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Questions by Lingxian_Kong

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Hi, all For those who are interested in Qinling project (and its integration with other OpenStack services), I recorded the demo in my summit presentation[1], which is very similar to the use case of integration between AWS Lambda and S3. ...

asked Nov 13, 2017 in openstack-dev
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Hi, Horizon developers, In our OpenStack based public cloud(Catalyst Cloud), Keystone is a shared identity service across 3 regions, our customers have been asking for the feature that they could select their preferred region when they log ...

asked Aug 18, 2017 in openstack-dev
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Yes, I am recreating the wheels :-) I am sending this email not intend to say Qinling[1] project is a better option than others as a project of function as a service, I just provide another possibility for developers/operators already in ...

asked May 16, 2017 in openstack-dev
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Hi, guys, Sorry for recalling this thread after 1 year, but we are currently suffering from the poor performance issue for our public cloud. As usage of our customers keeps growing, we are at a stage that should seriously pay more attention ...

asked Jan 26, 2017 in openstack-dev
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Thanks for sharing this, Renat! Cheers, Lingxian Kong (Larry) On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 8:41 PM, Renat Akhmerov wrote: > Hi, > > I’d like to share the summary of activities happened in Barcelona around > Mistral. > > ============= ...

asked Nov 3, 2016 in openstack-dev
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Hi, all, Recently when I was talking with some customers of our OpenStack based public cloud, some of them are expecting to see a service similar to AWS Lambda in OpenStack ecosystem (so such service could be invoked by Heat, Mistral, ...

asked Nov 2, 2016 in openstack-dev
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2 responses 256 views

Hi, octavia guys, Recently, We have been thinking about deploying octavia into production (pre-production first in our case). Here are some questions/concerns that need your suggestions and feekback. 1. Octavia will use a default instance ...

asked May 2, 2016 in openstack-dev
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Hi, OpenStackers: Due to release-critical issues spotted in Mistral during RC1 testing, a new release candidate was created for Mitaka. You can find the RC2 source code tarballs at: ...

asked Mar 31, 2016 in openstack-dev
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1 response 8 views

Hi, guys, I found this bug[1] this morning which was fixed just now, and I have to say, it is my intention that to make the query executions result in descending order when I implemented the query pagination blueprint, which is different ...

asked Oct 28, 2015 in openstack-dev
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1 response 24 views

Greetings, After contributing consistently to Mistral since the Kilo dev cycle, I'd like to run for the Mistral PTL position for the Mikata release cycle. In case you don't immediately recognize me, I'm 'xylan_kong' on IRC, where you can ...

asked Sep 14, 2015 in openstack-dev
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0 responses 3 views

Hi, guys, TL;DR After implementation of the blueprint[1], now we use olso.log module in Mistral, just as the same with other projects. However, we still use mistral.utils.wf_trace module to make some info insertion into log messages(we want ...

asked Jun 30, 2015 in openstack-dev
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0 responses 8 views

hi, nova guys: now I am working on this bug[1], and this is my patch[2], but met some problems, so have to bring it here to get suggestions from broader community. In short, the problem is about validation on the ...

asked Apr 2, 2015 in openstack-dev
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0 responses 11 views

Hi, guys, Currently, I'm working on the bug[1], and this is my patch[2] for that. But there's a small issue I'm not very sure about the workaround. The AZ will be valided to ensure its existence according to my patch, whether or not the ...

asked Mar 25, 2015 in openstack-dev
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0 responses 7 views

Awesome! Looking forward to the whitepaper for more details! 2015-03-24 15:34 GMT+08:00 Renat Akhmerov : > Hi, > > Mistral Kilo-3 development milestone (tagged as 2015.1.0b3) has been > released! In this release we’ve completed mistral ...

asked Mar 24, 2015 in openstack-dev
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10 responses 55 views

Hi Stackers: As for now, we can get the 'host name', 'service' and 'availability zone' of a host through the CLI command 'nova host-list'. But as a programmer who communicates with OpenStack using its API, I want to get the host ip address, ...

asked Dec 29, 2014 in openstack-dev
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7 responses 21 views

Greetings We use neutron as network functionality implementation in nova, and as you know, there is a feature called 'os-security-group-default-rules' in nova extension[1], a hook mechanism to add customized rules when creating default ...

asked Jun 23, 2014 in openstack-dev
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1 response 11 views

Hi stackers: I have a question about the relationship between the release versions of the projects and their clients. As we already know, upstream client releases are independent on OpenStack releases and milestones, which are supposed to ...

asked May 27, 2014 in openstack-dev
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11 responses 27 views

hi there: According to the patch, Nova will wait for volume creation for 180s, the config option is rejected by Russell and Nikola. But the reason I raise it up is, we found the server creation failed ...

asked Apr 8, 2014 in openstack-dev
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2 responses 14 views

Greetings A few days ago, I met some problems when using 'createimage' feature in Nova, we found that using V1 of glanceclient has some problem with processing of metadata, the version number and even the glance URIs are both hardcoded in ...

asked Feb 11, 2014 in openstack-dev
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