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But, Mousie, thou art no thy-lane, In proving foresight may be vain; The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy! - To a Mouse, Rabbie Burns, 1785 We have awoken this fine ...

asked Oct 13, 2017 in openstack-dev by Monty_Taylor (22,780 points)   2 5 8
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On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 8:38 PM, McClymont Jr, Scott <> wrote: > Hey All, > > I've got a spec up for a change I want to implement in Glance for Queens > to enhance the current checksum (md5) functionality ...

asked Sep 30, 2017 in openstack-dev by Luke_Hinds (1,500 points)   1
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Hello all, We have a number of old stable/* branches hanging around and I'd like to mark anything <= stable/mitaka as EOL. I've highlighted a few projects on the subject line: QA: Are the older branches of grenade safe to go? IIUC we don't ...

asked Sep 24, 2017 in openstack-dev by Tony_Breeds (19,660 points)   3 6 11
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Hi All, I would like to nominate myself as PTL for the Designate project for the Queens Cycle. I have been a developer on the project since Grizzly and served as PTL for the Mitaka, Newton and Ocata cycles. My main aim will be to build up ...

asked Aug 3, 2017 in openstack-dev by Graham_Hayes (1,060 points)  
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Hi all, I deployed openstack on a vmware vm using kolla-ansible. The installation was successful but my router namespace cannot ping the internet and I don't know why. I checked with the openstack IRC channel and my guess is that vmware is ...

asked Mar 31, 2017 in openstack by Manuel_Sopena_Balles (600 points)   1 3 6
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Hi everyone, The installation guide for docs.o.o is currently broken and requires immediate attention from the doc and nova teams. I have moved the relevant bug[0] to be CRITICAL at request. Brian Moss (bmoss) and Amy Marrich (spotz) have ...

asked Mar 9, 2017 in openstack-dev by a.settle_at_outlook. (3,220 points)   2 2
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The HTML version is here: This was influenced by Graham Hayes' State of the Project for Designate: ...

asked Feb 16, 2017 in openstack-dev by (1,200 points)  
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Ops who use Chef - FYI -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: [openstack-dev] [chef] Making the Kitchen Great Again: A Retrospective on OpenStack & Chef Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 20:44:30 -0800 From: Samuel Cassiba Reply-To: OpenStack ...

asked Feb 15, 2017 in openstack-operators by Tom_Fifield (13,880 points)   2 3 4
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Hi all, I'm late in sending this announement, but I'm glad to see several projects have already requested EOL releases to make it trivial and obvious where to apply the tag. I'm proposing to EOL all projects that meet one or more of the ...

asked Feb 8, 2017 in openstack-dev by Tony_Breeds (19,660 points)   3 6 11
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Hi! I would like to submit my candidacy to return as PTL of the Release Management team for the Pike cycle. You may remember me as the release manager from Bexar to Grizzly, and PTL of the Release Management team from Havana to Liberty. I'd ...

asked Jan 26, 2017 in openstack-dev by Thierry_Carrez (57,480 points)   3 8 13
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The extension point was added back in Havana: Looks like there was some related work in Glance after the Grizzly summit: ...

asked Nov 15, 2016 in openstack-operators by Matt_Riedemann (48,320 points)   3 9 22
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Hey guys, Have you ever set up the OpenStack environment with the offical install documentation [1],I failed at the environment setup step, and this is the command and output: *command: * add-apt-repository cloud-archive:newton *output:* ...

asked Oct 18, 2016 in openstack by TommyLike_Hu (540 points)   1 1
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On 16-10-06 10:04 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote: > Hello OpenStack community, > > I'm overjoyed to announce the final releases for the components of > OpenStack Newton, which conclude the 6-month Newton development > cycle. > > You will find a ...

asked Oct 6, 2016 in openstack-dev by Anita_Kuno (21,320 points)   3 3 4
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We are mirthful to announce the release of: nova 14.0.0: Cloud computing fabric controller This release is part of the newton release series. For more details, please see below. Changes in nova ...

asked Oct 6, 2016 in openstack-announce by Doug_Hellmann (87,520 points)   3 4 11
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Hi everyone, I'd like to submit my candidacy for the OpenStack Technical Committee. You may know me as john-davidge on IRC. I've been an active member of the OpenStack community since 2012 (Folsom). I met many of you for the first time ...

asked Sep 26, 2016 in openstack-dev by John_Davidge (1,060 points)  
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I'm running into what doesn't really seem like a sensible design choice around how 'openstack project list' handles the user filter. Because of this here: ...

asked Sep 21, 2016 in openstack-dev by Adrian_Turjak (2,660 points)   3 7
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Repeated token revocation requests, can lead to service degradation or disruption --- ### Summary ### There is currently no limit to the frequency of keystone token revocations that can be made by a single user, in any given time frame. If ...

asked Jul 21, 2016 in openstack-dev by Luke_Hinds (1,500 points)   1
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Hi All, Having trouble finding any current info on best practices for providing GPU instances. Most of what Google is feeding me is Grizzly or older. I'm currently on Kilo (Mitaka upgrade planned in 60-90 days) with Ubuntu14.04 and kvm ...

asked May 9, 2016 in openstack-operators by (4,720 points)   1 4 7
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Hi folks, Hope everyone had a great summit in Austin and got back safe! :) At the design summit, we had a Neutron stadium evolution session, which needs your immediate attention as it will impact many stakeholders of Neutron. To summarize ...

asked Apr 30, 2016 in openstack-dev by Fawad_Khaliq (2,980 points)   1 3
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Hello, I am deploying Liberty Neutron in CentOS7, according to the official document there are two interfaces in controller: one for management, the other for public, and the public interface uses a special configuration without an IP ...

asked Apr 12, 2016 in openstack by liyulei (240 points)