 66 +
.../tempest/api/ | 164 +
.../tempest/api/test | 39 +
.../tempest/api/ | 28 +
.../services/network/json/network | 529 ++-
.../agent/l2/extensions/ | 192 +
.../agent/l2/ | 52 +
.../unit/agent/l3/ | 96 +
.../linux/openvswitchfirewall/ | 67 +-
.../agent/linux/openvswitchfirewall/ | 37 +-
.../unit/agent/linux/ | 29 +
.../unit/agent/linux/ | 226 +-
.../unit/agent/linux/ | 188 +-
.../unit/agent/ovsdb/native/ | 59 +
.../unit/agent/test | 39 +
.../agentnotifiers/ | 83 -
.../rpc/agentnotifiers/test | 50 +-
.../rpc/agentnotifiers/test | 47 +
.../api/rpc/callbacks/consumer/test | 4 +-
.../unit/api/rpc/callbacks/ | 63 +-
.../unit/api/rpc/handlers/ | 44 -
.../unit/api/rpc/handlers/test | 174 +-
.../unit/db/test | 220 -
.../unit/extensions/test | 3 +-
.../unit/extensions/test | 224 -
.../unit/extensions/test | 54 +-
.../extensions/test | 3 +-
.../extensions/ | 3 +-
.../unit/extensions/test | 281 ++
.../ipam/drivers/neutrondbipam/ | 114 +-
ipam/ | 191 +-
.../objects/extensions/test | 49 +
.../unit/objects/network/extensions/ | 0
.../network/extensions/ | 38 +
.../unit/objects/network/ | 36 +
.../port/extensions/ | 38 +
.../objects/port/extensions/test | 35 +
.../objects/port/extensions/ | 35 +
.../ml2/drivers/agent/ | 69 +-
.../plugins/ml2/drivers/agent/test | 40 +
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 68 +-
.../l2pop/rpcmanager/ | 27 +-
manager/ | 103 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/l2pop/ | 248 +-
.../plugins/ml2/drivers/l2pop/test | 315 +-
drivers/ | 8 +-
.../agent/ | 119 +-
driver/ | 3 +-
.../macvtap/agent/ | 8 +-
driver/ | 78 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 3 +-
.../drivers/mechsriov/agent/common/ | 11 +-
.../mechsriov/agent/extensiondrivers/ | 0
.../agent/extensiondrivers/ | 38 +
sriov/agent/ | 223 +-
.../ml2/drivers/mechsriov/agent/ | 65 +-
sriov/agent/ | 2 +-
driver/ | 64 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/ | 7 +
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/mechanism | 8 +-
.../agent/extensiondrivers/ | 71 +-
.../agent/openflow/native/ovs | 14 +
.../agent/openflow/native/ | 8 +-
.../agent/openflow/native/ | 5 +-
.../agent/openflow/native/ | 33 +-
.../agent/openflow/native/ | 35 +
.../openflow/ovsofctl/ | 2 +-
.../agent/openflow/ovsofctl/ | 18 +-
ofctl/ | 1 -
.../openvswitch/agent/openflow/ | 6 +
.../ml2/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 4 +
.../agent/ | 12 +
.../openvswitch/agent/ | 30 +
.../openvswitch/agent/ | 523 ++-
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/test | 111 +-
.../drivers/openvswitch/agent/test | 126 +
.../mechdriver/ | 83 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/test | 19 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/test | 7 +
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/test | 37 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/test | 3 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/test | 2 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/drivers/test | 32 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/extensions/fake | 9 +-
.../plugins/ml2/extensions/ | 225 +-
.../plugins/ml2/extensions/ | 17 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/ | 4 +-
.../unit/plugins/ml2/ | 12 +-
.../unit/scheduler/test | 385 +-
.../unit/scheduler/ | 424 +-
.../unit/services/bgp/agent/test | 736 ----
.../unit/services/bgp/driver/ryu/test | 250 --
.../bgp/scheduler/ | 224 -
router/service_providers/ | 0
.../serviceproviders/ | 139 +
.../metering/agents/test | 50 +-
.../services/metering/drivers/test | 75 +-
.../unit/services/metering/ | 21 +-
.../qos/notificationdrivers/ | 5 +-
.../qos/notificationdrivers/ | 2 +-
.../services/revisions/test | 126 +
.../unit/services/test | 70 +-
.../services/trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/ | 244 ++
.../linuxbridge/agent/test | 150 +
.../trunk/drivers/linuxbridge/test | 40 +
.../services/trunk/drivers/openvswitch/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 0
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/agent/ | 133 +
