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As far as I know, yes. I might be little late though. My agenda is to triage the open bugs and possible assignment of bugs. On 28 Jan, 2015 10:59 pm, "Nick Chase" wrote: > Hey, all -- > > Are we doing the HA Guide meeting today (Thursday)? ...

asked Jan 29, 2015 in openstack-operators by Sriram_Subramanian (320 points)   1
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Folks, as it was planned and then announced at the OpenStack summit OpenStack services deprecated Python-2.6 support. At the moment several services and libraries are already only compatible with Python>=2.7. And there is no common sense in ...

asked Jan 12, 2015 in openstack-dev by Roman_Prykhodchenko (4,380 points)   6 8
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Hi all, I assumed that we still support py26 for clients, but then I saw [1] that removed corresponding tox environment from ironic client. What's our take on that? Shouldn't clients still support Python 2.6? [1]: ...

asked Jan 9, 2015 in openstack-dev by Ihar_Hrachyshka (35,300 points)   3 10 16
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OpenStack Startup/Venture Capital Ecosystem ? it?s real and coming to Paris! Recently OpenStack has been generating financial headlines with the acquisitions of OpenStack ecosystem startups eNovance, Metacloud, Cloudscaling and OpenStack ...

asked Oct 24, 2014 in openstack-operators by Stefano_Maffulli (11,060 points)   3 6 10
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Fantastic to see so much interest in updating the HA Guide. I finally have some free cycles to help move this along so how about we schedule an irc chat so volunteer contributors can meet and we can decide on an approach? I propose either ...

asked Oct 15, 2014 in openstack-operators by Matt_Griffin (720 points)   1
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Hi guy es, I am a new on open stack installation. When i install openstack glance client on OpesSUSE 13.1. I am facing some problem as like below. controller:~ # pip install python-glanceclient Downloading/unpacking python-glanceclient ...

asked Sep 18, 2014 in openstack-operators by (340 points)   2 4