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When I setup my OS cluster over a year ago, I chose to use distributed LBaaSv2. That sounded like the most sensible thing - redundancy is the primary goal with me choosing OS in the first place! However, it turned out that there’s a very ...

responded Oct 21, 2017 in openstack
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Hi all, I am trying to setup a mail server in ubuntu cloud image. The procedure I am following is: installing sendmail and mailutils run below cmd in /etc/mai/ # m4 > # service sendmail restart Then to send mail: # ...

responded Apr 7, 2017 in openstack
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I'm trying to figure out a way to setup a [number of] 'OS::Neutron::LBaaS::PoolMember’ resource, from a list of IPs… I’m setting up my initial resources like this: —— s n i p —— resources: lbaas: type: Turbo::LoadBalancer ...

responded Mar 12, 2017 in openstack
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Hi all, Issue : I tried to attach floating ip to a VM, it attached but its not accessible from from outside. For admin project its working fine, successfully attached and also available from outside via floating IP. But for other project ...

responded Feb 27, 2017 in openstack
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What in Openstack is it that records if a service is UP or DOWN? Every time I have to turn of my whole stack, it takes lots and lots of trials, restarts of services etc etc to get things up and running. Looking at the logs, there’s ...

responded Feb 6, 2017 in openstack
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Hi, I wanted to resize my instance volume from 10 to 20 Gigs following this article --> I can see from my the host that the LVM has the new size ...

responded Jan 5, 2017 in openstack
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Hi all, I'm installing the openstack newton on centos 7, totally follow the Newton Installation Tutorials, but failed to create the service project, what is the issue ? Thanks. [admin@controller ~]$ export OS_USERNAME=admin ...

responded Dec 29, 2016 in openstack
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After successful installation of openstack. I am getting this error while I was going to open http://controller/horizon. The error message is for Apache2 erro logs. Please advise. Thanks Atif [Wed Dec 21 16:30:36.170646 2016] [wsgi:error] ...

responded Dec 21, 2016 in openstack
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I’ve completely reinstalled my OS setup, more or less from scratch (I’ve kept my bootstrapping script, modified for this new install). It’s now on Debian GNU/Linux Stretch, which come with Newton. I’ve setup my router (extern net ...

responded Dec 10, 2016 in openstack
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Hello guys! We have currently an installation of Openstack Liberty+KVM+Ububntu 14.04, mostly default Cinder and Nova are backed with qcow2 over NFS, cinder volumes resides on the same servers running nova-compute The problem is - we do have ...

responded Oct 26, 2016 in openstack
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On Oct 24, 2016, at 6:06 PM, Vaidyanath Manogaran wrote: > I have my controller node and compute01 node in one vlan(118) > I have another compute node in different vlan(112) > > Can I have the dhcp client running in both the compute nodes ...

asked Oct 24, 2016 in openstack
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I've been having problem with keepalived ever since I setup my secondary control node a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't seem to work as I intended/thought it would. Most (if not all) services don't seem to load balance properly. I can ...

asked Oct 20, 2016 in openstack
2 responses 4 views

I have a bunch of services that won't go from 'Down' to 'Up'. I've restarted them a bunch of times and looked at the log files, but all seems ok! -- Michael Jackson is not going to buried or cremated but recycled into shopping bags so he ...

asked Oct 19, 2016 in openstack
2 responses 212 views

Guys, I'm trying to launch a stack via Heat, without fixed IPs but, with Floating IPs. Looks like that it requires fixed_ips! Why is that? For example, this: --- instance_ctrl_port: type: OS::Neutron::Port properties: name: {"Fn::Join": ...

responded Oct 15, 2016 in openstack
6 responses 429 views

Hello, I try to use s3curl to test swift3 but I miss something. Here is the command which I use: ./ - 'swift' -key '3d8b70ad194a4cf6857e59ec6cccc38d' -get - -s -v http://proxy:8080/v1/AUTH_3f842db875cc48b99d7ff246c27a2e6a It shows: ...

responded Oct 13, 2016 in openstack
25 responses 58 views

Does anyone have a Subj that they might want to share? I've been trying to create images myself, but have failed miserably :(. Preferably Debian GNU/Linux (Jessie) based, but I'm quite desperate, so I'll even consider a .. *shudder* CentOS ...

responded Oct 13, 2016 in openstack
16 responses 21 views

Hello, I am thinking about using the keystone as an authentication system but I am afraid about failures which can affect all the cluster. In fact if the keystone server dies then our full cluster will stop. It would be better if we could ...

responded Sep 29, 2016 in openstack
4 responses 116 views

Thanx everyone in helping me figure out how I wanted my multiple controller nodes setup - using keepalived and load balance the services with that is well under way and so far it looks like it's working. I still have to fine-tune and finish ...

responded Sep 29, 2016 in openstack
7 responses 6 views

Hi All, We are trying to provision a few VM images in a small Openstack cluster. Our image is about 3GB size. It has taken six minutes to provision just three VMs, one on each host; and it grows linearly. Now, we are wondering it may take ...

responded Sep 29, 2016 in openstack
8 responses 1,807 views

Hello, I performed an Autopilot/Landscape install. I can ping instances and SSH into them just fine, but I can't seem to get internet access on the instances. I can even ping from one instance to the other. I can also ping the Openstack ...

responded Sep 29, 2016 in openstack
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