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Hello Guys, after upgrading livirt to 3.2 version, ceilometer on compute gives some erros, for example: can not get info from libvirt: 'perf.cpu_cycles' Must I modify some configuration on ceilometer or libvirt ? After upgrading gnocchi ...

asked Nov 15, 2017 in openstack-operators by Ignazio_Cassano (4,220 points)   2 9 16
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Hi, We have an OSA installation with 10-12 compute nodes running Mitaka on Ubuntu 16.04. As initially we have not prepared any long term update strategy we would like to create one now. Plan would be to upgrade it to new OSA ...

asked Nov 11, 2017 in openstack-operators by haad (160 points)  
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Hi everyone, we have a little problem with our openstack installation using shared storage with ocfs2 over iSCSI with multipath, as OpenStack version we are running Mitaka and Ubuntu 16.04.3. We have totally 10 compute nodes. We have 2 ...

asked Nov 10, 2017 in openstack-operators by Michael_Stang (1,200 points)   1 2 5
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I'm delighted to announce that the call for proposals is now open for the Virtualization & IaaS devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM 2018, to be hosted on February 3 and 4, 2018. This year will mark FOSDEM’s 18th anniversary as one of the ...

asked Nov 6, 2017 in openstack-dev by Kashyap_Chamarthy (4,520 points)   1 2 3
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Greetings, I hope everyone travelling to the Sydney Summit is enjoying jet lag just as much as I normally do. Revenge is sweet! My big advice is that caffeine is your friend, and to not lick any of the wildlife. On a more serious note, I ...

asked Nov 6, 2017 in openstack-dev by Michael_Still (16,180 points)   3 6 13
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Hello, When we shut down a compute node the instances running on it get suspended. This generates some difficulties with some applications like RabbitMQ dont like to be suspended. Is there a way to change this behavior so that the running ...

asked Nov 3, 2017 in openstack by Chris (1,320 points)   1 7 9
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After moving from CentOS 7.3 to 7.4, I’ve had trouble getting live migration to work when a volume is attached. As it turns out when a live migration takes place the libvirt driver rewrites portions of the xml definition for the ...

asked Nov 2, 2017 in openstack-operators by Mike_Lowe (1,060 points)   3 3
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Hi, Does Ceilometer supports metrics for resource_type 'instance_network_interface' for VM based on SRIO-V supported nic? I have pike based setup but i am unable to get these statistics with SRIO-V supported nic with vnic_type=direct for ...

asked Nov 2, 2017 in openstack-dev by Jai_Singh_Rana (140 points)   1
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So the application credentials spec has merged - huge thanks to Monty and the Keystone team for getting this done: ...

asked Oct 30, 2017 in openstack-dev by Zane_Bitter (21,640 points)   4 6 9
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Hi colleagues, it makes me crazy, but how to make it work file injection into instance? nova.conf already configured with ====== [DEFAULT] debug=true [libvirt] inject_partition = -1 [guestfs] debug=true [quota] injected_files = 5 ...

asked Oct 26, 2017 in openstack by Volodymyr_Litovka (1,100 points)   1 6 8
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All, I'm working to add baremetal provisioning to an already-existing libvirt (kvm) deployment. I was under the impression that our currently-existing endpoints that already run nova-conductor/nova-scheduler/etc. can be modified to support ...

asked Oct 18, 2017 in openstack-operators by Chris_Apsey (400 points)   1 2
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Some workloads require to have hypervisor overheads to be isolated from the set of pCPUs running guest vCPUs threads. For libvirt driver we have introduced the emulator threads placements which provides an option to reserve an additional ...

asked Oct 11, 2017 in openstack-dev by Sahid_Orentino_Ferdj (1,020 points)   1 1
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Hello, I 've tried today to update my OpenStack installation to the latest Ocata version. What I did was to shutoff all running instances, perform all updates and then rebooted controller and compute nodes. All seemed to have finished ...

asked Oct 9, 2017 in openstack by Georgios_Dimitrakaki (5,080 points)   3 11 17
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Hi, the CPU model that we expose to the guest VMs varies considering the compute node use case. We use "cpu_mode=host-passthrough" for the compute nodes that run batch processing VMs and "cpu_mode=host-model" for the compute nodes for ...

asked Oct 9, 2017 in openstack-operators by Belmiro_Moreira (2,620 points)   2 4
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Hello, I'm requesting +1/-1 reporting permission (non-voting) to Nova for the s390x libvirt/kvm (zKVM) nova ci [1] (check pipeline only). We already got this permission granted in the Nova Meeting on February, 2nd 2017 [4], but after our CI ...

asked Oct 4, 2017 in openstack-dev by Andreas_Scheuring (6,240 points)   2 9 15
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14 responses 102 views

Please consider the support of MDEV for the /pci framework which provides support for vGPUs [0]. Accordingly to the discussion [1] With this first implementation which could be used as a skeleton for implementing PCI Devices in Resource ...

asked Oct 2, 2017 in openstack-dev by Sahid_Orentino_Ferdj (1,020 points)   1 1
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20 responses 35 views

My thanks again to everyone who attended and contributed to the skip-level upgrades track over the first two days of last weeks PTG. I've included a short summary of our discussions below with a list of agreed actions for Queens at the end. ...

asked Sep 29, 2017 in openstack-dev by Lee_Yarwood (1,120 points)  
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21 responses 355 views

Hello everyone, We're experiencing issues with running large instances (~60GB RAM) on fairly large NUMA nodes (4 CPUs, 256GB RAM) while using cpu pinning. The problem is that it seems that in some extreme cases qemu/KVM can have significant ...

asked Sep 28, 2017 in openstack-dev by Jakub_Jursa (280 points)   1 1
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4 responses 745 views

Hey there ... a question about UEFI booting of VMs. i.e. glance image-create --file cloud-2730. qcow --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --property “hw-firmware-type=uefi” --name clear-linux-image in order to specify that you ...

asked Sep 28, 2017 in openstack-dev by Waines,_Greg (2,700 points)   1 5 10
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There is a desire to expose the vGPUs resources on top of Resource Provider which is probably the path we should be going in the long term. I was not there for the last PTG and you probably already made a decision about moving in that ...

asked Sep 27, 2017 in openstack-dev by Sahid_Orentino_Ferdj (1,020 points)   1 1