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Questions by Dmitry_Makovey

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Hi, I am setting up replica of my real-world deployment in terms of networks within single instance of OpenStack. For that I have to create 3 networks (1 for each tier): web, middleware, db. I have created those networks successfully then ...

asked May 21, 2015 in openstack
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Hi everybody, using RDO IceHouse packages I've set up an infrastructure atop of RHEL6.6 and am seeing a very unpleasant performance for the storage. I've done some testing and here's what I get from the same storage: but different access ...

asked Dec 22, 2014 in openstack
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Hi, I'm having an odd issue. Under RHEL6 with RDO IceHouse I'm trying rnning the same setup procedure I ran successfully under CentOS6 vith RDO IceHouse a few month back. I have checked and re-checked configs and they all look reasonably ...

asked Dec 8, 2014 in openstack
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Hi, I've been tinkering with OpenStack a while now, however I have never paid attention to where and how my traffic goes. This time I'd like to direct all the block storage traffic through a specific interface on both cinder and compute ...

asked Dec 4, 2014 in openstack
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