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[openstack-community] OpenStack Community interview with Lisa-Marie Namphy and Jake Ludington

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Hi Everyone,
Sending you this link to a video from Lisa-Marie (thank you for sharing this Lisa-Marie) that was done at the recent OpenStack Days Seattle. It is an interview with Lisa-Marie and a video blogger Jake Ludington.

Best regards,

From: "Namphy, Lisa-Marie"
Date: October 6, 2016 at 8:23:11 PM CDT
Subject: OpenStack Community Video

Hello my friends and fellow community organizers,

I thought I’d share a link with you from OpenStack Days Seattle.

Sri did a great job organizing the conference and also hired video blogger Jake Ludington to interview a series of us. I did mine on building healthy diverse open source communities, specifically OpenStack.

I cover a lot of the topics that I get asked about quite often, especially from other community organizers, and especially about diversifying our communities. I’m sure you all get asked the same types of questions.
If you find my answers and tips useful and universal, you are more than welcome to share this link with people.

Thanks again Sri, and GREAT JOB pulling of the event last Friday!

Best regards, and see you all in Barcelona!


Lisa-Marie M. Namphy
Global Dev Community Team, HPE SW_______________________________________________
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