.../openvswitch/agent/test | 305 ++
.../openvswitch/agent/test | 101 +
.../trunk/drivers/openvswitch/test | 66 +
.../unit/services/trunk/seg_types/ | 0
.../services/trunk/seg_types/ | 37 +
neutron/ | 54 +-
neutron/ | 65 +-
openstack-common.conf | 0
rally-jobs/neutron-neutron.yaml | 19 +-
.../404-for-quota-tenant-2c09c16759269b21.yaml | 6 +
.../add-availability-zone-4440cf00be7c54ba.yaml | 2 +-
...ignate-driver-ssl-options-169c299c96f2aff0.yaml | 16 +
.../notes/add-dhcp_release6-ff1b8d62fd7fe76d.yaml | 20 +
.../add-get-me-a-network-56321aeef5389001.yaml | 2 +-
...m-bandwidth-support-sriov-63664b89f4dd1c1b.yaml | 8 +
.../add-osprofiler-support-7fc2de3001187075.yaml | 32 +
...d-port-ip-allocation-attr-294a580641998240.yaml | 23 +
.../add-subnet-service-types-bc81f6df9834f96e.yaml | 15 +
.../add-timestamp-fields-f9ab949fc88f05f6.yaml | 12 +-
...al_network_bridge_default-5de3a0c19182eb70.yaml | 16 +
.../config-wsgi-pool-size-a4c06753b79fee6d.yaml | 12 +
.../deprecate-advertise-mtu-51e3f78475a14efc.yaml | 10 +
...-sorting-allow-pagination-4549c92a74cfe15d.yaml | 4 +
...service-providers-loading-703f984b90351bf0.yaml | 7 +
...-min-l3-agents-per-router-15ddaa4c178b23df.yaml | 5 +
...supported_pci_vendor_devs-12279b70a1f1fe8e.yaml | 6 +
.../deprecate_neutron_debug-a578e0adfc9cff4c.yaml | 8 +
...event_arp_spoofing_option-a09e673fc8f9fee4.yaml | 10 +
.../notes/dhcp-lease-time-5c504c3730a4f9ea.yaml | 5 +
.../dnsmasq_dns_servers-d729c04887ce67b4.yaml | 5 +
releasenotes/notes/dscp-qos-77ea9b27d3762e48.yaml | 11 +
...enable-sorting-pagination-754390289d3311fa.yaml | 3 +
.../notes/fdb_population-70d751c8c2e4395f.yaml | 17 +
...iver_not_needed_on_server-4159669ad834dea6.yaml | 12 +
...mtu-for-existing-networks-5a476cde9bc46a53.yaml | 12 +
.../notes/l2_adjacency-e6e54e5ff9aad9b7.yaml | 7 +
.../l3-agent-extensions-b348ff26aec0fe88.yaml | 9 +
...terface-native-by-default-0c07bdbd7365230a.yaml | 15 +
...ache-cache-url-deprecated-16cd3d335c5962eb.yaml | 9 +
.../overlay_ip_version-ml2-e6438b570844ef5c.yaml | 17 +
...ovs-ipv6-tunnel-endpoints-f41b4954a04c43f6.yaml | 10 +
.../ovsdb-native-by-default-38835d6963592396.yaml | 19 +
.../path-mtu-back-to-zero-e4f9e8bdd8317ad4.yaml | 9 +
...ork-aware-dhcp-scheduling-94e9fadc7c7c5fec.yaml | 8 +
...pluggable-ipam-is-default-15c2ee15dc5b4a7b.yaml | 12 +
.../notes/project_id-d5ea7a42be428230.yaml | 7 +
.../qos-min-egress-bw-rule-b1c80f5675a4c1c3.yaml | 10 +
.../notes/remove-driver-60eb7e26d95f7322.yaml | 7 +
...e-force_gateway_on_subnet-77cb79f0b35d0c6d.yaml | 11 +
...network_device_mtu-option-a1a96e99dc7f0a02.yaml | 8 +
.../notes/remove-quota_items-d50b4672dd31ea3e.yaml | 8 +
.../notes/remove-router_id-b3732089f8f1faa1.yaml | 10 +
.../remove-subnetpool-config-b15dbe59237aee7e.yaml | 5 +
.../rename-tenant-to-project-b19a4068f8625969.yaml | 5 +
...f-default-qos-burst-value-0790773703fa08fc.yaml | 7 + | 6 +
.../sriov-agent-num-vf-0-0c06424247e7efe0.yaml | 3 +
...many_nics_for_one_physnet-3570aa67a60ce6c4.yaml | 8 +
.../timestamp_format_change-73eda78566b4690b.yaml | 16 +
.../vlan-aware-vms-aka-trunk-3341cc75ba1bf5b4.yaml | 28 +
releasenotes/source/index.rst | 4 +-
releasenotes/source/mitaka.rst | 6 +
requirements.txt | 50 +-
setup.cfg | 31 +-
test-requirements.txt | 20 +-
tools/ | 18 +-
tools/ | 1 +
tools/ | 49 +
tools/ | 59 +-
tools/ | 12 +
tools/ | 47 -
tools/ | 41 -
tox.ini | 48 +-
1173 files changed, 72455 insertions(+), 43472 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index 65dcb75..34a1787 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -8,2 +8,2 @@ PasteDeploy>=1.5.0 # MIT
-Routes!=2.0,!=2.1,>=1.12.3;pythonversion=='2.7' # MIT
version!='2.7' # MIT
+Routes!=2.0,!=2.1,!=2.3.0,>=1.12.3;pythonversion=='2.7' # MIT
version!='2.7' # MIT
@@ -12 +12 @@ eventlet!=0.18.3,>=0.18.2 # MIT
-pecan>=1.0.0 # BSD
+pecan!=1.0.2,!=1.0.3,!=1.0.4,>=1.0.0 # BSD
@@ -15 +15 @@ httplib2>=0.7.5 # MIT
-requests!=2.9.0,>=2.8.1 # Apache-2.0
+requests>=2.10.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -17,4 +17,5 @@ Jinja2>=2.8 # BSD License (3 clause)
