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[openstack-announce] [new][tripleo] instack-undercloud 5.0.0 release (newton)

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We are high-spirited to announce the release of:

instack-undercloud 5.0.0: instack-undercloud

This release is part of the newton release series.

The source is available from:

Download the package from:

Please report issues through launchpad:

For more details, please see below.

Changes in instack-undercloud 4.0.0..5.0.0

c11da8e Fix default Swift ring partition power
ddb5bb5 Make the snmpdreadonlyuserpassword available to Mistral
f8dda14 Enable validations by default
f044a47 start ironic-(api|inspector) after Keystone
e5f60c6 Pin beaker due to ruby requirement
9d2a655 Update .gitreview for stable/newton
56e65af Use kwargs when creating mistralclient
0c86110 Double the maximum waiting time for default plan creation
55ccd0e Increase Heat yaql limits
b344e92 Increase timeout for Deployment Plan creation
59300e8 Revert "Deploy Monitoring on the undercloud with Puppet"
cea03d4 Update default VM memory
873d17c Ensure that the default plan was created successfully
b6b2b56 Verify that the Deployment Plan creation was successful
f033029 Make puppet-stack-config.pp Puppet 4 compliant
ff32601 Use correct password for keystone bootstrap
f623801 Work around deletion of member role assignments on upgrade
0492b90 Enable TLS for Zaqar's websocket endpoint
b3bfa7b Add sysctl preflight install check
5902936 Catch runtime exceptions during validation
94530da Enable introspection of UEFI nodes by default
4c59cff Update undercloud.conf.sample
164d3ff Fix nova-related deprecation warnings
0c33e8b Save console logs from all vms to files
3431bde Deploy validations SSH key in post config
bf0f777 Introduce 'enablevalidations' option
80dbe73 Raise zaqar max message size
cf80817 Disable unsupported drivers and fix DRAC dependency
5c138c9 Setup CORS settings for tripleo-ui
39ae820 Introduce 'enable
ui' option
e6c8fed keystone: configure credentials
e0a5293 Use ironic::pxe class to setup PXE
aaaf055 Enable modern authtoken for Neutron and Glance
8efa887 configure heat with new authtoken parameters
5617d17 Unit tests for createdefaultplan()
e51304f Stop using deprecated ironic::drivers::deploy
541523b Handling defaults for pxe
bootfilename and pxeconfigtemplate moved to puppet
ab17800 galera and rabbit do not need to be accessible over the network
cccaf48 Fix outdated help text from undercloud VIPs
4c51d6c Modify improper augeas set command
e42b80e Update authtoken parameters to match recent changes
bb3deb3 Revert "Pin puppetlabs
spechelper to 1.1.1"
4e2fc40 Pin puppetlabs
spechelper to 1.1.1
bd4c166 Enable TLS for Zaqar API
cd4e9a4 Refactor endpoint env variable population
7eee8c8 Enable SSL for ironic inspector
c2c1183 Mistral db-populate depends on inspector's endpoint
6a1a179 Add default plan creation
41ef775 Use http for Ironic deployments
fd167c1 Enable sysctl nonlocal
7566c7c Add constraints needed for ironic and inspector
3552a14 Update hieradata parameters to match recent changes
9cf83c5 Remove deprecated neutron auth options
b4fa8fb Revert "glance: disable swift backend"
51563c5 Ironic: Configure iPXE to work with UEFI
b85f72c Call systemctl-daemon-reload only if necessary
becbcde Add enableproxyheadersparsing option for keystone and glance
62b3b28 Update help text for certificate generation options
ad36fe4 Use ensure
resource instead of package
62bf441 Add tripleo deployment config file paths to hiera
faeed24 Use certmonger for automatic cert generation
b487f96 Revert "Deploy and Upgrade Ironic to run in modwsgi"
1dd619c Fix Aodh httpd binding
f94f6d6 Revert "Explicitly set $FACTER
fb9f677 Default to Ironic API v1.15 on undercloud
2fc7497 Allow to configure Ironic [ssh] section
da71717 Enable Aodh SSL binding in HAproxy
6058e39 Explicitly set $FACTERfqdn
7aefae4 Deploy and Upgrade Ironic to run in mod
bc58595 Drop broken keystone pki setup
37a67a1 Remove unused Swift tempauth config
2ee1550 Run OpenStack dbsync commands at every puppet run
716e3f6 Remove nova-compute restart at end of uc install
14b78a4 Increase the max zaqar messages size to 2^19
9e1142e Deploy undercloud in 1 step instead of 2
e54221f Flush puppet output piped to awk
21171ca Remove discover from test-requirements
fe121a9 Remove "OK
FILE" from undercloud-install element
27116f0 Deploy MySQL using composable role
2d76a8d Remove ipxe selinux policy
33e9d78 Fix wrong template in puppet-stack-config.yaml.template
d4aab47 Fix ceilometer auth url on undercloud
622511d Allow customization of undercloud disk size
