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Hi, We have our API server(based on pyramid) integrated with keystone for AuthN/AuthZ. So our service has a *.conf file which has [keystone_authtoken] section that defines all the stuff needed for registering to keystone. WSGI pipeline will ...

asked Oct 11, 2017 in openstack-dev by pn_kk (640 points)   1 1 1
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Trove has evolved rapidly over the past several years, since integration in IceHouse when it only supported single instances of a few databases. Today it supports a dozen databases including clusters and replication. The user survey [1] ...

asked Jul 18, 2017 in openstack-dev by amrith.kumar_at_gmai (3,580 points)   2 3
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Hello, I've run into an issue regarding policies with Glance on the Ocata release. Essentially, I'd like to restrict the actions of listing images and viewing/editing their details to either members of the same project or the global admin. ...

asked Jun 20, 2017 in openstack by Markus_Hentsch (260 points)   1
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Hi, In working on the implementation of the encrypted secrets feature of Zuul v3, I have found some things that warrant further discussion. It's important to be deliberate about this and I welcome any feedback. For reference, here is the ...

asked Mar 22, 2017 in openstack-dev by James_E._Blair (5,080 points)   1 5 7
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Hello, Has anyone tried implementing barbican in standalone mode so that it is connected to HSM or KMIP but not using keystone? Would such a setup work? _______________________________________________ Mailing list: ...

asked Jan 25, 2017 in openstack by Naveed_A (160 points)   1 1
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Hi everyone, I've seen a few nascent projects wanting to implement their own secret storage to either replace Barbican or avoid adding a dependency on it. When I've pressed the developers on this point, the only answer I've received is to ...

asked Jan 18, 2017 in openstack-dev by sigmavirus24_at_gmai (8,720 points)   1 2 3
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We are amped to announce the release of: osc-lib 0.1.0: OpenStackClient Library This is the first release of osc-lib. This release is part of the newton release series. With source available at: ...

asked Jun 9, 2016 in openstack-dev by no-reply_at_openstac (33,960 points)   2 14 29
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We are satisfied to announce the release of: keystone 9.0.0: OpenStack Identity This release is part of the mitaka release series. For more details, please see below. 9.0.0 ^^^^^ New Features ************ * [blueprint domain-specific-roles ...

asked Apr 7, 2016 in openstack-announce by no-reply_at_openstac (33,960 points)   2 14 29
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Hi stackers, I would like to suggest very simple idea of splitting out of Keystone authentication part in the separated project. Such change has 2 positive outcomes: 1) It will be quite simple to create scalable service with high ...

asked Apr 6, 2016 in openstack-dev by Boris_Pavlovic (2,540 points)   2 5
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Hi all, I'm excited to see you all Glancers at the Austin summit and discuss more on our project. Nevertheless, I feel that our summit conversations will have a lot more value if we establish some prior-context to the discussions and ...

asked Mar 31, 2016 in openstack-dev by nik.komawar_at_gmail (10,500 points)   2 2 3
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This post is being sent again to the operators mailing list, and i apologize if it's duplicated for some folks. The original thread is here: In the Mitaka release, ...

asked Nov 30, 2015 in openstack-operators by Steve_Martinelli (6,500 points)   1 3 4
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Hi all, I'm going to integrate Opendaylight with Openstack via Devstack. In a server I have 5 VMs: VM1: eth0 eth1 This is my OpenStack Controller+compute. VM2: eth0 eth1 Compute node VM3: eth0 ...

asked Nov 16, 2015 in openstack by Silvia_Fichera (3,500 points)   2 17 26
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The nova-compute service is not running currently on the system hence the availability zones are not being shown . Below are the error logs when I try to run it manually : Traceback (most recent call last): File ...

asked Oct 9, 2015 in openstack by sahil_arora (140 points)   1 1
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4 responses 56 views

Hi all, I'm trying to integrate OpenStack with Opendaylight and I was following this guide but I have some errors when I stack. (Something like this : ImportError: No module ...

asked Oct 5, 2015 in openstack by Silvia_Fichera (3,500 points)   2 17 26
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Hi, Flagged Nova and Cinder into this discussion as they were the first intended adopters iirc. I don't have big religious view about this topic. I wasn't huge fan of the idea separating it in the first place and I'm not huge fan of keeping ...

asked Aug 7, 2015 in openstack-dev by Kuvaja,_Erno (2,980 points)   2 4
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Hi, During the mid-cycle we had another proposal that wanted to put back the glance_store library back into the Glance repo and not leave it is as a separate repo/project. The questions outstanding are: what are the use cases that want it ...

asked Aug 7, 2015 in openstack-dev by nik.komawar_at_gmail (10,500 points)   2 2 3
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Greetings! I'd like to discuss pro's and contra's of having Fernet encryption keys stored in a database backend. The idea itself emerged during discussion about synchronizing rotated keys in HA environment. Now Fernet keys are stored in the ...

asked Jul 27, 2015 in openstack-dev by Alexander_V_Makarov (900 points)   1 2
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14 responses 26 views

Hello, I am relatively new to Openstack and Keystone so please forgive me any crazy misunderstandings here. One of the problems with the existing LDAP Identity driver that I see is that for group management it needs write access to the LDAP ...

asked Jul 24, 2015 in openstack-dev by Julian_Edwards (260 points)  
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7 responses 444 views

Hi All , Installed the barbican today taking the source from github and executed the basic curl commands for retrieving and uploading the secrets. Was unable to execute the curl commands for retrieving and uploading the secrets. Please find ...

asked May 12, 2015 in openstack-dev by Asha_Seshagiri (2,300 points)   5 11
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30 responses 559 views

Hi, Approximately a year and a half ago, the default DHCP lease time in Neutron was increased from 120 seconds to 86400 seconds.[1] This was done with the goal of reducing DHCP traffic with very little discussion (based on what I can see in ...

asked Jan 28, 2015 in openstack-dev by Kevin_Benton (24,800 points)   3 5 6