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Questions by Paul_Browne

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Hello OpenStackers I just had a question for those here that may use iSCSI-based Cinder back-ends; In your implementations do you have the ability for hypervisors and controllers to only hold iSCSI sessions open to Cinder LUNs that they ...

asked Apr 10, 2017 in openstack
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Hello Operators, One of the operations I find myself doing quite often in our OpenStack is appending a new security group to a Neutron port (rather than a full instance) which already has several security groups defined on it. As far as I ...

asked Dec 13, 2016 in openstack-operators
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Hello Operators, For reasons not yet amenable to persuasion otherwise, a customer of our ML2+OVS classic implemented OpenStack would like to map two floating IPs pulled from two separate external network floating IP pools, to two different ...

asked Dec 1, 2016 in openstack-operators
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