3138475 Modify LVM filter fix to blacklist iSCSI
fde0c90 Enable SSL for Mistral
dbe6575 Always configure inspector to use the same HTTP port as Ironic
8eeed36 Remove hardcoded endpoints in hiera
85becee Enable LLDP collection during introspection if inspectionextras is on
3f17a67 ironic: turn on ipxe timeout
7a0d831 Generate TLS endpoints if autogenerate cert is set
93a6af6 Enable processing of X-Forwarded-Proto if TLS enabled
97b476b Ensure /etc/puppet/hieradata exists
3ee3bf4 Make Ironic httpd port configurable via hiera
0e9f682 Create a Keystone endpoint for Zaqar websockets
53718cc Properly set undercloud
servicecertificate when file exists
0b42b6d Add a second proxy-logging middleware entry to swift-proxy
c4bc3ba Use the print function to fix the tests on Python 3
ad294f4 Correct the path to the tripleo-common workbooks
358edf9 Use Openstack CLI for setting undercloud quota
b8c5ac7 glance: disable swift backend
2dee8ce Aodh should use service tenant on undercloud
c6ba5c8 Revert "Pin puppet-lint-absolute
classname-check to 0.1.3"
01bbfca Switch to nova v2.1 and remove v3
46e3aff Pin puppet-lint-absoluteclassname-check to 0.1.3
f52a3af Add net config override
6c342e3 Increase swift-proxy node
139f1f3 Deprecate default CIDR
c6adebe Add value format validations
1d729d7 Drop deprecated nova network options
baf0a96 Update tripleo-common package name
3354bb5 Move class options to hiera
43c6b9d Set Neutron notification project correctly
c6f1714 Fix inspectionenableuefi description
bb622b0 Take transporturl and rpcreponsetimeout into use
f7c7d30 Disable Heat convergence pending further testing
8bbcce7 Update hiera parameter to use tripleo::haproxy
cb69c9e loadbalancer: explode hieradata to separate HAproxy & keepalived
167ebe4 Only validate SSL VIPs if SSL is enabled
d5b7645 Only run mistral commands if mistral is enabled
f4a6f7d Ensure systemd-journald is running
4572b3c Restore pip-and-virtualenv-override
4bd2544 Enable Mistral execution cleanup
ce1c5f5 Wait for all interfaces to get IP addresses during inspection with extras
4338198 Cleanup hieradata to reduce Puppet warnings
dfa0754 Add timestamps to puppet apply output
7301b39 Minimize element usage
b16d78c Add option to enable introspection of UEFI nodes
6119cc5 Revert "mistral: deploy API in WSGI with apache"
478f09b Remove truncate nova config workaround
a1a1520 Consolidate undercloud* elements
e779c6d Don't use os-net-config element
b35b6ee Move 02-undercloud-stack-heat-metadata to python module
cb8e671 puppet-stack-config: notify swift-proxy when ring is ready
c03d2cc Generate most of the pystache context automatically
f599fde Cleanup Puppet code that deploys Ironic
7ea7d61 Don't use ironic-conductor element
dd69fd6 Move parts of undercloud-install to puppet
f439300 Use tripleo::selinux
b1c3b30 Move persistent journal to puppet
90bbff7 Don't use os-cloud-config/common-venv elements
06f9810 Create firewall rules with puppet
ab4fa10 Load Mistral 'workbooks' (not 'workflows').
057b369 Set Zaqar storage/message
pipeline correctly
b0ccd80 TripleO common for custom Mistral actions
3083c86 Use enable-packages-install element
0be2088 Add dib-lint to pep8 tox job
4700960 Use keystoneadminuri to make Neutron auth against Nova
dde13f2 Add token flushing for Keystone and rows archiving for Nova
b44cafb Configure ironic rpcresponsetimeout the new way
661b97e Load Mistral workbooks from tripleo-common
3211260 Use entrypoint for ironichostmanager scheduler
99ad2f9 run nova-api with modproxyuwsgi httpd module
f6ce775 Make undercloud telemetry services optional and disabled
e9119ea Add a reload of keepalived
f1e9fb6 Truncate nova.conf (temporarily)
0500308 Add hieradata override file
b37e0e3 Use a new 'automatedclean' option from puppet-ironic
b41a7a3 Add ability to auto-generate self-signed certificates
9f0462b Remove centos-cloud-repo element
ea05040 Default to Ironic API v1.11 on undercloud
dfcd5e9 Set mariadb open
fileslimit to -1 (unlimited)
67a9afa Switch glance/swift auth to use keystone v3
cc41b7a Temporarily set +e on systemd-journald restart for +bug/1564471
7e883ba Add aodh as part of endpoints generation
2dec7d7 Overcloud is not able to deploy with the default 4GB of RAM using instack-undercloud
a4e59c7 Force rebuild of ramdisk as part of overcloud-full
abbbc10 Enable Zaqar by default.
26b04b7 Enable Mistral by default.
e64fb25 Add missing zaqar password and horizon key
c9b3f2a Add validation of network configuration opts
cdbe6d7 Switch to package-installs
8187dca Set glance::registry::auth
f75f591 add INTERFACE_MTU parameter
6c9576f Add an option to enable cleaning
5dbe3ee Delete default flavors in Python

