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There’s some history around this discussion [1], but times have changed and the purpose of the patches I’m submitting is slightly different [2] as far as I can see – it’s a little more focused and less intrusive. The projects which ...

asked Oct 12, 2017 in openstack-dev by Jesse.Pretorius_at_r (2,260 points)   1 2
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Hi, i'm currently testing designate and i have a question about the architecture. We're using openstack newton with keystone v3 and thus the keystone domain/project structure. I've tried the global nova_fixed and neutron_floating_ip ...

asked Sep 29, 2017 in openstack-dev by Kim-Norman_Sahm (320 points)   4 5
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Hey all! I woke up early this morning and found myself thinking "I clearly don't have enough work on my plate, why don't I add some more?" I'd love to make a gate job that: - Deploys a cloud with openstack-ansible - Runs shade's functional ...

asked Apr 5, 2017 in openstack-dev by Monty_Taylor (22,780 points)   2 4 7
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Hello. I've noticed once again that job "gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-src-oslo.concurrency-liberty" is always failing. After looking at the failure I found that the core issue is ContextualVersionConflict [0]. It seems that we have conflicting ...

asked Feb 10, 2016 in openstack-dev by Yuriy_Taraday (4,840 points)   1 2 4
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Hi everyone, (TL;DR: we would like an L2 agent extension to be able to call methods on the agent class, e.g. OVSAgent) In the networking-bgpvpn project, we need the reference driver to interact with the ML2 openvswitch agent with new RPCs ...

asked Sep 25, 2015 in openstack-dev by Thomas_Morin (1,740 points)   2
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Hi all, Is there a way to simulate thousands or millions of compute nodes? Maybe we could have many fake nova-compute services on one physical machine. By this other nova components would have pressure from thousands of compute services and ...

asked Nov 26, 2014 in openstack-dev by Gareth (1,800 points)   4
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Hello Stackers. When i was browsing through bugs of oslo.messaging [1] i found one [2] pretty interesting (it?s old as universe), but it doesn?t seem like a bug, mostly like a blueprint. Digging into code of oslo.messaging i?ve found that, ...

asked Nov 19, 2014 in openstack-dev by Denis_Makogon (3,560 points)   3 3
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Hi All, I was going to make an iCal feed for all the openstack meetings. I discovered I was waaay behind the times and one exists and is linked from With some of the post Paris changes it's a little ...

asked Nov 19, 2014 in openstack-dev by Tony_Breeds (19,660 points)   3 6 9
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Hello Community, When a network subnet runs out of IP addresses a request to create a VM on that network fails with the Error message: "No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available." In the nova logs the error message is: ...

asked Nov 18, 2014 in openstack-dev by Edgar_Magana (13,760 points)   2 4 6
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0 responses 11 views The big takeaways: 1. We want the schema to be external so other languages can utilize them. 2. JSON-Schema seems fine, but AVRO has traction in the Big Data world and should ...

asked Nov 18, 2014 in openstack-dev by Sandy_Walsh (3,660 points)   2 3
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7 responses 8 views

Hello folks in the past months Shari and I have implemented more chunks of the taxonomy developed for us by Katherine Cranford (a volunteer expert). Using categories in the wiki pages can help us create dynamic pages and keep information ...

asked Nov 14, 2014 in openstack-dev by Stefano_Maffulli (11,060 points)   3 6 10
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> > +1 to this, with a term limit. > > Notable that the Debian TC has been discussing term limits for > months now, and since DebConf they seem to have gotten much closer > to a concrete proposal[1] in the last week or so. Could be worth > ...

asked Nov 1, 2014 in openstack-dev by Eoghan_Glynn (7,800 points)   1 3 3
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Hi, We wrote a spec (for fast booting a large number of VMs) but failed to catch up with Juno, so I was wondering when the spec repo for kilo will be opened up for nova? Thanks! John -------------- next part -------------- An HTML ...

asked Sep 30, 2014 in openstack-dev by John_Zhang (160 points)   1
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Hi all, Thanks to those who attended today's meeting, please find links to the minutes and log below: Minutes: Minutes (text): ...

asked Sep 24, 2014 in openstack-dev by Steve_Gordon (9,680 points)   2 5 5
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Hi All, My understanding of Zaqar is that it's like SQS. SQS uses distributed queues, which have a few unusual properties [0]: Message Order Amazon SQS makes a best effort to preserve order in messages, but due to the distributed nature of ...

asked Sep 17, 2014 in openstack-dev by Joe_Gordon (24,620 points)   2 5 8
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A few of us have decided to pull together a regular (cadence to be determined) video series taking on deep dives inside of OpenStack, looking at code, explaining why things work that way, and fielding questions from anyone interested. For ...

asked Sep 15, 2014 in openstack-dev by Sean_Dague (66,200 points)   4 8 14
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Hi, After digging a little into OpenStack basics, setting up devstack and starting with sahara, I browsed the list of bugs on Launchpad. I saw a low hanging fruit bug, which is a wishlist as well. ...

asked Sep 12, 2014 in openstack-dev by Sharan_Kumar_M (360 points)   2
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Hi stackers, According to my statistics(J2), the LOC of vendors' plugin and driver is about 102K, while the whole under neutron is 220K. That is to say the community has paid and is paying over 46% energy to maintain vendors' code. If we ...

asked Sep 11, 2014 in openstack-dev by Germy_Lure (1,680 points)   1 3
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The "Glance where are the docs?" wiki page has been updated: By the way, the Docs Team is having a bug-squash day on 9th September 2014 if you feel like writing prose instead of ...

asked Sep 5, 2014 in openstack-dev by Brian_Rosmaita (2,520 points)   1 4
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