-keystonemiddleware!=4.1.0,>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
-netaddr!=0.7.16,>=0.7.12 # BSD
-neutron-lib>=0.0.1 # Apache-2.0
-python-neutronclient>=2.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+keystonemiddleware!=4.1.0,!=4.5.0,>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+netaddr!=0.7.16,>=0.7.13 # BSD
+netifaces>=0.10.4 # MIT
+neutron-lib>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-neutronclient>=5.1.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -22 +23 @@ retrying!=1.3.0,>=1.2.3 # Apache-2.0
-ryu>=3.30 # Apache-2.0
+ryu!=4.1,!=4.2,!=4.2.1,!=4.4,>=3.30 # Apache-2.0
@@ -25,2 +26,2 @@ WebOb>=1.2.3 # MIT
-keystoneauth1>=2.1.0 # Apache-2.0
-alembic>=0.8.0 # MIT
+keystoneauth1>=2.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+alembic>=0.8.4 # MIT
@@ -28,5 +29,6 @@ six>=1.9.0 # MIT
-stevedore>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.concurrency>=3.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.config>=3.7.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.context>=0.2.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.db>=4.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+stevedore>=1.16.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.cache>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.concurrency>=3.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.config>=3.14.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.context>=2.9.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.db!=4.13.1,!=4.13.2,>=4.10.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -35 +37 @@ oslo.log>=1.14.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.messaging>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.messaging>=5.2.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -37 +39 @@ oslo.middleware>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.policy>=0.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.policy>=1.9.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -39 +41 @@ oslo.reports>=0.6.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.rootwrap>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.rootwrap>=5.0.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -41,4 +43,6 @@ oslo.serialization>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.service>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.utils>=3.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.versionedobjects>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
-ovs>=2.4.0;pythonversion=='2.7' # Apache-2.0
+oslo.service>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.utils>=3.16.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.versionedobjects>=1.13.0 # Apache-2.0
+osprofiler>=1.4.0 # Apache-2.0
version=='2.7' # Apache-2.0
+ovs>=2.6.0.dev3;python_version>='3.4' # Apache-2.0
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
index abe6023..fd66607 100644
--- a/test-requirements.txt
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -4 +4 @@
+hacking<0.12,>=0.11.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -6 +5,0 @@ hacking<0.11,>=0.10.0
-cliff!=1.16.0,>=1.15.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -8,2 +7,2 @@ coverage>=3.6 # Apache-2.0
-fixtures>=1.3.1 # Apache-2.0/BSD
-mock>=1.2 # BSD
+fixtures>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+mock>=2.0 # BSD
@@ -11,2 +10,2 @@ python-subunit>=0.0.18 # Apache-2.0/BSD
-requests-mock>=0.7.0 # Apache-2.0
-sphinx!=1.2.0,!=1.3b1,<1.3,>=1.1.2 # BSD
+requests-mock>=1.0 # Apache-2.0
+sphinx!=1.3b1,<1.3,>=1.2.1 # BSD
@@ -20 +19 @@ oslotest>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
-os-testr>=0.4.1 # Apache-2.0
+os-testr>=0.7.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -22,2 +21,2 @@ ddt>=1.0.1 # MIT
-pylint==1.4.5 # GNU GPL v2
-reno>=0.1.1 # Apache2
+pylint==1.4.5 # GPLv2
+reno>=1.8.0 # Apache2
@@ -25 +24,2 @@ reno>=0.1.1 # Apache2
-PyMySQL>=0.6.2 # MIT License
+PyMySQL!=0.7.7,>=0.6.2 # MIT License
+tempest>=12.1.0 # Apache-2.0

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