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One of the things the TripleO containers team is planning on tackling in Queens is fully containerizing the undercloud. At the PTG we created an etherpad [1] that contains a list of features that need to be implemented to fully replace ...

asked Nov 8, 2017 in openstack-dev by Dan_Prince (8,160 points)   1 5 7
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Folks, ===== I've got a dilemma right now about how to proceed with containerising ironic-inspector: Fat Container ------------------ put ironic-inspector and dnsmasq into a single container i.e consider a container as a complete inspection ...

asked Nov 2, 2017 in openstack-dev by milanisko_k (1,620 points)   1
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Hi, We are glad to present this week's priorities and subteam report for Ironic. As usual, this is pulled directly from the Ironic whiteboard[0] and formatted. This Week's Priorities (as of the weekly ironic meeting) ...

asked Oct 30, 2017 in openstack-dev by Yeleswarapu,_Ramaman (1,240 points)   1
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Hello, I am working on deploying a lab environment using openstack-ansible. While executing the setup-openstack.yml I encounter errors on the following task: TASK [os_glance : Ensure glance service] ...

asked Oct 26, 2017 in openstack-operators by andres_sanchez_ramos (300 points)   2 3
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Hi all, We’ve just recently been hit on by a low-level DDoS on one of our compute nodes. The attack was fulling our conntrack table while having no noticeable impact on our server load, which is why it took us a while to detect it. Is ...

asked Oct 24, 2017 in openstack-operators by Jean-Philippe_Methot (600 points)   1 2 4
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Hello, I have installed swift in a docker container, and opened another container, where I want to use swift. Here is how I configured swift container: I followed and launched this ...

asked Oct 24, 2017 in openstack by Jaln (120 points)  
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Greetings, TripleO CI started to hit errors in any of the multinode node pool jobs last Friday afternoon. Please review the bug and patch to bring CI back online [1-2] More work needs to be done to discover exactly why the latest rpm breaks ...

asked Oct 21, 2017 in openstack-dev by Wesley_Hayutin (2,320 points)   2
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Hey, all. Trying to set up Dibbler/IPv6 prefix delegation on a Newton Ubuntu cloud. And I admit that I'm being somewhat confused, despite One Bajillion Pages that seem to touch on this stuff, but not really map out what needs to happen. ...

asked Oct 9, 2017 in openstack by Ken_D'Ambrosio (1,180 points)   1 7 13
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Hi all! Here are my notes from the ironic (and a bit of nova) room in Denver. The same content in a nicely rendered form is on my blog: ...

asked Oct 6, 2017 in openstack-dev by Dmitry_Tantsur (18,080 points)   2 3 7
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Openstack version: Ocata Mech driver: OVS Security: Linuxbridge Hello! Anyone have any idea why DHCP for IPv4 works fine but DHCP for IPv6 doesn't? With Stateless or just SLAAC, the VM's calculate a correct IPv6 address from the IPv6 prefix ...

asked Sep 29, 2017 in openstack by Sterdnot_Shaken (900 points)   2 4 8
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[Re-posting (in edited from) from openstack-dev] Nova has a feature whereby it will provide instance host names that cloud-init can extract and use inside the guest, i.e. this won't happen without cloud- init. These host names are fully ...

asked Sep 25, 2017 in openstack-operators by Stephen_Finucane (1,620 points)   4
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Hi All! Following below is a high-level update of what was discussed during the PTG. If there is something I left out, please reply to this email thread to add it. However, if you want to continue the discussion on any of the individual ...

asked Sep 25, 2017 in openstack-dev by Miguel_Lavalle (2,460 points)   1 4
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Dear All, I setup a multi-node ODL and OpenStack environment with one control node and compute node while ODL runs on a different machine. I successfully created a network and attached a VM to my private network. I also assigned a floating ...

asked Sep 22, 2017 in openstack by s.sivavakeesar_at_su (180 points)  
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Hi, A few days ago, we made two big changes on our production infrastructure: we updated to latest Ocata and we changed the outgoing port on our network node to a lacp port. We made the change by switching the port in br-ex in openvswitch ...

asked Sep 19, 2017 in openstack by Jean-Philippe_Methot (600 points)   1 2 4
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Hi List, We are running Mitaka and having an MTU issue. Instances that we launch on our provider network use Jumbo Frames (9000 MTU). There is a Layer2 link between the OpenStack switches and our Core. This link uses and MTU of 1500. Up ...

asked Sep 15, 2017 in openstack by John_Petrini (1,880 points)   4 5
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I am trying to get collectd to report some alarms to vitrage in a devstack setup, I am using a devstack created on a late version of ocata. And my devstack with vitrage appears to be working ok otherwise; e.g. I can create VMs, and raise ...

asked Sep 6, 2017 in openstack-dev by Waines,_Greg (2,700 points)   1 5 9
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Hi, RedHat introspection is failing with timeout error. I have deployed undercloud and overcloud nodes as VMs on an ESX node and using fake_pxe driver for power management. I am managing power status of nodes manually. More details are, ...

asked Aug 17, 2017 in openstack by Shyam_Biradar (420 points)   2 3 3
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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 Hey there, I'm working through some drafts of a spec[0] (rendered[1]) that aims to deploy software firewalls within an OpenStack-Ansible deployment. The goal is to increase security by ...

asked Aug 3, 2017 in openstack-dev by Major_Hayden (3,560 points)   6 6
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I have a VM launched using OpenStack and a laptop added directly into integration bridge using ovs-vsctl add-port option. Also I used ./stack script from devstack github and my local.conf as below: argela@cloud:~$ sudo ovs-vsctl add-port ...

asked Jul 30, 2017 in openstack by Ali_Volkan_Atli (140 points)  
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Hi, We have the following setup: - OpenStack Icehouse (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) - Deployed via puppet-openstack module - Neutron (OpenVSwitch version 2.0.2) - L3 networking is all handled by physical devices (no Neutron L3 components in use) - ...

asked Jul 28, 2017 in openstack by Adnan_Smajlovic (340 points)   1 2