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Recent activity by Gil_Halperin

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Hey everyone, can anyone tell me why is that when I run tempest verification tests I can see them in action in my openstack horizon web browser but when I run rally task tests I don't see anything? thanks ...

asked Sep 7, 2015 in openstack-qa
1 response 12 views

Hey, I would like to know how can I edit test in tempest, for example, I have the test "test_server_basic_ops" (inside scenario), I want to make this test run without the function that deletes the instance, how can I do that? I've tried to ...

asked Sep 1, 2015 in openstack-qa
3 responses 28 views

Hey, I would like to get help with Tempest, Ive been setting tempest up for testing my openstack server, I've been using testr to run the tests but I need some help to figure out stuff on the "tempest.config" file, for example, at the ...

asked Jul 30, 2015 in openstack-qa
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