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Hi, i have a question about alarms in openstack. I want autoscaling with heat, and I'm looking for metric/alarm project which I can use with heat. I found that I can use Monasca or Ceilometer (with Aodh). My question is: Is any of you using ...

asked Aug 16, 2017 in openstack-operators by Krzysztof_Świątek (120 points)   1 1
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We are amped to announce the release of: heat 7.0.0: OpenStack Orchestration This release is part of the newton release series. For more details, please see below. 7.0.0 ^^^^^ Previously 'parameters' and 'parameter_defaults' specified in an ...

asked Oct 6, 2016 in openstack-announce by no-reply_at_openstac (33,960 points)   2 17 46
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Hello Everyone, On behalf of the Heat Translator team, I am pleased to announce the 0.6.0 PyPI release of heat-translator which can be downloaded from This release includes several enhancements: ...

asked Sep 27, 2016 in openstack-dev by Sahdev_P_Zala (980 points)   2
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Hello, I just noticed the note at the top of : | The content on this page is obsolete. The autoscaling solution is offloaded from Heat to Senlin since Mitaka. Right now OS::Heat::AutoScalingGroup and friends still exist, even in the master ...

asked Jul 4, 2016 in openstack-dev by Johannes_Grassler (640 points)   1 3
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Hi all, I am looking at a way to spawn nodes in different specified availability zones when deploying a cluster with Magnum. Currently Magnum directly uses predefined Heat templates with Heat parameters to handle configuration. I tried to ...

asked Mar 2, 2016 in openstack-dev by Mathieu_Velten (220 points)   1 1 1
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1 response 537 views

Hi team, I would like to start my question by using a sample template: heat_template_version: 2014-10-16 parameters: count: type: number default: 5 removal_list: type: comma_delimited_list default: [] resources: sample_group: type: ...

asked Jun 26, 2015 in openstack-dev by hongbin.lu_at_huawei (11,620 points)   3 3 7
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hello people, I wrote a simple template in order to scale a VM in the basis of cpu utilisation. When I try to execute the heat template. I got this error: Error parsing template file:///root/simple.yaml while parsing a block mapping in "", ...

asked May 12, 2015 in openstack by ICHIBA_Sara (240 points)   1 3
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Hi All, Deploying Kubernetes(k8s) cluster on any OpenStack based cloud for container based workload is a standard deployment pattern. However, auto-scaling this cluster based on load would require some integration between k8s OpenStack ...

asked Apr 27, 2015 in openstack-dev by Rabi_Mishra (2,140 points)   3 8
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Hi, The OS::Heat::AutoScalingGroup resource is somewhat limited at this time, because when a scaling even occurs it does not notify dependent resources, such as a load balancer, that the pool of instances has changed. The ...

asked Apr 8, 2015 in openstack-dev by miguel.s.grinberg_at (400 points)   1 2
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8 responses 96 views

A few of us have been looking for a way to perform software updates to servers in a TripleO Heat/Puppet-based overcloud that avoids an impedance mismatch with Heat concepts and how Heat runs its workflow. As many talented TripleO-ers who ...

asked Apr 2, 2015 in openstack-dev by Zane_Bitter (21,640 points)   4 6 13
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5 responses 45 views

Hey, Can someone please share the current status of the "Autoscaling signals to allow parameter passing for UserData" blueprint - We have a very concrete use case that ...

asked Mar 11, 2015 in openstack-dev by ELISHA,_Moshe_(Moshe (660 points)   2 7
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4 responses 71 views

Hi, I am testing openstack auto scaling function, but the stack is getting failed with below error, :Multiple possible networks found, use a Network ID to be more specific could anybody tell me how to solve it? , This is happening in case ...

asked Mar 4, 2015 in openstack by Chinasubbareddy_M (940 points)   1 3
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4 responses 22 views

In my HOT template heat_template_version: 2014-10-16 I have a autoscaling group as auto_scale_server: type: OS::Heat::AutoScalingGroup properties: min_size: 0 max_size: { "Fn::FindInMap" : [ "mirror_map", { "Ref" : "Mirror" } ]} resource: ...

asked Feb 11, 2015 in openstack by Khayam_Gondal (580 points)   4
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2015 Election Results Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's election. We reached quorum and passed the three bylaws amendments. We also reached quorum in electing eight Individual Directors to the 2015 OpenStack Board of Directors. ...

asked Jan 16, 2015 in openstack-operators by Stefano_Maffulli (11,060 points)   4 8 14
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Hi all, So, lately I've been having various discussions around $subject, and I know it's something several folks in our community are interested in, so I wanted to get some ideas I've been pondering out there for discussion. I'll start with ...

asked Dec 22, 2014 in openstack-dev by Steven_Hardy (16,900 points)   2 7 13
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First of all, please don't use the development list for usage questions. I moved this to the user list, though in general is an even better place to ask. On 04/11/14 00:22, Cameron Seader wrote: > Please if you can help me ...

asked Nov 4, 2014 in openstack by Zane_Bitter (21,640 points)   4 6 13
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4 responses 28 views

Please if you can help me out.. Here is my heat stack for some reason its failing on the member address.. not sure the syntax is right. Anyone? TIA, -- Cameron Seader Sr. Systems Engineer SUSE cs at ...

asked Nov 3, 2014 in openstack-dev by Cameron_Seader (380 points)   1
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2 responses 60 views

Hi, I am using all-in-one Havana on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, working on Ceilometer and Heat. I want to launch an instance based on a threshold defined in alarm. My question is where and how am I supposed to define the webhook URL for ...

asked Oct 29, 2014 in openstack-dev by david_jhon (560 points)   2 3 5
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9 responses 84 views

HI all, Unfortunately i couldn't find any resource - blueprint/ document/ examples/ presentations about my below use case, hence the question i'm raising now (if this is not the best place to ask, please let me know). Having a group of 5 ...

asked Oct 25, 2014 in openstack-dev by Daniel_Comnea (3,260 points)   1 5 10
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1 response 92 views

Background: Health maintenance is very important to users, and I have users who want to do it now and into the future. Today a Heat user can write a template that maintains the health of a resource R. The detection of a health problem can ...

asked Sep 17, 2014 in openstack-dev by Mike_Spreitzer (8,200 points)   2 11 21