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.gitreview | 2 +-
Gemfile | 42 +-
.../pre-install.d/00-centos-cloud-repo | 5 -
elements/instack-vm/element-deps | 3 +-
elements/instack-vm/install.d/51-instack-files | 2 -
elements/instack-vm/package-installs.yaml | 3 +
.../configure.d/00-apply-selinux-policy | 7 -
.../configure.d/88-httpd-vhost-port | 23 -
.../configure.d/ipxe-vhost.template | 16 -
elements/ipxe/package-installs.yaml | 2 -
elements/ipxe/post-install.d/86-selinux | 12 -
elements/ipxe/post-install.d/88-setup-ipxe | 9 -
elements/ipxe/selinux/ipxe.te | 11 -
elements/ipxe/svc-map | 3 -
.../post-install.d/90-rebuild-ramdisk | 6 +
.../install.d/02-puppet-stack-config | 70 +--
.../puppet-stack-config/install.d/20-ironic-user | 12 -
.../etc/puppet/hieradata/CentOS.yaml | 1 +
.../etc/puppet/hieradata/RedHat.yaml | 1 +
.../configure.d/50-puppet-stack-config | 20 +-
.../os-refresh-config/post-configure.d/10-iptables | 28 -
.../puppet-stack-config/puppet-stack-config.pp | 424 +++++++-------
.../puppet-stack-config.yaml.template | 524 ++++++++++++-----
.../pre-install.d/00-setenforce-0 | 5 -
elements/undercloud-install/bin/dib-init-system | 5 -
.../environment.d/00-distro-name | 11 -
.../extra-data.d/01-create-tmp-for-svc-map | 7 -
.../undercloud-install/extra-data.d/01-install-bin | 5 -
.../os-apply-config/etc/os-net-config/config.json | 3 +
.../os-apply-config/root/stackrc | 16 +
.../os-apply-config/root/stackrc.oac | 1 +
.../root/tripleo-undercloud-passwords | 23 +
.../root/tripleo-undercloud-passwords.oac | 1 +
.../var/opt/undercloud-stack/masquerade | 24 +
.../configure.d/30-reload-keepalived | 11 +
.../post-configure.d/80-seedstack-masquerade | 8 +
.../post-configure.d/98-undercloud-setup | 116 ++++
elements/undercloud-install/package-installs.yaml | 1 -
.../undercloud-install/pre-install.d/01-iptables | 12 -
.../pre-install.d/01-persistent-journal | 10 -
.../pre-install.d/01-usr-local-bin-secure-path | 10 -
elements/undercloud-install/pre-install.d/04-sshd | 7 -
.../environment.d/00-package-install | 51 --
.../post-configure.d/98-undercloud-setup | 120 ----
elements/undercloud-stack-config/ | 2 -
.../undercloud-stack-config/config.json.template | 55 --
elements/undercloud-stack-config/element-deps | 1 -
.../install.d/01-install-pystache | 5 -
.../install.d/02-undercloud-stack-heat-metadata | 50 --
.../os-apply-config/root/stackrc | 15 -
.../os-apply-config/root/stackrc.oac | 1 -
.../root/tripleo-undercloud-passwords | 24 -
.../root/tripleo-undercloud-passwords.oac | 1 -
.../var/opt/undercloud-stack/masquerade | 24 -
.../post-configure.d/80-seedstack-masquerade | 8 -
instackundercloud/ | 634 ++++++++++++++++-----
undercloud/ | 120 ++++
json-files/centos-7-undercloud-packages.json | 45 +-
json-files/rhel-7-undercloud-packages.json | 40 +-
requirements.txt | 7 +
scripts/instack-haproxy-cert-update | 16 +
scripts/instack-virt-setup | 15 +-
setup.cfg | 2 +
templates/config.json.template | 39 ++
templates/net-config.json.template | 23 +
test-requirements.txt | 1 -
tox.ini | 12 +-
undercloud.conf.sample | 90 ++-
70 files changed, 2014 insertions(+), 1200 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index 0dcbf9b..afb8e35 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -1,0 +2 @@ six>=1.9.0
+python-keystoneclient>=2.0.0,!=2.1.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -2,0 +4 @@ python-novaclient
+python-mistralclient>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
@@ -4,0 +7,5 @@ psutil>=1.1.1,<2.0.0
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
index 3ddc209..8d61c44 100644
--- a/test-requirements.txt
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -9 +8,0 @@ coverage>=3.6

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