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Hello All, We are trying to deploy one environment using Fuel 9.2, and it failed at around 23%. The error says: <> Error Provision has failed. Failed to execute hook 'shell' command: cd / && fa_build_image --image_build_dir ...

asked Oct 25, 2017 in openstack by Raja_T_Nair (1,020 points)   3 5
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Hi all, as sending out a call for help with our precious jobs was very successful last time and we swept all Python 3 functional from Neutron pretty fast (kudos the the team!), here comes a new round of failures. This time I'm asking for ...

asked Aug 17, 2017 in openstack-dev by jlibosva_at_redhat.c (1,180 points)   1 4
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Greetings, I am announcing my candidacy for Queens PTL role of Watcher project. If you don't know yet, my name is Alexander Chadin, I'm alexchadin on IRC. I've been working on Watcher project since March 2016. I served as PTL for Pike cycle ...

asked Aug 9, 2017 in openstack-dev by Чадин_Александр (740 points)   1
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5 responses 8 views

Hi all, so I tried to inject a failure in a tempest test and was surprised that no gate job failed because of that: It turned out that the test is not executed because we always ignore all 'slow' ...

asked Apr 28, 2017 in openstack-dev by Ihar_Hrachyshka (35,300 points)   3 9 16
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Hi everyone, New in this TC election round, we have a few days between nominations and actual voting to ask questions and get to know the candidates a bit better. I'd like to kick off this new "campaigning period" with a basic question on ...

asked Apr 17, 2017 in openstack-dev by Thierry_Carrez (57,480 points)   3 8 13
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5 responses 28 views

Greetings, Recently we've been running into some issues keeping our EPEL mirror properly sync'd. We are working to fix this, however we'd also like to do the following: Stop enabling EPEL mirror by default ...

asked Apr 11, 2017 in openstack-dev by pabelanger_at_redhat (6,560 points)   1 1 2
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15 responses 15 views

Hey, I've noticed that container jobs look pretty unstable lately; to me, it sounds like a timeout: ...

asked Apr 7, 2017 in openstack-dev by (36,940 points)   2 6 10
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1 response 30 views

Hi I'm a freshman in openstack. I want to contribute and learn some exciting by joining openstack. I will be grateful if anyone can help me on my starting process. Now I encounter a problem when I tried the UT with tox. I execute the ...

asked Mar 27, 2017 in openstack by Pei_Pei2_Jia (120 points)  
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15 responses 125 views

Hello, I'd like to start voting to include Duong (duonghq) in Kolla and Kolla-ansible core teams. Voting will be open for 2 weeks (ends at 21st of March). Consider this my +1 vote. Cheers, Michal ...

asked Mar 22, 2017 in openstack-dev by Michał_Jastrzębski (9,220 points)   1 5 6
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2 responses 6 views

Hi, Many projects are using data_utils library which is provided by Tempest for creating test resources with random resource names. Now the library is provided as stable interface (tempest.lib) and old unstable interface (tempest.common) ...

asked Mar 15, 2017 in openstack-dev by Ken'ichi_Ohmichi (8,640 points)   2 3 3
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27 responses 21 views

Greetings OpenStack community, Today's meeting [0] covered two main topics: Making sure we get input on the process for refactoring the api compatibility guidelines [4] and whether we should have some official time at the PTG. Rather than ...

asked Mar 13, 2017 in openstack-dev by cdent_plus_os_at_ant (12,800 points)   2 2 6
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On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 3:26 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote: > Hello everyone, > > The App Catalog was created early 2015 as a marketplace of pre-packaged > applications that you can deploy using Murano. Initially a demo by > Mirantis, it was ...

asked Mar 10, 2017 in openstack-dev by (3,440 points)   1 1 3
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2 responses 25 views

Hi all, The ipminative driver Is currently an anomaly in ironic’s tree, despite the driver being initially deprecated in Newton[1], and our desire to drop them reiterated on the mailing list in December[2], it was has not been removed ...

asked Mar 10, 2017 in openstack-dev by Jay_Faulkner (3,680 points)   2 4
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15 responses 13 views

Hi guys, So I have a problem with these 2 patches here [1] and here [2]. You basically are blocking any attempt of refactoring Refactoring that file has been our number one priority for 2 cycles, and so far hardly no one stepped ...

asked Mar 1, 2017 in openstack-dev by Jordan_Pittier (3,060 points)   2 3
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Hi, QA team defines stable interfaces of Tempest for using them from outside(tempest plugins). We are removing a deprecated call_until_true() method from unstable module( of Tempest), but some projects are still using it. We have ...

asked Feb 24, 2017 in openstack-dev by Ken'ichi_Ohmichi (8,640 points)   2 3 3
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0 responses 5 views

Hello all, As I shared I18n summary in my previous e-mail [1], there will be a major OpenStack translation platform upgrade during Feb 27 to Mar 3. It implies that: - Translation platform ( might be unstable ...

asked Feb 24, 2017 in openstack-dev by ianyrchoi_at_gmail.c (1,600 points)   4
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11 responses 8 views

Hey folks, To take some load off Michal I’ve setup remote participation for day #1 of the PTG. Michal had suggested he might setup zoom instead of webex, however, I haven’t seen that happen and several people have asked on IRC how ...

asked Feb 20, 2017 in openstack-dev by Steven_Dake_(stdake) (24,540 points)   2 10 24
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3 responses 4 views

Hi All, First and foremost would like to wish you all a successful 2017 ahead and with this I'm announcing my PTL candidacy of the Quality Assurance team for the Pike release cycle. I am glad to work in OpenStack community and would like to ...

asked Feb 7, 2017 in openstack-dev by ghanshyam.mann_at_ne (940 points)   1
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3 responses 4 views

I would certainly be interested in dicussing this, though I'm not currently signed up for the PTG. Obviously this is close to my interests, and I see Kevin's raised Gluon as the bogeyman (which it isn't trying to be). Setting aside all the ...

asked Jan 26, 2017 in openstack-dev by Ian_Wells (5,300 points)   1 2 5
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18 responses 15 views

Hi team, I would like to propose my PTL candidacy for Pike. Some of you already know me. If not, here is my brief OpenStack bio. I joined the community back in Havana, and managed to stick around till now. During the time, I fit several ...

asked Jan 25, 2017 in openstack-dev by Ihar_Hrachyshka (35,300 points)   3 9 16