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==================================================================== OSSA-2017-001: CatchErrors leaks sensitive values in oslo.middleware ==================================================================== :Date: January 26, 2017 :CVE: ...

asked Jan 26, 2017 in openstack-announce by Jeremy_Stanley (56,700 points)   3 5 7
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Hi guys, we notice on our Swift storage nodes some problems with our disks. After some time they blocks all I/O requests to the disks. Therefore the server isn't working suddenly and needs a reboot. Serversetup: * Kernel 3.19.x * Ubuntu ...

asked Nov 4, 2015 in openstack by Heiko_Krämer (840 points)   3 6
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Hello all, I am not sure if you guys have looked at the schedule for Friday… but its all working groups. I was talking with a few other operators and the idea came up around doing an informal ops meetup tomorrow. So I wanted to float this ...

asked Oct 29, 2015 in openstack-operators by Kris_G._Lindgren (7,740 points)   1 6 10
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I'm a bit new to openstack and all things related so bare with me :) I'm trying to configure disks for ephemeral? storage of compute nodes that have cinder already configured and I can't seem to find any documentation regarding that or how ...

asked Oct 16, 2015 in openstack-operators by Davíð_Örn_Jóhannsson (1,300 points)   1 5 9
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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi guys, first of all, sorry for this cross post but it seems very critical: I'm running in a very strange issue if i'm using ...

asked Jul 14, 2015 in openstack by kraemer_at_avarteq.d (120 points)   1 1
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4 responses 28 views

Hi, Can anyone suggest me where I can get information about how HA is implement is compute node ? I know that minimum 3 controllers are required to configure HA mode but my question is, if I add more compute nodes as well will my cluster be ...

asked Aug 25, 2014 in openstack by Gowri_LN (160 points)   1
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18 responses 38 views

So, I wrote the original rolling updates spec about a year ago, and the time has come to get serious about implementation. I went through it and basically rewrote the entire thing to reflect the knowledge I have gained from a year of ...

asked Feb 3, 2014 in openstack-dev by Clint_Byrum (40,940 points)   4 5 9
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