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Hi all - I'm following up on the PTG action item to add a CSS banner for older releases (e.g. Does anyone have specific language they'd like to see here or should I just riff it? I was ...

asked Oct 10, 2017 in openstack-dev by jimmy_at_openstack.o (3,120 points)   1 2
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5 responses 9 views The combination of oslo.context 2.9.0 + positional 1.0.1 (which is the current minimum requirement) results in various unit test failures in barbican, related to parsing of request headers in generated ...

asked Sep 7, 2016 in openstack-dev by prometheanfire_at_ge (6,880 points)   1 4 5
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Hi All, I have observed that devstack uses custom logging formatting that differs from the documented defaults. An example is for nova. logging_context_format_string = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(levelname)s %(name)s [%(request_id)s ...

asked Dec 22, 2015 in openstack-dev by Ronald_Bradford (1,700 points)   3
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Jamie (and whom ever else wants to jump in), It's been proposed to use json schema to describe the API calls rather than code. The operations to perform and what they do would be described rather than coded and then some code would use the ...

asked Apr 24, 2014 in openstack-dev by Matthew_Farina (2,160 points)   1 4
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Hi Everyone, Just like Nova [1] the QA program has adopted the proposal [2] to use gerrit to review blueprint specifications. The openstack/qa-specs repo is now ready for submissions. Changes are submitted to it like any other gerrit ...

asked Apr 19, 2014 in openstack-dev by Matthew_Treinish (11,200 points)   2 5 5
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Hi, I will organize a sprint to Port OpenStack to Python 3 during 4 days at Montreal (Canada) during Pycon Montreal 2014, between April, 14 (Monday) and April, 17 (Thursday). The goal of the sprint is to port OpenStack components and ...

asked Apr 1, 2014 in openstack-dev by victor_stinner (1,800 points)   2 6
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