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Recent questions in openstack-operators

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Stackers: In Hong Kong and Atlanta OpenStack Summit, you probably have heard about Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, and the pivotal role that OpenStack plays in both technologies. In the upcoming Paris ...

asked Aug 3, 2014 in openstack-operators by Chloe_Ma (120 points)   1
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How are folks getting the word out for their session ideas? I submitted 4 including one I'm really passionate about. Is there a rule against sharing links to our ideas with the mailing list here? As a start-up, we don't have hundreds of ...

asked Aug 2, 2014 in openstack-operators by Adam_Lawson (7,540 points)   4 7 12
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Brace yourself, DevStack Ceph is here! It's already a legend: after 7 months and 42(fortytwo) patch sets, Sebastien Han's patch got merged into DevStack. The patch configures things to bootstrap a Ceph cluster and then configure the ...

asked Aug 1, 2014 in openstack-operators by Stefano_Maffulli (11,060 points)   4 8 11
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I did something to keystone, I'm not sure what. root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:~# keystone role-list Authorization Failed: 'module' object is not callable root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:~# root at ...

asked Aug 1, 2014 in openstack-operators by Jeff_Silverman (660 points)   1 1 2
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I am running Centos 6.5 I ran into a problem with openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy. It wouldn't start. I did some investigating and discovered that root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:/var/log# cat /tmp/spicehtml5proxy.txt WARNING: no ...

asked Aug 1, 2014 in openstack-operators by Jeff_Silverman (660 points)   1 1 2